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Local Contract Information

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Aya Healthcare - Pediatric RN Samantha G

Samantha G., Pediatric RN

Ready to make an impact in your community? Whether you’d like more flexibility throughout the year, or you want to test drive a facility before taking a permanent role, a local contract with Aya is a great choice. Take a look at the information below to learn more.

If you’re commuting from your permanent tax home, you’re considered a local candidate. Anyone within 50 miles is always set up as local.

The process generally takes about 2-3 weeks for full compliance. However, we may have certain contracts available where we could get you started in 1-2 weeks from the time you complete your application.

You’ll be paid weekly via direct deposit. For local contracts, the pay is all hourly. Local contracts aren’t eligible for additional stipends for travel or housing. We may be able to offer reimbursements for licenses, certifications, scrubs or other necessities you need to work the assignment. Your recruiter will provide more information.

Yes, if you’re on a full-time assignment, we offer medical, dental, vision and life insurance.