A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Sam is praised by a colleague

Sam received praise from one of her colleagues at the facility, who said, “Samantha provides exceptional patient care.”

Sam’s recruiter added, “Sam is extremely loyal, dedicated and committed to her colleagues, friends and patients. She is not only a hard worker, but also a ray of sunshine. I am truly lucky to know her!”

Thanks for your hard work, Sam. Your team appreciates you, and so do we!


Sandra receives a Safety All-Star of the Month award

Sandra was recognized as the Safety All-Star of the Month by the facility for demonstrating high attention to detail and supporting patient safety initiatives.

Sandra’s recruiter added, “Sandra gives her all every shift she walks into! She has been noticed by her superiors for being highly attentive to detail and a strong patient advocate and she exhibits an incredible amount of care and compassion towards her patients. Sandra is a joy to work with and we are so lucky to have her on our team!”

Congratulations, Sandra. Thank you for your hard work!


Samantha wins a DAISY Award

Samantha won the DAISY Award for her efforts to go above and beyond with her care and the impact she had on this family’s experience.

The patient wrote, “I arrived at the ER with my dehydrated, vomiting 5 year old. I brought her little sisters along ( ages 3 and 1), as my husband was working and my parents were in California. We were quite the large crew! After my daughter got hooked up to an IV, my youngest started vomiting all over the room, and my 3 year old followed soon after. It was complete chaos! This is where Sam came in. Not only was she their nurse, helping with the medical side of things, but she also acted like a family member during this wild night. She cleaned with me, gave me scrubs to wear and even helped me carry my kids to a different room for a more spacious setup. She watched them while I used the bathroom or changed my scrubs. She coordinated so many logistics for us and went above and beyond in a plethora of ways. I honestly could not have managed without her. I can truly say I will never forget Sam. She is truly an amazing, compassionate, smart and confident nurse, and I knew we were in the best hands with her on our team. I cannot recommend her for this award enough.”

Congratulations on winning the DAISY Award, Sam! Your compassionate care truly makes a difference in your patients’ lives.


Molly is nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient’s mother nominated Molly for a DAISY Award for the positive impact she had on their family’s experience.

The mother wrote, “I want to recognize a fantastic lady who cared for my daughter during her 4-month stay at the hospital. My daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer and had surgery the day after it was discovered. Molly was so kind and caring for not only my daughter but for me as well. She always went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of physically and mentally. Not only did we have an amazing nurse whom we always looked forward to seeing, but we gained a lifelong friend! She made those extremely difficult days in the hospital a little more joyful and fun with her humor! I can never repay her but I hope she knows how much we love and appreciate her!”

Molly, your attentive care makes all the differences for your patients and their families. Thank you for all you do!


Lexi is praised by a colleague

Lexi received praise from one of her colleagues, who said, “Lexi provides exceptional patient care.”

Lexi’s recruiter’s assistant also said, “Lexi is a super flexible traveler and is always open to learning new skills. On top of that, she is always positive!”

Your team appreciates you, Lexi, and so do we! Congratulations and keep it up!


Sarah receives praise from a patient’s spouse

A patient’s spouse praised and thanked Sarah for delivering outstanding care to patients.

The patient’s spouse wrote, “My wife’s nurse, Sarah, was truly fantastic. She was helpful, confident, and respectful to both me and my wife during our stay. We could not be more thankful for her care. Thank you!”

Sarah’s nurse manager added, “Way to make a great impression and provide exceptional care. We appreciate your fine work!”

Congratulations and good job, Sarah. Keep up the good work!


Julianna receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient nominated Julianna for a DAISY Award for her outstanding efforts to provide extraordinary care.

