A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Carlos receives a DAISY Award nomination

Some colleagues nominated Carlos for a DAISY Award for being an extraordinary nurse and an inspiration to their call to duty as a nurse.

One colleague wrote, “Carlos is a breath of fresh air. When you see him on the schedule, you know it’s going to be an awesome night. Carlos is one of the most amazing nurses I have worked with in my 16 years as a nurse. Carlos has visions that go beyond just a night at work. He researches and knows his data related to all things, one specifically is infection control and the techniques they use here at the hospital, so he can go back to his home hospital and share with them what we are doing here that has helped decrease post-surgical infections. Carlos is compassionate, inspirational and nurturing. He collaborates with his colleagues and patients, he is passionate and he embraces diversity. He is the epitome of the DAISY Award.”

Congratulations on the nomination, Carlos! Your colleagues are so appreciative of you. Keep up the good work!



Ruth receives recognition from a patient and a facility manager

Ruth was recognized by a patient and her facility manager after the patient thanked her for her exceptional care.

The patient said, “I want to share my appreciation for a night-shift nurse named Ruth. Ruth was so incredible. She was always professional and greeted me with a smile and she took the extra time to make sure I had what I needed and shared some stories with me. Ruth is from the same area my family is from, and I really enjoyed sharing stories. I was not able to express my appreciation to Ruth before I was discharged and want to say thank you for such great care and for taking the extra time with me. Thank you for all you and your team do each day!”

The facility manager added, “Ruth, you are awesome! This is what it is all about. Keep up the great work.”

Congratulations, Ruth! Your patients and team appreciate you, and so do we!


Corrin receives praise from a patient’s close friend

A patient’s close friend praised Corrin for her top-notch care and the impression she left on them.

The patient’s friend wrote, “My friend was in the ICU and Corrin was his nurse Friday through Monday. She is to be commended! Corrin was meticulous, paid attention to every detail and was not only courteous and caring but also motivating, efficient, hardworking, prompt and very talented and experienced. The care my friend received from Corrin just blew me away! I hope it is known what a treasure she is! Thank you to all who cared for my friend in the ICU, especially Corrin.”

That’s some high praise, Corrin. Thank you for your hard work. Your patients appreciate you, and so do we!


Kali receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient nominated Kali for a DAISY Award for her top-notch skillset, compassion and care.

The patient wrote, “Kali was super sweet in my six-day hospital visit! She went above and beyond to provide excellent care for me. When she learned some of my personal background, she made me feel safe, and it was like I wasn’t alone when my mom had to leave. Kali was very knowledgeable about my situation and was never pushy with any choices I was given. More nurses should be as caring as her! She lights up a room as soon as she walks in!”

Quality praise for a quality nurse, Kali. Your patients appreciate you, and so do we!



Cheryl receives two DAISY Award nominations

Cheryl was nominated not once, but twice, for the DAISY Award for her personable personality and for providing a positive presence to her patients.

The first nominee wrote, “Nurse Cheryl was extremely kind, caring, and helpful with a beautiful personality.”

The second nominee said, “Cheryl is such a sweet and courteous nurse. She made my son’s visit such a joy. He was very nervous about his procedure, but she made him comfortable. I watched his face light up when she began talking to us. He even giggled a lot. Thanks, Cheryl, for all that you do. It was such a pleasure to be graced with you today!”

Your hard work and positivity truly make a difference for your patients and their families, Cheryl. Congratulations on the nominations!


Iliana receives an Employee of the Month award

Iliana received the Employee of the Month award at her facility for December 2022! The facility and one of her colleagues both recognized and expressed their appreciation for Iliana’s exuberant attitude and teamwork mentality.

The facility said, “Iliana is one of our amazing travelers who has graced us with her presence. She is far from home but has made us her work family and treats each of us as such. Iliana has made a tremendous impact on our patients’ lives with every encounter they have with her. She brings a smile to work, truly cares about her assignments and will go the extra mile to make someone’s day. Iliana took the time to purchase something nice for one of our long-term stay patients and made it a point to cheer her up. Iliana also initiated the Halloween “boo” bags which lifted team spirits and truly brought something fun to our unit culture. We can’t say how much we appreciate you. Thanks for all you do!”

