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What's it like to work at Aya Healthcare?

It's like the dream group project you never had in school. You know the one where your team members were intelligent, imaginative and engaged, you aced the project then went out afterwards to celebrate? It's like that - only more fun! We could tell you how great our corporate culture is by listing the perks... amazing coworkers, free midweek yoga classes, company hosted parties... or we could show you.

Meet a few of our amazing team members!

Anna, IT

Anna speaks fluent geek and can translate your IT needs. We aren't sure what we would do without her but we would definitely spend more time banging our heads against our keyboards. We bet you don't know too many beekeeper ballerinas, but if you work for Aya, you can add an awesome one to the list!

Amber, Employee Experience

There are no photos of Amber alone. Seriously – we had to crop people out of this one. To say she is social is like saying it tends to get warm in her native Arizona. It's a good thing she is in charge of employee experience here at Aya, because it takes her (occasionally salty) sense of humor to manage our cast of characters.

Nicole, Legal

When you think of the residents of a hippie beach town, “lawyer” is not the first profession that comes to mind. But then, Nicole isn’t your typical lawyer. We imagine few other ESQs lived in Australia or worked in an Aboriginal Art Museum before going into law. Although she’s a Californian, for her Disneyland isn’t the happiest place on earth, that’s OB dog beach. She’s never happier than when she catches a beautiful sunrise while running with her dog, Cooper. When she’s not kicking butt as part of our legal team, she’s finding Zen during our restorative yoga class. After all, it’s all about balance, as this former art history major would know.

Neely, Finance

David Bowie... we mean Neely... is our finance guru. It was hard to find a picture where she wasn't in costume – so we gave up. When she isn't making sure we all get paid and our budget game is on point, she's spiking volleyballs like a boss. She's tall, she can rock a tutu and she's probably cooler than you.

Erin, Marketing

Erin sees things differently. No really. She has two different colored eyes! When she’s not cracking the branding whip and getting Aya’s marketing in tiptop shape, this SoCal native spends her free time on the beach, globetrotting, practicing yoga, wine tasting, saying inappropriate things and solving the world’s problems.

Ryan, Client Services

Ryan has been accused of overusing the phrase "crushing it," but that's what our client services folks do everyday. He's also been known to rally the troops for (fun?) activities like looooong obstacle runs and aggressive boot camps. He signs off on a disturbing number of emails with "don't threaten me with a good time," but we forgive him because we like him anyway.

Jeff, Housing

Jeff is a hip dude...except for one thing. He likes golf. A lot. (Like going to the driving range down the street for lunch, a lot.) He’s in charge of our housing department and knows what it means to make a home a home. He’s so good at helping our travelers with their housing we thought you might like to know what’s inside his! At Jeff’s house you’ll find a collection of street art, skateboards he paints himself, dozens (maybe hundreds?) of sneakers, and a TV turned to, and we love him for this one, Gilmore Girls.

Laurel, Corporate Recruiting

Cat lover (we probably shouldn’t lead with that but…it’s a fact) and amateur political strategist, this born and raised Oregonian moved to San Diego for the endless sunshine. Laurel is your friendly Aya Corporate Recruiter and when she isn’t combing the known universe for top-notch talent and promoting Aya as the best place to work, she’s running half marathons, watching football and keeping up with her immaculate manicures.

Ann, Credentialing

You can’t out-American Ann. She’s a seasoned camper, a salt of the earth Michigander and her weekends are spent in the stands at baseball games - fingers crossed when her son’s at the plate! During the week she takes care of business as our Director of Credentialing. She’s loved nurses ever since they cared for her middle son who was born 4 months premature. Now with 3 healthy teenage boys (one who’s driving - yikes!) and 3 dogs…and 3 cats, her life’s a zoo, but she loves it.

Emily, Payroll

Emily is one of the nicest people you’ll meet in the office (but not on the soccer field.) We love her competitive, can-do spirit. It’s what makes the impossible task of getting thousands of clinicians at different facilities paid accurately and on time every single week, well...possible! We wish we could get her to turn off her email while she’s hiking, skiing, island hopping and tasting local craft brews all over the world, but we can’t. (Take a real vacation Em. You deserve it.) Wish her Felicidades on her upcoming wedding in Mexico!

Julie, Partner Network

Julie loves her adopted hometown of Nashville. Music City pride is most evident in her rabid Predator fandom. In fact, if you missed the Stanley Cup you can still catch the play-by-play on her Facebook page. And she brings that same passion to her work managing the Aya Partner Network. She keeps herself busy, and her adorable son just took his first steps, so this new mom is about to get even busier!

Tracy, Traveler Experience

You may already know Tracy... she has probably friended you on Facebook. Her hobbies include wine cork art, comedy blogging and dancing enthusiastically. Tracy's job is to make sure our nurses, therapists and allied healthcare professionals are 100% happy traveling with Aya. We can't think of anyone better suited to that task!

Gina, Human Resources

The dictionary defines human resources professionals as happy, capable, kind and fun. Just kidding, it doesn’t, but that’s how we’d define Gina, our HR Manager. As the oldest of 6 she knows what it means to enforce the rules. Although to be fair, the dress code here at Aya does allow yoga pants so…we’re not too strict (unless it’s something important like our EEO policy.) If you run into her around town it will probably be at brunch —she needs to carbo load for her first triathlon later this year!

Wesley, Compliance

Coffee, Mexican candy, a daily liquor store sandwich and email memes…these are a few of Wes' favorite things. He always ensures our nurses are compliant with all healthcare regulations and his team loves his laid back management style. They think he is, as he would say, "perfs."

Bret, Recruiting

Bret only has good ideas (including trying to write his own bio...) He may be too enthusiastic and uses OMG more often than most grown men. His team says he is the industry master and knows how best to coerce- umm... reward... everyone to ensure their best possible performance. And he has a boat. You should be friends with him.

You’ve made it this far so you probably already know that we are one of the largest travel healthcare staffing agencies in the country. You know that we have offices in the coolest California cities (San Diego, Sacramento, LA) and that we've expanded across the country to Omaha, Atlanta, Marshall, Palm beach and Virginia Beach. You know that we take care of our healthcare travelers and client facilities like no one else. What you might not know is that when you work with Aya you work with family. We hustle our tails off together one minute and hit a happy hour the next. We are always looking for hardworking, ambitious people who have the drive to advance their careers and we do everything we can to reward the efforts of our bright, talented employees both professionally and socially. At Aya, we set and exceed ambitious goals, but we are so much more than just work.

Live Well

There are lots of options to stay healthy and fit when you work at Aya, and pretty much everyone here takes advantage. We offer FREE yoga and boot camp twice a week each and we have a staff nutritionist always on call. Our kitchens are stocked with healthy food... but we promise no one will snack shame you if you drink a soda or eat a few Cheetos. Not much at least.

Play Often

We take time to honor our accomplishments – which gives us frequent cause to celebrate! We host quarterly social events that run the gamut from bowling nights to wine tasting. We know how to throw a party.

Give Back

We know that we are lucky to have amazing jobs that afford a lifestyle free of need. At Aya we give back to those who haven't been so fortunate. We organize frequent volunteer events, hold donation collections and in general promote a charitable spirit around the office. The employee-driven Aya Philanthropy Committee plans and executes these activities and is always seeking new causes to support.

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