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5 Tips to Land Your Dream Travel Assignment

Have you always dreamed of hiking through the Pacific Northwest, eating authentic deep dish in Chicago or watching the Northern Lights in Alaska? Maybe there’s a hospital you’ve been wanting to work at or you’re looking to hit all 50 states. No matter what you want to achieve while traveling,… Read More

Mind the Gap: Repairing the US Healthcare Workforce

One quote from research recently commissioned by Aya Healthcare sums up the pervasive nurse burnout we encountered, “Every COVID shift is just surviving. You’re walking out of there feeling drained, yet you also feel like, ‘Did I do anything at all?” We reached out to a group of nurses (new… Read More

Become a Travel Certified Nursing Assistant

Find CNA jobs that are right for you Healthcare facilities rely on travelers for many reasons, including low-staffed units in need, strikes, crisis help and more. That means certified nursing assistants (more commonly known as “CNAs”) have lots of job options! You can browse CNA jobs anytime. When you’re… Read More