A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Tifany receives praise from a patient

Tifany received praise from a patient who thanked for her professionalism and thought she was extraordinary!

The patient wrote, “During my two-week stay at the hospital, I had the privilege of meeting Tifany. She was compassionate, proficient, and listened when I described my veins are deep and rolling. The young and less-experienced techs left me hurting, bruised, and traumatized, but Tifany took her time, made one injection, drew the blood and did not hurt me or leave huge bruises. I appreciated her professional approach and wanted to relay my sincere gratitude for her attitude, compassion and ability to render service without harm.”

An extraordinary nurse, indeed! Your patients are luckily to have you, Tifany. Keep up the good work.


Sharee earns an Employee of the Month award

Sharee received an Employee of the Month award from her facility in August.

A patient who nominated Sharee wrote, “Sharee is definitely a spark plug and everyone knows an engine can’t run without a spark plug. Sharee gets it done. She’s not afraid to step up for any task and is definitely a team player. Her bedside manner is incredible — something that’s very rare these days. I can put it in one sentence: Sharee gets it done.”

A coworker who nominated Sharee also wrote, “Thank you, Sharee, for giving a very clear and concise handoff report for a patient who had to be a rapid response early in my shift. Your report helped me have a good understanding of the events that precipitated the patient’s symptoms. Thank you!”

Thanks for all your hard work, Sharee! Congratulations on earning Employee of the Month!


Brittany receives praise for her exceptional skills

A nurse manager thanked Brittany for her exceptional nursing skills.

The nurse manager wrote, “ We want to acknowledge Brittany for her good catch on a specimen with the wrong patient label on the specimen container and log book. Three of the pathology sheets had the right label, but the last did not. Brittany has been a valuable asset to our team from day one. Her attention to detail is one of the many reasons why we are so very fortunate to have her working with us. Brittany, thank you so much for your attention to detail!”

You deserve all the praise you get, Brittany. Your team is happy to work with you, and so are we!


Heather receives praise from her colleagues

A nurse manager praised Heather after several colleagues sang her praises for being a true blessing to their team.

One colleague said, “The other day, Heather found a discrepancy in the spelling of the name of a patient who was bound for surgery. This discrepancy was missed/not addressed by several individuals prior to Heather, which makes this catch hold significant value. Heather addressed the discrepancy and took time to address other key details, including patient labels and documentation in the patient’s chart. Heather is a rare gem to have in an organization — she always advocates for her patients and compassionately gives of herself.  Please recognize her, as we plan to do the same.”

Another colleague wrote, “The other day I was talking with Heather, and she used the word “we” while referencing the hospital. I believe her exact words were, “we could have a great hospital if the care we provided down here was mirrored.” The word “we” doesn’t seem like a big deal, but a lot of travelers get a bad reputation for only caring about themselves and the money and not investing in the corporate mindset. However, with Heather casually mentioning “we” — along with her incredible work ethic — I thought she deserved some recognition.”

You truly are an inspiration and a blessing, Heather. Great work!



Elizabeth receives a DAISY Award nomination

Elizabeth was nominated for the prestigious DAISY Award for the exceptional care she gives to her patients and for making a difference in the lives she touches.

Elizabeth’s recruiter said, “Elizabeth represents Aya to the fullest. She has been offered multiple extensions, and the hospitals do not want her to leave. I am so proud of her. Thank you for all you do, Elizabeth!”

Congratulations on your DAISY Award nomination, Elizabeth. Keep up the good work!


Emma receives high praise from a colleague

An Aya traveler and colleague expressed their gratitude for Emma for her assistance and teamwork attitude.

They said, “While drowning in Saturday night ER triage patients,  I often turned my head to find Emma tackling the next task or ambulance triage. Patients were triaged smoothly and quickly to keep the flow going (and keep my head above water!). I really appreciate the help and teamwork. Please recognize this great nurse.”

Congratulations on the high praise, Emma! Your team appreciates you, and so do we!


Alex wins a DAISY Award

Alex won a DAISY Award after receiving not one, but two nominations for the incredibly meaningful difference he made in the lives of his patients and his colleagues.

