A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Sara was nominated for a DAISY Award!

Sara, Aya Labor and Delivery RN, was nominated for a Daisy award and received remarkable feedback from her charge nurse for handling a life-changing event for a first-time mom giving birth! Read the nomination below:

“I was the charge nurse on the L&D floor the night that Sara, Sharrie, and I were working with a first-time mom…[Things weren’t progressing as hoped and] instead of giving up on the patient, Sara and Sharrie changed the patients’ position every 30 min to put her in positions (difficult due to her epidural) that would aid the baby coming down in the pelvis. In the end, Sara and Sharrie single-handedly saved this patient from having a primary cesarean. She had a healthy baby vaginally. This may not sound like much, however, CMQCC developed a quality measure to decrease the Cesarean birth rate. [These nurses] changed the future of this patient’s obstetric history and her future children.”

Thank you, Sara, for giving your all for your patients. We’re honored to have you on our team.


Emilia’s facility is thrilled!

Aya traveler, Emilia, decided to extend at her current facility and they couldn’t be happier! When they heard the good news they said, “She is a wonderful and engaged traveler. Glad to have her for a bit longer!”

Wonderful feedback, Emilia! We love making our travelers and our facilities happy!



RN Crystal is “a true blessing”

Recently Aya RN, Crystal, received two cards from her patients thanking her for the exceptional care she provides. Read them both below:

  1. “Crystal, you’ve made my stay wonderful! You are a true blessing. Thank you for your kindness – you are a true gift from heaven!”
  2. “Thank you for taking such good care of me while I was in the hospital. You are such a great person. Very professional!”

Thank you for making such a positive impact on your patients, Crystal!


RN Briana is a huge asset

Aya RN, Briana, helped out a colleague during a tough shift. Her colleague was so thankful, she passed this note on to management:

“I was running from patient to patient, calling doctors and sending patients to [other floors]. Suddenly, I’m in a [patient room] to line/lab/validate another new arrival and I get a call from Bri offering me help. I told her I could really use some help… She immediately came and helped me and was a huge lifesaver. I thought she was hall/help, but no. I just found out that she has an assignment. Wow. I just wanted to send her praise. She is a huge asset.”

We couldn’t agree more. Teamwork makes the dream work!



Beyond the call of duty: Aya traveler Adrian saves a life

Adrian received a very sweet letter from the brother of a patient whose life he helped save.

The brother wrote, “I wanted to take the time to give a special thank you to Adrian for his quick response to the saving of my sister’s life. While I was in her room my sister began having a major seizure and I immediately ran out of her room and told Adrian what was happening. It was his quick response and split second decision prompting a ‘rapid response.’ He remained calm and began the necessary steps to ensure the saving of my sister’s life.

It is times like this when you realize just how fragile life really is. We are all too quick to point out someone’s fault, but not so quick to compliment someone when they go above the call of duty. I found the staff to be above expectations and extremely polite and efficient. The lady you guys saved happens to be one of the world’s best sisters a man could ever have. Thank you for your service.”

What an inspiring story! Thank you, Adrian, for staying cool, calm and collected to ensure you did what it took to save a life.


Aya traveler, Tonya, is a phenomenal leader

Aya traveler Tonya was nominated for the “Spirit of Nursing Award” at her current facility by her shift coordinator with the following commentary, “Tonya is fully invested in our patients, as every day she works I have witnessed her making sure ALL of our patients are receiving the best care possible. She advocates for these patients by following up with physicians, lab, radiology, etc., until the patient gets what they need. Tonya displays excellent critical thinking skills and is quick to intervene when patients are declining. She is a phenomenal leader, often taking the Charge Nurse role, and goes out of her way to provide words of encouragement to staff daily. Additionally, Tonya thinks outside the box and often offers suggestions for improving processes and patient care. She is a great asset to our team.”

We love hearing how our travelers go above-and-beyond the call of duty for their patients — amazing job, Tonya!


RN, Cathleen, gets awesome feedback

Cathleen made a great impression on her charge RN the other day. So much so, they called Cathleen’s manager to give kudos that she “is doing great work and is very helpful.”

Nice work, Cathleen! Your assignment is lucky to have you.


Aya RN, Lauren, wins a DAISY Award!

Recently, Lauren, RN, made an impactful impression on an ailing patient’s family … they even nominated her for a DAISY Award — which she won! Read the nomination below:

“Lauren made such a difference in [patient]’s care. She wept with us even though she didn’t want us to see her tears. She played music for him on her own phone because she knew he loved music and we thought it might help. She knew we were struggling and made suggestions that she knew might help. She laughed at all of his jokes and by her example she helped us find our own laughter again. She got teary when we were discharged and we saw the depth of her love and compassion for her patients. We were touched by the depth of her caring. She never lost her clinical expertise, went above and beyond with care and compassion and we can never repay her.”

Lauren, this is such an incredible example of what it truly means to be a nurse. From your team at Aya, thank you and congrats!


RN, Quynn goes above and beyond for a young patient and her family

Aya traveler, Quynn, received outstanding feedback from a young patient’s parents. Read the story below:

“I’m writing to let you know how pleased we were with her AMAZING nurse, Quynn. Our daughter is four years old and has had more than her fair share of hospital stays and visits. When we walked in, we had prepared her to the best of our abilities, and we tried our hardest to stuff down our own nerves. However, when we were directed to her admitting bed and she saw the gown laid out for her she panicked. She begged to go home saying, ‘I can’t sleep here no, no no.’ It was gut-wrenching for us to see our brave girl lose her composure. We tried to coax her into her gown but she would not budge. Quynn came to introduce himself, but without us saying a word he could tell we needed a moment. He pulled the curtain for us and said ‘No rush.’ When she was ready, Quynn came to our bedside, and got down on our daughter’s level and introduced himself. She smiled, and he asked if he could put a bracelet on her. She cooperated, and we knew we were in good hands.  Quynn was so sweet and compassionate with our little girl and warmed her up to everything he needed to put on her to prepare her for her procedure. He was absolutely incredible. In the short time we spent with him getting our daughter ready, we knew he was going to take care of our girl. Sooner than expected, our phone rang and it was none other than  Quynn, telling us she was done and in recovery, and she did well. He said, ‘I didn’t want you to be anxiously waiting.’ We felt like Quynn not only took care of our daughter, but he cared for us, too. Waiting for your little one during procedures and surgeries is sometimes unbearable. When Quynn took the time to relieve us of the worry as soon as possible, he showed utmost compassion for our situation. We want him to know how much he touched us that day. Seeing the way he talked to our little girl, and even more, reassured us. It only goes to show the heart he has for his patients.”

Thank you, Quynn for your compassionate care, and going above and beyond to make both your patient and their family more at ease.


Aya traveler, Natalie, was nominated for a DAISY Award!

Aya RN, Natalie, was nominated for a DAISY Award for her outstanding care of a patient! Here is a shout out from her recruiter, Christopher: “She’s the sweetest and hardest working traveler and I am so happy she received this. Many other nurses had trouble with this patient, but she was able to step right in and instantly connected with them to provide the best care possible. So proud of her!”

We’re proud of you too, Natalie! Congrats!