A collection of kudos, shoutouts, and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.


Aya traveler, Kirk, earns a DAISY nomination for being there when no one else could

Aya traveler, Kirk, went the extra mile by spending time with a patient when no one else could. His charge nurse and other coworkers noticed this and nominated him for a DAISY Award.

Read his charge nurse’s story below:

“We had a patient in the neuro ICU for over a month. During that time, the patient did not have many visitors and family was not able to be here often. Eventually, his family made the hard decision to make him a DNR/DNI with no escalation of care. During the next shift after this decision, the patient began to exhibit signs of passing. Kirk, the bedside RN, notified the family, but they were unable to come to the hospital. A couple of nurses, including Kirk, spent time in the patient’s room, playing his favorite music and holding his hand so he would not pass alone. I felt truly honored as the charge nurse this night. I witnessed true compassion and care from these nurses and it is a complete honor to work beside them. After he passed, we made his mother aware. She was also truly grateful to these nurses for being by his side in his final moments since she was unable to be there.”


RN, Alison, received a STAR Recognition Form for her keen eye

Aya traveling nurse, Alison, received a STAR Recognition Form for catching injuries on a patient that her colleagues missed. Read her manager’s report below:

“Alison performed a thorough triage assessment of a patient with admission pressure injuries. Because of her detailed assessment and documentation, both of these pressure injuries will be correctly coded. Documentation by all other RNs and MDs had not addressed the smaller of these injuries, so without Alison’s documentation, this would have counted as a hospital-acquired condition. Great job, Alison!”

Nice catch, Alison! We’re grateful for your thorough care.


Travel nurse Trevor gets a top-notch shout out

Aya travel nurse Trevor earned a fun shout out from one of his patient’s family members! Read their praise below:

“I (Trevor’s manager) was rounding on South 4 today and a patient/family member called out Trevor Sullivan as being fantastic, top notch, the BEST!”

Way to go, Trevor! We’re proud of you!


Manager praises travel nurse Brittany for going above and beyond

Aya travel nurse, Brittany, went above and beyond to “Ensure” that one of her patients felt comfortable and calm—even on a very busy night.

Here’s what her manager had to say:

“I just wanted to let you know that the unit was very busy yesterday and Brittany stayed over to help clean and sort some of the mess out. Also, we had a sick 34-year-old cancer patient that was here for sciatica, then spiked a fever and needed to be transferred. She doesn’t really eat much, water makes her nauseous and she usually only tolerates Ensure, which we didn’t have. Brittany went above and beyond for the patient and went and bought her Ensure with her own money and time. The patient was so grateful and gushed about how excellent we were—especially Brittany! Way to go, Brittany! So proud to work with her and have her on our team!!!”


Aya travel nurse, Kaitlyn, was nominated for the DAISY Award

We love when patients love our travelers! Kaitlyn’s sweet spirit made an impression on one of her patients. So much so, they nominated her for a DAISY Award!

Read the nomination below:

“Kaitlyn was one of the first nurses I remember meeting while in the hospital. She was extremely helpful and supportive throughout my stay. She’s an outstanding nurse and an exceptional professional. Every time she came into my room she was very polite and smiling. I really appreciated her positive attitude and gentle spirit.”

We’re lucky to have you on our team, Kaitlyn. Congrats!


We’re proud of Aya RN Casey for being an integral part of her medical team

Here’s a moving letter excerpt from an MD at Casey’s current facility:

I wanted to send a note to express my sincere gratitude to the entire interventional radiology team and praise them for their incredibly hard work and dedication over the weekend. We had a VERY challenging case that presented as a transport from an outside facility via AirCare early in the evening on Saturday, 5/11.

The coordinated efforts by all involved were amazing. When the patient did finally arrive via AirCare, the coordinated efforts of the team in the room were instrumental to the resuscitation that we were able to provide. While the situation was predictably hectic at times, it was controlled and communication was clear. The IR nursing team and techs were central to our ability to provide the resuscitation we were able to coordinate and administer to our patient. The IR nurses and techs went above and beyond and assisted with CPR, retrieved blood products from the blood bank, scoured the radiology areas and Omnicells for additional medications that we urgently needed, obtained warming blankets/Bair hugger equipment for us, helped administer products, and provided me with needed information and feedback that I needed to coordinate our responses and care for the patient. We certainly couldn’t have provided the response and resuscitation that we did without their efforts and help.

I firmly believe that we provided the best possible care to our patient that we are capable of providing. For that, I sincerely thank everyone that was involved.



Aya RN Christy was nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient recently nominated Aya travel nurse, Christy, for giving her comfort and care during a very difficult time.

See her full nomination below:

“Not only was Christy always attentive to my needs as a patient, she was very consoling to me as a cancer patient. I appreciated the extra effort and time she spent with me, it made the nights seem not as long. The world needs more Nurse Christys. Thank you for all you do for the patients.”

We’re so proud to have nurses like Christy on our team. Way to go, Christy!


Congrats to Aya RN Leah who won the DAISY Award

Aya travel nurse, Leah, received a DAISY award on her current assignment in Missouri! Read her nomination
story below.

“Leah was understanding of the vast array of heavy and complicated issues in my life, even outside of my reason for being here [at the hospital]. She was able to give me hope, something I haven’t been able to have in years. She was comforting, positive and knowledgeable even though she was exhausted. She made me feel like all was going to be okay. I feel like we’re kindred spirits. I know I am not the only person she affects in a positive way even outside her job duties. I am blessed to have crossed paths with her.”

We’re so proud to have an amazing nurse like Leah on our team.
Congrats, Leah!


Director lets RN Zach know that the little things matter

Aya travel RN, Zach, went above and beyond for one of his patients and the patient was so grateful.

His director wrote, “Zach made what could have been a stressful time a great patient experience and we are fortunate to have him on our team. I rounded on a patient on the telemetry floor who he looked after on Tuesday night. He was highly complimentary of the great care Zach provided and his attention to little things that make a difference.”


Aya traveler Narjess nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient recently nominated Aya traveler, Narjess, for making her feel at ease when she was alone and for providing comfort in a stressful situation.

See the full nomination below:

“I had to come in for my induction without my husband as we are military, have a toddler and all of our friends went “home” for Christmas. I had some medical complications making labor and delivery a bit nerve wracking and without my husband, it was a lot to manage on my own… until Narjess came in to introduce herself as my nurse. She immediately made me feel at ease. She was compassionate, confident and seemingly more highly trained than others. As a chronically ill patient, I see a plethora of specialists and their medical support teams and Narjess now stands as the absolute best nurse I have ever had the pleasure of being attended to and cared for by. She went above and beyond for me that evening AND came to check on me afterwards. I realize that she is a contracted travel nurse, but this should certainly not take away from the fact that she deserves recognition for her outstanding nursing.”