A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

A patient nominates Katrina for a DAISY Award

A patient nominated Katrina for a DAISY Award for the top-notch nursing skills they received while in her care.

The patient wrote, “Katrina was very professional and attentive, kind, gentle, respectful and a good listener!”

Katrina’s recruiter also added, “Katrina is sunshine in human form; every time I call her, it’s all smiles. She is kind, hard-working, passionate and so deserving of this nomination!”

Katrina, you truly shine positivity on your patients. Congratulations and keep up the good work!


Michelle is nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient’s family member nominated Michelle for a DAISY Award for the continuous attention and care she provided.

The nominator wrote, “My mother came into the ER after she fell. Unfortunately, we found out she had pneumonia and an AFIB scare. Michelle was by our side the entire time, holding my mom’s hand, continuously giving her kind words and helping me as a worried visitor. She made sure to check on all her patients and ensure we had everything we needed each time she came into the room. She even stopped to talk to my mom about her life!”

Michelle, we can tell nursing is your calling! Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination.


Michelle receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient’s spouse nominated Michelle for a DAISY Award for the tremendous support she gave to the patient and their family.

The patient’s spouse wrote, “Thanks to Michelle for all the care and concern she showed me and my husband the night we spent in the ER. We were so scared as we waited to hear the results of his scans. Her kindness was so appreciated, and she even made us laugh! Thank you!”

Michelle’s recruiter commented, “Michelle has always been easy to work with, positive and upbeat. She is so understanding, and I always look forward to chatting with her!”

Michelle’s recruiter assistant also commented, “Michelle always advocates for her patients and demonstrates the highest quality of patient care!”

Michelle, your patients and their families are fortunate to have such a skilled and caring nurse. Congratulations on your nomination!




Randall is nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient’s spouse nominated Randall (Randy) for a DAISY Award for the prominent role he played in preventing the patient’s pain and evading sending him to hospice.

The spouse wrote, “Randy has knowledge and experience with chalcophyllites and helped my husband in the ICU. His sores on both legs were very painful and bleeding, and we were given the wrong information from another facility. Randy brought relief to the pain and bleeding, and my husband’s legs looked better and were able to dry. Randy went out of his way to provide specific instructions on how to treat chalcophyllites for future treatment with other wound care. My husband was going to go to hospice because of the severe pain in his legs, but now, because Randy helped him treat his legs and have less pain, he doesn’t have to. God bless Randy for treating my husband.”

Congratulations on your nomination, Randy. Keep up the good work!


Travel RN, Duncan, receives praise from a facility

Duncan was praised by his facility and received the I Care Award for displaying above and beyond care.

The facility’s nurse director commented, “He is a great nurse and wonderful to have on staff!”

Duncan’s recruiter also added, “Duncan is such a pleasure to work with. Another Aya travel RN said he is one of the best RNs she’s worked with. He is always bright and warm to talk to on the phone. My assistant and I both enjoy working with him on his next travel steps. The facility he’s working at continues to extend his contract and tells us he is a great addition to their team.”

Thank you for your amazing service, Duncan! Your team is proud of you, and so are we!


Deb receives two DAISY Award nominations!

Double kudos are in order for Deb for not just one, but two DAISY Award nominations.

One patient wrote, “Deb is an absolutely incredible human being and an amazing nurse. She has kind eyes, and I could tell the first time I met her that she truly cares. My pain was her pain. My anxiety wasn’t acceptable. She made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. I cannot say enough what a great nurse and truly wonderful person she is. Thank you, Deb, for everything.”

Another patient’s mother wrote, “My son had fallen down a set of basement stairs. He went to the ER, was life flighted to another hospital due to epidural hematoma and had immediate surgery. We drove 2.5 hours to get to him. He was in the ICU for a couple of days and spent the rest on neuro with Deb. I am so grateful for her kindness and compassion. She is dedicated and perseveres to make things happen. She treated him like her son. She made sure the neurosurgeon that already rounded came back to answer our questions and concerns. Even though I was a nurse, she could see how concerned I was and was so reassuring. When the neurosurgeon discussed rehab for five days, Deb could tell how upset our son was and worked with him to get up and walk. By the time PT came, they said our son could go home. Deb even had the manager talk to us before leaving. What great staff you have at the facility! God is good, and Deb is our angel!”

Congratulations on receiving two nominations, Deb! Your patients recognize your compassion and quality care. Keep it up!


Gavin is nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient nominated Gavin for a DAISY Award for his exceptionally accommodating care.

The patient wrote, “Gavin was great for my entire visit. Like everyone in the unit — and I do mean everyone — he was always right on top of my care, asking if I needed anything and so on. However, it was his interaction with the students, other staff and my family that really set him apart. He took time to explain what he was doing, why he was doing it and how the treatments or procedures were doing. His command of the material, his demeanor and his attitude really set him apart.”

