A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Aya traveler, Sara, knows what’s best for her patients

Sara was recognized by her facility manager after she noticed that a patient had appendicitis and allowed them to avoid a trip to the Emergency Department and go straight to surgery. The facility manager shared, “While this is exactly what you are trained for, you are hyper sensitive to not only ensuring a wonderful patient experience, but also and more importantly, quality care that ensures the absolute best outcome possible. We are so thankful that you have come to our team and have helped us become better, we know we have yet effectively figured out a way to keep you. Nevertheless, we’ll keep trying and thank you for the stellar care your providing.”

Sara’s director also chimed in adding, “We want to recognize Sara for exceptional patient care, and knowing when to speak up. Thank you for helping to shape a culture that techs are proud to work in!”

Sara, we’re so impressed by your attentive care. Your patient was lucky to have you there to make such a great catch!


Aya traveler, Rushanda, gets high praise from her coworkers

Rushanda, was recognized by two of her coworkers while on an assignment where she was promoted from flow monitor to emotional support. The first coworker shared, “Today I received my first vaccine. It was a very pleasant experience. I met Rushanda and she put me at ease with her knowledge. I am in healthcare myself and now that I’m on the other side as a patient, I can tell you what a great experience it was!

Another coworker added, “Rushanda is extremely helpful and consoling. She is a great nurse!!

Well done Rushanda! We’re proud to have nurses like you on our team!



A shining patient review for RN, Christina

Aya traveler, Christina, received a complimentary letter from a patient who wrote, “Christina is a nurse of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. She is friendly and caring in nature. She is efficient when spending time with patients and keeps you informed that she has not forgotten, but is trying to obtain answers. She gives help, and makes sense of procedures and follows up on tests and doctor reports. She contributes new ideas when we are being treated and in the process of healing. She is never harsh, and provides medical attention gracefully. She thoroughly explains new medication. She does not say, ‘Here are your meds,’ and leave. When I could not physically care for myself, Christina volunteered to ‘suit up’ and help me when I was embarrassed. She is an A+ nurse with honors.”

Christina, it’s clear you go above and beyond for your patients, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Keep up the impeccable work!



Aya traveler, Jose, gets praised by his teammate

RN, Jose, was praised by a coworker, and fellow Aya traveler, for his hard work and leadership skills. Read the sweet shoutout below:

“I want to loudly brag for Jose who is assisting at a vaccination site. He quickly acquired the status of Team Lead and is by far one of the kindest, friendliest and most wonderful team players and leaders! Three cheers for Jose! Woooohoooooo!”

Jose was also recognized by his recruiter, who added, “Jose is easy to work with and super reliable as well as communicative.”

Jose, we’re impressed by your hard work. Your team is lucky to have you!


RN, Ashley, wows her team

RN, Ashley, impressed her manager after staying cool, calm and collected during a difficult weekend at her facility. Her manager wrote, “Ashley has been more than flexible in her schedule. She picked up a 16-hour shift and an additional night shift when the department was in a volume/acuity surge. Her quiet nature, and calming presence puts everyone at ease.”

Ashley’s recruiter also sang her praises, adding, “Ashley is fantastic to work with. She is extremely responsive and flexible when it comes to accommodating the hospital’s requests. Aya and the facility are lucky to have her.”

We couldn’t have said it better! Thank you for all your hard work, Ashley!


Aya traveler, Karen, goes above and beyond on the job!

RN, Karen, was recognized by her manager for her hard work and positive attitude during a challenging weekend at her facility. Her manager wrote, “Karen is consistently going above and beyond in every little thing she does. She never complains and often rallies the team to a better mental attitude. She is truly an angel on Earth.”

Karen’s recruiter also commended her skills, adding, “Karen has been so professional, eager and positive to work with. She has superb communication skills. I adore her!!! I would be ecstatic if my kids had her as their nurse.”

Karen, your patients and teammates are lucky to have you — and so are we!



Well-deserved recognition for Aya RN, Marley

RN, Marley, was commended by her manager for persevering through a difficult weekend at her facility. Her manager wrote, “Marley was assigned one of the toughest PICU assignments, plus she was given a staff member on orientation. Marley did such a wonderful job staying on task and bonding with a very difficult family. On top of that, she agreed to work a 16-hour shift and pick up an additional night that was severely short. She did all this with a smile. She is truly a pleasure to work with.”