The patient wrote, “Julianna is the most kind-hearted individual who took care of me when I was very scared at the hospital. As soon as I got admitted, Julianna pulled up a chair and started to ask me why I was there, and after a while, she got to know me as a person rather than a patient. She found topics to talk about with me that helped calm me down. She went over everything very thoroughly and answered all my questions. When I had to go down for a procedure, she came with me holding my hand until she couldn’t anymore. When I came back after, she remembered the sports game I wanted to watch and had it on the tv for me. It was very sweet. Julianna went over and beyond for me, always advocating and listening to me. She even stayed after her shift once to walk me down to dialysis because I was nervous going. This young lady truly takes time to make sure your stressors are at ease and makes sure you’re well taken care of. Thank you Julianna for making the most scariest day of my life less scary. I truly appreciate you.”

Julianna, your care and attention to detail makes a difference in the lives of your patients. They appreciate you, and so do we!


Gabby is nominated for a DAISY Award

Gabby’s manager nominated her for a DAISY Award for demonstrating top-notch skills and proactivity in advancing her knowledge.

The manager wrote, “Gabby is getting recommended the DAISY Award because of her strong work ethic in the ER and caring nature when interacting with very sick patients and their family members. Gabby does not need much direction or delegation from other nurses. She takes the initiative when caring for patients and knows what needs to be done. She is even starting to anticipate orders of certain disease processes, which demonstrates advanced critical thinking for someone in her role. She is a special tech that gets things done quickly and efficiently. Gabby has been willing to learn by asking appropriate questions and closely observing the more experienced RN’s. She has also been working diligently with learning how to place IV’s and has done well with mastering this critical skill.”

Congratulations on the DAISY Award nomination, Gabby! Keep it up!


Candi receives praise from a facility coordinator

Candi received a great deal of positive feedback from a facility coordinator regarding her work ethic and the impact she made on their family’s experience.

The facility coordinator wrote, “Yesterday, my father-in-law was brought in for what we thought was a stroke, but later found were seizures. Candi was his nurse, and she was absolutely amazing. Our family is hectic and loud, and not easy to get along with. She stayed to answer everyone’s questions and was so kind and caring. My father-in-law had to be moved to a higher level of care, and Candi saw it through until he was settled in his new room. Please tell her know how much we appreciated her kindness and realness with us.”

Quality praise for a quality nurse. Keep up the good work, Candi!


Zhanna is praised by a facility manager

Zhanna received a thank you note from a facility manager, recognizing her efficiency and the contribution she gives each day.

The facility manager wrote, “Thank you for your efforts in completing quality work. During audits for facility paperwork, your work has stood out as being complete, detailed and legible. Thank you for your hard work!”

Your team appreciates your hard work, Zhanna! Keep it up!


Marissa receives a DAISY Award

Marissa received a DAISY Award after a patient nominated her for her exceptional, personable bedside manner and overall care.

The patient wrote, “Marissa is a ball of energy. She is very intelligent and knowledgeable about the human body. She is confident in everything she does; when she shines, the joy is reflected back to you. She is so much fun to be around! I listen to music daily and walk with it, as singing stops some pain. Marissa loved the music and understood how healing it can be, so we sang along through many tough days and nights. It was a pleasure to have her as my nurse. I trust her. She keeps her word and anticipates my needs. Marissa is a wonderful nurse and one of the best I’ve ever had!”

Your patients appreciate you, Marissa, and so do we! Keep up the good work!


Lauren receives a DAISY Award

Lauren won the DAISY Award after a colleague nominated her for her empathic approach to providing top-notch care.

The colleague wrote, “I have regularly observed Lauren providing exceptional care. One day, as I walked past a DNR comfort care patient’s room, I heard someone singing. I looked in and saw Lauren singing to the dying patient as she performed her duties. No family was present. Lauren was alone with the patient. There was nothing requiring her to provide the kind act of blessing the patient with her song. It’s this type of extra care that gives comfort to those we serve. I believe even in one’s final days and hours, patients are aware of our presence in the room. Lauren‘s song could have provided great peace and comfort to the patient in their final days.”

Congratulations on receiving the DAISY Award, Lauren!