A collection of kudos, shoutouts, and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Aya RN, Molli, receives an email from her director applauding her professionalism

RN, Molli, received an email from her director after handling a difficult situation in her postpartum unit. He applauded her for caring for her patient with compassion and professionalism during a stressful time.

We’re grateful to have nurses on our team who go the extra mile for their patients.

Thank you, Molli, we appreciate you!


RN, Shannon, gets positive feedback from her manager and a patient

Aya traveler, Shannon, received a thank you note from her manager: “You were recognized during a discharge phone call by a patient’s family. Thank you for making a genuine difference during your time with us.”

We know nurses work hard every day and we love seeing our travelers get kudos!

Keep doing you, Shannon!


Aya traveler, Katie, brightens a patient’s day with a burrito!

There are some bad days that only a burrito and good company can fix. Aya traveler, Katie, was caring for a patient in the CT-ICU who did not eat his provided dinner. Katie went and bought him a burrito from the food truck while she grabbed one for herself on her break. She then spent her break watching Jumanji and eating burritos with him to cheer him up.

This simple act of kindness made an impression on her patient. Read the ‘thank you’ note he sent her below:

“Dear Katie, Thank you so much for your kindness with me during my brief stay in your care in the CT-ICU. I will always be indebted to you for lifting my spirits after what was one of the most difficult and frightening days of my life. You have a great gift for connecting with people and making them feel present, heard and purposeful. Thank you for sharing that with me. I wish you the best in regard to your nursing education and hope you find great joy in all that you do.”

He also included a $25 visa gift card with a note that said “For: Burrito purchasing only.”

We love hearing about all the creative ways our nurses go above and beyond for their patients! Thank you, Katie, and enjoy your burritos!


Aya traveler, Mary, wins a DAISY Award!

Congratulations to Aya traveler, Mary, who won a DAISY Award while on assignment with us!

It’s such an honor to have travelers like you who go above and beyond for their patients and assignments.


Aya traveler, Nancy, gets a sweet note!

RN, Nancy, is on her first assignment with Aya and loving it so far! “As this is my very first travel assignment, I am enjoying the overall experience,” explains Nancy, “I’ve been given the opportunity to work alongside the most diverse, pleasant and team-oriented staff! Like-mindedly, they all take such pride in serving a population that is greatly diverse socio-economically and culturally. The patients feel it… And so do I! I’m so thankful for the opportunity.”

Nancy loves her patients and staff — and the feeling is very mutual! Read the note she received recently from a patient below:



Aya traveler, Melissa, was recently nominated for an award at her facility.

Read part of the nomination here:

“Since her first day, she has been recognized by the L&D team and providers as consistently providing excellent care to our patients and for the relationships she develops with her coworkers. She is always willing to lend a helping hand or switch a shift to better cover the unit. We have had many staff members & providers inquire about whether she would stay on the team permanently … We are very fortunate to have her on our team, even if it is for only 13 weeks.”

Awesome job, Melissa!


Aya traveler, Jacquelyn, won the DAISY Award for her exceptional care!

Here’s what the patient’s husband had to say about Jacquelyn’s care when their son was born:

“Due to rising blood pressure, the doctors requested a full workup of blood and urine. Jacquelyn brought the bad news to my wife and did everything she could to keep her calm and collected while she prepared for the procedures … Afterward, she stuck around for a little longer just to make sure my wife was okay and see if there was anything she could do to help. She made it a point any time she walked past the room to stop in and make sure my wife was comfortable and see if there was anything she could do or get her.

On top of all this (this was the part that moved us most) Jacquelyn found out that the following day was my wife’s 30th birthday. Before the end of her shift, she came in one last time to check on both my son and my wife, and in an act of uttermost kindness, brought our son a cute little onesie and got my wife a gift card to Starbucks. Her response as she handed it to her was ‘I wasn’t going to be able to leave you guys without giving you both something small to apologize for having to give you the bad news and cause you more discomfort during your stay.’

That small gesture of selflessness moved both my wife and me beyond words. This nurse not only did her job 100% but found a way to go above and beyond in an effort to make up for something she had no control over and was just a part of childbirth and doing her job.”


Aya traveler power team, Danielle and Lauren, get a shout out!

Aya travelers Danielle and Lauren shared a patient on assignment and together, they made her feel cared for and encouraged.

Read the shout out from their patient below:

“I have been at Acute Care Ward, 7E for more than three weeks.  During this time of pain and frustration, I have met many good nurses. Among all of them, Julie, Laura, Kristy, Danielle, Darryl, and Aaron attached my heart the most.  When I am under their care, I know that I am in good hands! In their good hands, my excruciating pain is reduced, my frustration is controlled, and my hope to fight against the odds is encouraged. In these good hands, I see competency and duties performed beyond the call. And, in their big smiles, I see human kindness. My deepest respect and appreciation to each one of them.”

We’re lucky to have such caring nurses on our team!

Danielle with her sweet pup.
Laura traversing a mountain!


Aya RN, Christian, wows patients and coworkers!

Traveling RN, Christian, has made quite the impression with patients and staff on her assignment So much so, that her onsite manager gave her a stunning review!

“Just wanted to tell you how fantastic Christian is! She is absolutely outstanding. Both staff and patients love her – I get compliments about her after almost every shift she works.  If I could keep her forever, I would do it in a heartbeat!”

Way to go, Christian!


Aya travelers Freida and Michael won a DAISY!

Aya traveling couple Freida and Michael helped a patient literally get back on her feet after an injury during a dance competition. They took such good care of her that she was able to go back to the competition and continue to compete!

The patient had such an awesome experience with them that she nominated them for a DAISY Award — and they won!

Aya’s proud to have such amazing nurses on our team. Congrats, Freida and Michael!