The first patient nomination said, “There are many situations, as Alex was always helping, communicating and troubleshooting. He didn’t let the grass grow. He had qualities that should be inherent in all nursing staff: expertise, compassion, empathy and communication. He is very deserving of this award.”

The second patient nomination said, “Alex is amazing! He was very personable, attentive, down-to-earth and thoughtful. He showed me how to do my own insulin.  I truly appreciated it. He always came in with an amazing attitude and always thought of not just me, but also my family. He is truly amazing!”

Congratulations on winning a DAISY Award, Alex. We are so proud of you and the great work you do!


Karina receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient’s family member nominated Karina for a DAISY Award for her profound example of what it means to be a top-notch nurse.

The patient’s family member wrote, “Karina represents the ideal nurse: advocating, being up to date with best practices, assessing and recommending care thoroughly, treating the patient and their family with respect and compassion and ultimately acting with extreme professionalism.

“My mother experienced a traumatic injury that nearly drowned her. I was at the hospital nearly every night for a lengthy time to ensure she was taken care of. While the staff was great, Karina was exceptional. Her smile and demeanor were comforting to me and my mom, and any questions or concerns we had were thoroughly addressed. During my mom’s recovery, I was incredibly pleased with Karina’s care.

“I wanted to say goodbye one last time before my mom was discharged, but I was unable to express my gratitude and was informed that Karina was a travel nurse. I know she will move on to continue blessing others with her nursing knowledge, compassion, and professionalism. She is a  most deserving recipient of a DAISY Award.”

Karina, your tender care and attention to detail made a huge impact on your patient and her family. Keep up the good work!


A patient nominates Linda for a DAISY Award

Linda was nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient and her spouse for the personal and touching care she gave that meant a great deal to them.

The patient’s spouse wrote, “My wife was in the ICU for the past two weeks, and in that time we met many wonderful nurses, but Linda stood out among them. Her kindness and compassion shone in everything she did. When talking with my wife, she always bent down to be at eye level and gave her the physical affirmation that she heard her. She didn’t just hear, she listened and checked in regularly to see if we needed anything. She did this for all her patients and their families.

“Linda also did little extra things that made life easier for her patients — like ordering extra ice cream and putting it in the freezer so they didn’t have to wait an hour to get it. She made our stay more bearable with her genuine care and deserves the highest honors and recognition. Linda, you are a skilled nurse and we felt safe in your care.”

Wow. That is some high praise, Linda. Congratulations on the DAISY Award nomination!


Emma receives a certificate of appreciation from the U.S. Navy

Emma received a certificate of appreciation from the U.S. Navy’s Chief Hospital corpsman and commander of the Nurse Corps.

Emma was awarded the certificate for assisting in “molding [the] future operational corpsman that will be tasked with going into harm’s way and rendering medical care in combat fields, hospitals and onboard ships all over the world. Her mentorship and guidance were instrumental in the vast professional and clinical growth of each one of these students.”

This facility is one of five level-one trauma centers in the nation that has a trauma training program for Navy corpsmen. These corpsmen nominated Emma for the award after their training program was completed. Emma said this was super meaningful to her because she loves to teach!


Katherine is praised for her exceptional care

Katherine received feedback from a colleague at a facility.

Katherine’s colleague said, “Katherine is truly an awesome and knowledgeable nurse that deserves to be bragged about.”

Katherine’s recruiter added, “Katherine is an awesome person and very easy to work with!”

Congratulations on the positive feedback, Katherine. Keep up the good work!


Kyle receives praise from a facility manager

A facility manager praised Kyle for his hard work and team efforts since joining the facility and its team.

The manager said, “Kyle has been a great asset to our clinical team since he started his rotation with us at the beginning of July. I wanted to share his outstanding professionalism and quick clinical action during a patient medical emergency that occurred one morning.  He was quick to respond, took action to alert other clinicians to the situation, was attentive in addressing the patient’s needs and worked seamlessly with his fellow clinicians. He claims he was just doing his job, but he deserves recognition for the good things he is doing.”

Congratulations on the high praise, Kyle! Your team is grateful for you, and so are we!