Marley was also praised by her recruiter, who added, “Marley is fantastic to work with. She works so hard and it clearly shows. She is extremely responsive and flexible when it comes to accommodating the hospital’s requests.”

We’re so impressed with your positive attitude and work ethic, Marley. Keep up the amazing work!


Aya traveler, Miles, is nominated for a DAISY Award!

RN, Miles, was nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient who was touched by his expert care. Read the heartfelt nomination below:

“I was in the hospital for two nights. Everyone was very helpful, pleasant, professional and caring. One RN, Miles, went above and beyond. He cares, and it is very obvious he loves his job. I understand that the hospitals may be short on staff, but he kept on smiling. He is a very thorough gentleman. Someone mentioned he was a traveling nurse, but you would never know. Miles made a great example, and is a true professional. He sets a great example for all the people he is working with. A true pleasure and a great asset! I ask that Miles be considered for the DAISY Award. I’ve been in four different local hospitals and he is the best I’ve encountered!”

Miles, your patients are fortunate to receive care from such a skilled and caring nurse. Congratulations on your nomination!


Aya RN, Malea, shines on her unit’s “dream team”

Malea was part of a team of several travelers who were commended for exceeding expectations during a challenging weekend at her facility. Her manager wrote, “Malea and Rachel were the ‘dream team’ in our unit. No matter what was asked of them, they rolled with it. Our charge nurse commented on what a pleasure it was to have them on duty that Friday.”

In addition, Malea’s recruiter praised her, saying, “Malea is always a JOY to work with! She is ambitious and knows what she wants in an assignment. She gets things done and makes smooth transitions into her new adventures. Thanks for being an amazing traveler and friend!”

We’re impressed by your work ethic, Malea. Your facility is lucky to have you!


RN, Juan, wins a Heart Huddle Award

Aya traveler, Juan, was awarded a Heart Huddle Award by his facility after being recognized by his patients for “bringing his heart to work.” Juan’s award was featured on his facility’s Facebook page, which shared:

“One patient recognized Juan for making her care personal and building a connection with him. Juan shared with the patient his experience with cancer in his family. It helped the patient feel like Juan would take very good care of her.

Another patient recognized Juan for being kind and considerate of her husband. She was very ill and her husband was trying to do everything for her as she was in considerable pain. Juan gave her medication, but more importantly allowed the patient’s husband to share in her care, supporting him and helping him feel he was making a difference. After the patient was settled, Juan offered her husband a chair and thanked the husband for all of his help.”

Congratulations, Juan, on this recognition and thank you for providing heartfelt care to your patients!


RN, Tifany, gets a shoutout from her facility manager

Aya traveler, Tifany, received high praise from her facility manager for her compassion and work ethic. The sweet message said, “I would like to give Tifany a shout out. She is a dream to work with, a team player and a very hard worker. She always has a smile on her face. Our outpatients love her and they all come in looking for her. She also has a lot of compassion for our patients. If we ever need help again, we would love to have her back. I wish we could keep her forever.”

Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition, Tifany. We’re proud to work with you!


Aya traveler, Corinne, impresses her team

RN, Corinne, received praise from her coworkers and manager for her exceptional care and work ethic. Read what they had to say below:

“Corinne is one of the hardest working RNs that I have ever worked with. She is punctual, personable, has an impeccable work ethic, loves to teach and most importantly, she cares about the patients and treats them as if they are family. It is refreshing to see her provide care and she inspires me to pursue a career in nursing. Patients need the kind of care she provides to aid in the healing process. She makes them feel truly cared for and not that they are just a symptom or a number in a bed,” her coworker said. Corinne is so sweet and helpful,” added another.

After receiving that feedback, Corinne’s manager recognized her for her hard work as well, saying, “What glowing recognitions! Thank you for providing such exceptional care and for making such a positive impression on your co-workers. I appreciate you and I am glad you have extended your contract. Congratulations on being recognized not once, but twice!

Corinne, your team members aren’t the only ones who are impressed with you. Keep up the great work!