A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

RN, Lilla, receives her second DAISY Award nomination this year!

A patient recently nominated RN, Lilla, to receive a DAISY Award. This is Lilla’s second DAISY Award nomination this year!

The patient wrote, “From the moment I saw her hit the floor, I knew Lilla was one of the best nurses I had seen in years! She was quick, efficient, kind, professional, patient and funny … Any concern I had, she was deliberate in ensuring I was well and felt safe. Lilla also placed my IV, and I didn’t even feel it. She’s amazing. As a retired, disabled USAF veteran who served as a police officer and combat paramedic, I know how hard and exhausting it can be to do this job. That’s why it must be said that Lilla truly is a super star. Please consider her for this DAISY Award! It would make my heart so happy! Thank you, Lilla, and God bless!”

Two DAISY Award nominations in one year? Lilla, you’re doing a fantastic job. Keep it up!


Aya RN, Breanna, is nominated for a DAISY Award!

A coworker nominated RN, Breanna, for a DAISY Award for her strong work ethic, empathy and positive influence on her teammates.

The coworker wrote, Breanna is the first person to offer help. Whether a baby is down, a hemorrhage is occurring, someone needs a table for delivery, meds need to be pulled, an epidural needs to be set up or someone needs a break from pushing with a patient for three hours, Breanna is there. She’s the hardest working individual I’ve ever met, but her heart makes her shine. She’s kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and loving. She’s a light not only to her patients but to her peers. People gravitate toward her because she touches lives every single day. I couldn’t think of a more deserving person than her to win a DAISY Award.”


RN, Alexa, receives a DAISY Award nomination!

A patient nominated travel RN, Alexa, for a DAISY Award for the incredible and touching care she provided.

The patient wrote, “My son and I tested positive for COVID-19 and are currently in isolation. When Alexa was our nurse, she was not only kind and nice to talk to, but she also went above and beyond for us — picking up my groceries and grabbing coffee for me all four days she cared for us. She was also very respectful of my son’s personal space when he wasn’t in the mood for vitals, getting weighed, etc. She was so compassionate. And while all of the nurses have been amazing, Alexa made our stay in isolation much more bearable.”

Alexa, it’s the little things that make all the difference to your patients. Congratulations on this well-deserved nomination!


RN, Pam, receives a big thank you!

Pam received a thank you card from her facility’s patient experience team in recognition of the great feedback she received from seven patients in her care.

Pam’s recruiter commented, Pam is on her first travel assignment and is absolutely crushing it! SEVEN PATIENTS already gave her formal praise. I’m so proud of her and happy to see the hospital recognize her for the extra love she gives her patients! Pam is an absolute pleasure to work with, and our journey together has only just begun. Thank you, Pam, for being so amazing!”

Pam, you deserve all of the gratitude you received. Congratulations!


Aya traveler, Robert, makes a good catch in the ED!

A facility director gave Robert high praise for his outstanding attention to detail and speaking up when he noticed an error.

The facility director said, “Hi Robert! It was brought to my attention that you took care of sick kiddo from the ED who had a questionable tube placement, but you were the only one who was saying something was wrong. I’m sending you kudos for handling this the way you did. You came out a shining star with the PICU team. Thank you and way to go! I appreciate you and your dedication to your work!”

Robert, your patients are lucky to have you. Keep up the great work!


Aya RN, Destiny, receives praise from a facility manager

A facility manager praised RN, Destiny, for her contributions and the positive influence she has on her team.

The manager said, “I want to share recognition I received today from a patient for Destiny. The patient said, ‘She was great at all she did for me. She showed teamwork and I could tell what type of culture she generates in the unit as it flows over to all!  She was always on time and made sure I was comfortable at all times.’ Epic care! This is a very common theme for Destiny and we are very thankful for her here.”

Epic care, indeed! Destiny, your team is proud of you, and so are we. Thank you for your exceptional service!



RN, Carlene, receives positive emails from her nurse manager

A nurse manager sent two emails complimenting RN, Carlene, for her hard work and the positive feedback they received from her patients.

In one email, the nurse manager said, “I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding care to one of our patients! The patient and family were very impressed and happy to have you as their nurse. Thank you.” In another email, the nurse manager wrote, “I got some wonderful kudos for you from patients last week. Thank you for your excellent care! We appreciate having you on our team!”

Keep up the amazing work, Carlene. Your patients are grateful for your excellent care, and so are we!


Aya RN, Kristen, receives a DAISY Award nomination and letter for her extraordinary care

Kristen was nominated for a DAISY Award and received a wonderful letter from two patients, praising and thank her for the impact she made during their stay.

The letter said, “Words can’t express the high praise we want to offer Kristen regarding the care and medical expertise she displayed during the two hospitalizations of my husband. Her willingness to help was responsible in a large part for my husband’s recovery. Kristen’s suggestions and participation in all aspects of his care contributed to the family’s positivity about the hospital and the staff. There was nothing that was too much for her. Her medical knowledge was so impressive. I have known many nurses — two are in my family — and realize that Kristen was superlative both personally and professionally.

When my husband was discharged, my daughter recognized something was not right with me. She and Kristen listened to my heart and recognized an irregular heartbeat. Kristen sat me in my husband‘s discharge wheelchair and I went directly to the ER. I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure. Kristen is an exceptional nurse and person. I feel that she was responsible for the positive outcomes of two patients, me and my husband, in one family.

Kristen is an asset and a perfect representation of the hospital. Our gratitude to her on behalf of myself, my husband and our entire family. Thank you is inadequate and there are not enough rewards for her because she is an angel in scrubs!”

Kristen, we’re extremely proud of you and truly inspired by your amazing work!


Aya RN, Athena, receives a thank you card from her patient

A patient sent a card to RN, Athena, thanking her for her top-notch care and keeping her at ease during a nervous time.

The patient wrote, “Dear Athena, you prepped me for a hip replacement and I want to thank you. You are amazing, beautiful and fun, and patients are lucky to have you. I will never forget you! I am afraid of anesthesia, but you made it so fun I did not even see it coming. Thank you, thank you!”

You are such a blessing for your team, Athena. Keep up the good work!