A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Aya traveler power team, Danielle and Lauren, get a shout out!

Aya travelers Danielle and Lauren shared a patient on assignment and together, they made her feel cared for and encouraged.

Read the shout out from their patient below:

“I have been at Acute Care Ward, 7E for more than three weeks.  During this time of pain and frustration, I have met many good nurses. Among all of them, Julie, Laura, Kristy, Danielle, Darryl, and Aaron attached my heart the most.  When I am under their care, I know that I am in good hands! In their good hands, my excruciating pain is reduced, my frustration is controlled, and my hope to fight against the odds is encouraged. In these good hands, I see competency and duties performed beyond the call. And, in their big smiles, I see human kindness. My deepest respect and appreciation to each one of them.”

We’re lucky to have such caring nurses on our team!

Danielle with her sweet pup.
Laura traversing a mountain!


Aya RN, Christian, wows patients and coworkers!

Traveling RN, Christian, has made quite the impression with patients and staff on her assignment So much so, that her onsite manager gave her a stunning review!

“Just wanted to tell you how fantastic Christian is! She is absolutely outstanding. Both staff and patients love her – I get compliments about her after almost every shift she works.  If I could keep her forever, I would do it in a heartbeat!”

Way to go, Christian!


Aya travelers Freida and Michael won a DAISY!

Aya traveling couple Freida and Michael helped a patient literally get back on her feet after an injury during a dance competition. They took such good care of her that she was able to go back to the competition and continue to compete!

The patient had such an awesome experience with them that she nominated them for a DAISY Award — and they won!

Aya’s proud to have such amazing nurses on our team. Congrats, Freida and Michael!



Aya RN, Leyneth won a DAISY!

Aya traveler. Leyneth, won a DAISY Award while on assignment for being attentive and caring for her patient.

Read part of the patient’s nomination below:

“Everything and every value that Leyneth showed made my overall experience pleasant. The quality of care that she provided and her kindness is something that your hospital should be very proud of. She made both my family and I comfortable during a difficult time. Whenever my temperature spiked and I pressed my call button, she was always responding. I didn’t always have to wait for a CNA to come and then pass the word on to Leyneth, she was just there and always willing to help. She gave us tips and tricks that I can try to be comfortable during my pain, fever and nauseousness. In this limited amount of space I cannot even put into words how grateful and thankful I am for her. She deserves an award to recognize all that she does and the quality of care and kindness she shows to her patients and other employees. She is truly a star and this award would let her shine. Thank you Leyneth, for all that you do, I am eternally grateful.”


Leyneth, it’s nurses like you that makes us love what we do! Congrats!


“I wish all the nurses were Roz”

Aya RN, Roz, was nominated for a DAISY Award for going above and beyond for her patients.

Read the nomination below:

“Roz is keenly observant of her patients, noticing how they like their pillows arranged and whether they like sweet or unsweet tea. She’s an advocate for her patients, speaking up for them when they can’t speak for themselves. She’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, always moving along, always on the go. And through all of this, she’s kind, pleasant, courteous and considerate. Roz is wrapped around the details of her patients’ cases and able to communicate them concisely and clearly to doctors and staff. All in all, I wish all the nurses were Roz.”

Congrats, Roz! We’re so lucky to have you on our team.


RN Micah was nominated for a DAISY Award

Aya traveling nurse, Micah, was nominated for a DAISY Award by her facility for being a kind and caring nurse to her patients and her coworkers.

Read her nomination below:

“Micah is a very kind, compassionate nurse. She’s calm and takes the time to explain what’s happening and why. Knowing that her patient is a dementia patient, she was especially caring. She took the time to talk to him on a personal level about things that interest him, making him feel important and valued … She keeps her cool and makes everyone feel better — not just the patient. Thanks, Micah!”

We’re grateful for nurses like you, Micah! Congrats!


Aya traveler Nicole named Cath Lab Hero of the Month!

Cath Lab Nurse, Nicole, has completed eight assignments with Aya! Her current hospital in Arlington was so impressed with her they named her Cath Lab Hero of the Month!

Way to go, Nicole!


Aya traveler, Kirk, earns a DAISY nomination for being there when no one else could

Aya traveler, Kirk, went the extra mile by spending time with a patient when no one else could. His charge nurse and other coworkers noticed this and nominated him for a DAISY Award.

Read his charge nurse’s story below:

“We had a patient in the neuro ICU for over a month. During that time, the patient did not have many visitors and family was not able to be here often. Eventually, his family made the hard decision to make him a DNR/DNI with no escalation of care. During the next shift after this decision, the patient began to exhibit signs of passing. Kirk, the bedside RN, notified the family, but they were unable to come to the hospital. A couple of nurses, including Kirk, spent time in the patient’s room, playing his favorite music and holding his hand so he would not pass alone. I felt truly honored as the charge nurse this night. I witnessed true compassion and care from these nurses and it is a complete honor to work beside them. After he passed, we made his mother aware. She was also truly grateful to these nurses for being by his side in his final moments since she was unable to be there.”


RN, Alison, received a STAR Recognition Form for her keen eye

Aya traveling nurse, Alison, received a STAR Recognition Form for catching injuries on a patient that her colleagues missed. Read her manager’s report below:

“Alison performed a thorough triage assessment of a patient with admission pressure injuries. Because of her detailed assessment and documentation, both of these pressure injuries will be correctly coded. Documentation by all other RNs and MDs had not addressed the smaller of these injuries, so without Alison’s documentation, this would have counted as a hospital-acquired condition. Great job, Alison!”

Nice catch, Alison! We’re grateful for your thorough care.


Travel nurse Trevor gets a top-notch shout out

Aya travel nurse Trevor earned a fun shout out from one of his patient’s family members! Read their praise below:

“I (Trevor’s manager) was rounding on South 4 today and a patient/family member called out Trevor Sullivan as being fantastic, top notch, the BEST!”

Way to go, Trevor! We’re proud of you!


Manager praises travel nurse Brittany for going above and beyond

Aya travel nurse, Brittany, went above and beyond to “Ensure” that one of her patients felt comfortable and calm—even on a very busy night.

Here’s what her manager had to say:

“I just wanted to let you know that the unit was very busy yesterday and Brittany stayed over to help clean and sort some of the mess out. Also, we had a sick 34-year-old cancer patient that was here for sciatica, then spiked a fever and needed to be transferred. She doesn’t really eat much, water makes her nauseous and she usually only tolerates Ensure, which we didn’t have. Brittany went above and beyond for the patient and went and bought her Ensure with her own money and time. The patient was so grateful and gushed about how excellent we were—especially Brittany! Way to go, Brittany! So proud to work with her and have her on our team!!!”


Aya travel nurse, Kaitlyn, was nominated for the DAISY Award

We love when patients love our travelers! Kaitlyn’s sweet spirit made an impression on one of her patients. So much so, they nominated her for a DAISY Award!

Read the nomination below:

“Kaitlyn was one of the first nurses I remember meeting while in the hospital. She was extremely helpful and supportive throughout my stay. She’s an outstanding nurse and an exceptional professional. Every time she came into my room she was very polite and smiling. I really appreciated her positive attitude and gentle spirit.”

We’re lucky to have you on our team, Kaitlyn. Congrats!