Iliana’s colleague added, “Iliana’s always so glad to help and always has such positive vibes for work! She’s awesome!”

Congratulations on the award, Iliana! You are truly making a difference in the lives of your patients and your coworkers.




Ray is recognized as an outstanding nurse

A facility recognized Raymond, aka Ray, as an outstanding nurse after one of his patients wrote him a “thank you” note.

The patient’s note said, “Raymond came to us and was a gem. He was very attentive and kind. Thank you, Raymond!”

Ray’s recruiter added, Ray is a pleasure to work with and truly cares about his patients. I am not shocked that they are singing his praises! Thank you, Ray, for all you do!”

Outstanding praise for an outstanding nurse. Congratulations, Ray, and keep up the good work!


Patrick is honored by the Chief of the Washington State Patrol

Patrick was part of a trauma surgical ICU team that was honored by the Chief of the Washington State Patrol for their work in caring for a fellow trooper.

The article said, “The trooper was injured in the line of duty and taken to the hospital for care. With the efforts of this team, the trooper is in recovery and returned home to their family.”

Patrick’s recruiter and recruiter assistant added, “Patrick is a wonderful person. He is so kind and treats everyone he interacts with, with respect and graciousness. He is a pleasure to work with and we are happy to be a part of Patrick’s team at Aya Healthcare. He is truly a great nurse and his facilities always have positive things to say about him. We are so proud of him and excited to see him continue working as an amazing RN.”

Congratulations, Patrick. Your team appreciates your hard work and dedication, and so do we. Keep it up!


Stacey receives a DAISY Award

Stacey received a DAISY Award for her excellent bedside manner and top-notch skills.

The spouse of one of Stacey’s patients said “Stacey is an ICU nurse who helped my wife. She has got to be one of the best nurses I’ve seen. She is a very helpful and compassionate person. She always thinks of her patients first. Stacey is a great nurse.

Another family member added, “My mom has been very sick. Stacey is wonderful and treated her like family. I genuinely appreciate everything about her.”

Congratulations on the award, Stacey! Keep up the fantastic work.


Sky receives an Employee of the Month award

Sky was named the Employee of the Month at her current facility for her hard work, an honor not often given to traveling clinicians.

Sky’s manager said, “She deserves it. Everyone loves her!”

Sky also received a personal thank you card from a patient’s family member, who wrote, “Thank you for the excellent care you have given our mother these past three days. You have gone above and beyond in taking care of her. She has been so happy to have you as her nurse and we believe you have made a positive difference in her recovery. We are all blessed to have gotten to know you. I hope you stay at the facility for a long time! Thank you again!”

Congratulations, Sky! You deserve all the positivity you receive. Keep up the good work!


Mary receives a second Employee of the Month award

A facility awarded Mary an Employee of the Month award for the second time, recognizing her for her hard work and the positive patient feedback she received that month.

Mary’s recruiter said, “Mary is an amazing person and nurse. She is always optimistic and positive in almost every situation, and Aya is lucky to have her working with us.”

Congratulations on your two-time achievement, Mary. Your team is proud of you, and so are we!


RN, Olivia was titled Employee of the Month by her facility

Olivia received the Employee of the Month Award at her facility for not only being a healthcare hero, but also a hero to her colleagues by looking out for their safety and overall well-being.

Regarding her award, Olivia said, “I received the Employee of the Month Award at the facility for October 2022. I took the lead at our outpatient center when a patient became symptomatically hypotensive and we had to initiate a rapid response and transfer the patient to the ED. I also used an extinguisher to put out a fire in our break room that went undetected due to a lack of smoke alarms. After the incident, we contacted maintenance and safety to come up with a plan to prevent an event like this from happening in the future. I also started a clinic running/walking club to encourage everyone to get outside and exercise.”

You’re doing fantastic work, Olivia. Your team is proud of you, and so are we!