A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

RN, Denika, receives a DAISY Award nomination!

Traveler, Denika, was called an “angel nurse” by a patient’s wife for being a positive light that’s changed their lives forever.

The patient’s wife wrote, “After arriving by ambulance in the wee hours of the morning, my husband went through many lab tests, X-rays, MRIs, PT, OT sessions, a cardiac cath and a necessary valve replacement. After 21 stressful, emotional days with so many ups and downs and 21 nights going to sleep after reviewing doctors’ and nurses’ notes and lab results, Denika became his nurse. I knew right away she was special and quickly became our ‘angel nurse.’ She was his biggest cheerleader, celebrating his accomplishments and helping him not get frustrated or down. Denika took such great care of him and made sure he got what was ordered, and even got him a brand new bed she thought would help with his chronic pain. She listened to me as I told her how much he had been through and looked into all of it. Denika made me realize I was a valuable team member advocating for him. No idea or concern I had was dismissed. Walking back to the hotel the nights I knew she would be there until the morning, were the only night I slept soundly without worry. Denika came into my family’s life just when we all needed her. We will always be so grateful to her and she will forever be in our hearts!”

Denika, the way made your patient’s wife feel comfortable and integral to his care is a testament to your superior skill. Keep being the positive light for others!



Aya traveler, Jessica, gets nominated for a DAISY Award!

Jessica was nominated for a DAISY Award after providing above and beyond care to a grateful patient.

The patient’s nomination stated, “Jessica was very kind and sweet. She took her time with me, braided my hair and helped me with my doctor to change my pain meds as my right arm has been in pain. Jessica’s the best and I will miss her. God bless you and your family. You’re very good at your job and I can tell you love to help people. We need more nurses like you, Jessica. You’re my hero, thank you.”

Thank you for the phenomenal work you do, Jessica!.


Aya RN, Ellie, receives a DAISY Award nomination!

RN, Ellie, we nominated for a DAISY Award by the mother of her NICU patient for the care and attention she showed to the patient and his whole family.

The patient’s mother wrote, “Ellie has been the most attentive, caring and loving nurse I have had the pleasure of meeting. She performed daily cares for my son while he was in the NICU for his first 9 days of life. She went above and beyond her expected duties to not only take exceptional care of him but also exceeded my expectations by caring for myself and my family. I can’t thank her enough for being there throughout that difficult time and don’t think our outcome could be any better thanks to her skills and genuine love for us and her career! Thank you, Ellie!”

Ellie, your passion for your job and patients is shown through your exceptional standard of care. We’re proud to have nurses like you on our team!


Travel RN, Jasmine, receives two thank you notes from her patients

Aya traveler, Jasmine, received two thank you notes from patients for her empathetic care.

One patient said, “Thank you for all your care and going the extra mile to make me feel comfortable. You treated me with dignity and respect in a friendly way. You’re an asset to your profession”.

The second note said, “Jasmine uses her skills and experience to go beyond the call of duty! She frequently checked and re-taped tubing underneath my nose to avoid the pain of the tubes coming out and needing reinserting. A HUGE deal! Jasmine’s attention to patient comfort and her compassion make her an OUTSTANDING team member! I’m very grateful for her attentive care.”

Jasmine, you deserve all the patient praise coming your way. Keep up the great work!


RN, Karen, receives recognition from her facility’s President

Traveler, Karen, received a letter from the president of her facility, thanking her for her amazing care and a job well done.

The letter wrote, “Karen, you were acknowledged in a recent survey submitted by a patient, for doing a great job in assisting her during her stay with us. She said that you were fantastic! I want to take this time to thank you for your efforts in maintaining the standards of our principles in our culture and for exceeding the patient’s expectations in their healthcare needs. We sincerely applaud you!”

In addition, her recruiter said, “I love working with Karen. She’s an amazing, respectable nurse and has become one of my favorite people. She always makes my day when we’re able to catch up.”

Amazing work, Karen. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!


RN, Deyone, has a huge heart — and a DAISY Award nomination!

Travel nurse, Deyone, was nominated for a DAISY Award by a coworker for being an outstanding example of how to lead with compassion and humanity in his nursing practice.

The coworker wrote, “Deyone made remarkable efforts to aid in comforting and humanizing the experience of a patient that was admitted three months ago, and remains on our unit. This patient has cerebral palsy and was near death when he came to us. He has no regular family contacts. Deyone goes in to speak with the patient every time he works, whether he’s the assigned nurse or not. He plays music that the patient likes on his personal phone and speaks to the patient about life, sports and current events. He does what he can to make him feel like a person, not just a patient. The joy Deyone brings to this man is humbling and heartwarming. Deyone displays the art of nursing in an exemplary way. He’s truly an excellent example of how to be a fantastic nurse and a wonderful human being.”

Deyone, we’re inspired by the exceptional care you show your patients. Congratulations on your nomination!


Aya RN, Maureen, gets nominated for a DAISY Award!

A patient shared appreciation for RN, Maureen’s, wealth of knowledge and skillful care by nominating her for a DAISY Award.

The nomination wrote, “There are so many reasons Maureen made a meaningful difference in my care. Maureen is knowledgeable about everything. She’s caring and never made me feel that I’m giving her a hard time. My ileostomy had leaked and I couldn’t fix it myself at that time, she was knowledgeable about what to do, how to do it and she spent all the time I needed to help to fix the issue.”

Maureen, your patients are lucky to have a caring nurse like you. Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination!


Aya traveler, Tifany, gets a huge shout out from her team!

Tifany, was given a shout out by her coworker for being the ultimate team player and sharing her knowledge with others to help them grow professionally.

The coworker shared, Tifany has such a great attitude and assists her coworkers every day. She’s always willing to help wherever needed! Tifany’s been helping new phlebotomists develop their skills and improve their time management and she’s been an awesome asset to our team. Her pleasant attitude makes strenuous days much easier. She’s extremely skilled in this profession. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful phlebotomist and person to our team.”

Tifany, your leadership is remarkable and your team and facility are so lucky to have you. Amazing work!


Aya RN, Lilla, gets a DAISY Award nomination!

Lilla was nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient who was so impressed by her care, she wished she could clone her!

The patient wrote, In our busy lives, the easiest thing to do is say, ‘Thanks’..To slow down, have real dialogue and write words of gratitude, is a truly authentic thank you! Lilla was full of energy her entire shift. She always did what she said she was going to do and unlike previous experiences, I didn’t need a GPS to track and find her when I needed her. Her actions show she cares. She’s Hungarian and was able to communicate with an older patient who spoke the language. I told her she’ll never understand how cared for that patient must have felt during her stay. She’s well-rounded and tough, so this profession truly fits her perfectly! I hope nothing but the best for you dear. Whatever you want out of life, I know you’ll be able to obtain it. The world is yours! Keep leading with your heart and humor – WE NEED MORE OF YOU. Blessings, joy and love!”

Lilla, the care you show your patients is heartwarming. We’re so proud to have you on our team!