The patient’s wife added, “Stays in the ICU are a blur. When my husband came in after a heart attack, it was frightening. Gavin was reassuring, attentive and confidently inspiring for the two days he tended to my husband. We are grateful for Gavin and that our story had a happy ending.”

Your patients are grateful for your quality care, Gavin, and so are we! Keep up the good work!


Sarah receives a DAISY Award!

Sarah was presented with a DAISY Award for the extraordinary care she gave to a facility leader’s family member, who testified how amazing Sarah is.

The nominator wrote, “My spouse passed away at the hospital. I received a call that they were in full cardiac arrest and that they were doing CPR. When I got to the room, I met Sarah. She was so wonderful during that tough time. She explained everything and spoke with such kindness and compassion. When the doctor came in, we discussed comfort measures. I asked a couple of questions, and he started to backpedal, telling me I could wait for 24-48 hours. When he left, I asked Sarah to tell me in plain English what the prognosis was. She gave me her honest opinion, and after reading the report and looking at the chest x-ray, I decided to sign for comfort measures. Sarah walked me through the entire process. It’s hard to express how wonderful she was. She explained everything in detail. When the paperwork was done, my spouse was alone; Sarah was there the entire time — even though it meant staying past her shift.

“When I left the hospital, Sarah asked me to call her when I got home. She knew I was upset, and it was storming that day. She continued to update me and reassure me again that my spouse would not be alone. I’ll never forget my interactions with Sarah. She made this most awful day something I can calmly and peacefully look back on. I think her treatment of my spouse and me makes her a true DAISY nurse. I am so proud to know there are so many team members that do the right thing every day for patients and their families. I will never forget the positive things that happened during such a terrible time. I have told everyone who has asked about my spouse’s passing of the truly extraordinary care we both received.”

What a beautiful story! Congratulations on your hard work and recognition, Sarah!


A patient nominates Erin for a DAISY Award

A patient nominated Erin for a DAISY Award, thanking her for her outstanding care and for the above and beyond support she gave their newborn baby and family.

The patient wrote, “It’s hard to explain what Erin means to us, but I’ll try. Erin was my postpartum nurse last week. Her demeanor, bedside manner and care were all top notch. It’s evident she chose this profession because she truly cares and takes an interest. She doesn’t just come in to give you meds and take vitals — she also takes time to listen to you and your baby’s needs. 

“At one point, my baby’s oxygen dropped, and they turned grayish in front of our eyes. Erin handled the situation calmly so I wouldn’t freak out. She took control and immediately became my baby’s advocate. She made sure the nursery and doctors didn’t dismiss it as “poor lighting” as they initially insisted. Her confidence, experience and persistence got my baby the NICU care she needed for testing and observation. Throughout our stay, she made sure my husband and I were in the loop with updates, as you can imagine our fear was substantial. Erin handled our case with care and saw us through discharge. If it wasn’t for Erin, God forbid it could have turned out different. It was her persisting insistence that advocated for my child. We are forever grateful for her. We got more than a nurse — we felt like we were with family.”

That’s some high praise, Erin. Thank you for your compassionate care and hard work.


Alexandria is nominated for a DAISY Award

A coworker nominated Alexandria for a DAISY Award for her exceeding and devoted care and for demonstrating true compassion while nursing.

The coworker said, “I want to nominate Alexandria for a DAISY award for going above and beyond for a patient who had a hospital stay that was longer than anticipated. Through the course of the patient’s stay, they became depressed and defeated. Alexandria dedicated herself to ensuring the patient had a home away from home. She cut and styled the patient’s hair and made them feel good about themselves when they had nothing left to give. She helped them into a wheelchair (no small task) and took them outside to get sunlight after being inside for almost two months. This brightened the patient’s day, and we all witnessed them perk up and smile for the first time in a long time. The patient was moved by the compassion Alexandria showed.

“Alexandria demonstrates exactly what nursing is through the extraordinary work ethic, knowledge and passion she brings to work every day. She puts her patient first and made a lasting impact on this patient’s life as they resolved to participate more in their care and work harder to move toward discharge. Alexandria did this because she wanted to, not for recognition or praise. Her care for people is genuine and she sets an example for all of us to follow. I am proud to call her a colleague and friend.”

Alexandria, your compassionate care is an inspiration to those around you. Keep up the good work!


RRT, Sonja, receives compliments from patients’ parents

The parents of several patients complimented Sonja on her compassionate and stellar care. 

Sonja’s nurse manager explained, “We had a kind word passed on today when one of our babies was discharged. The mother of our patient was very complimentary of Sonja saying, ‘Sonja saw me at my lowest this admission and she was there when I needed her. I am so very grateful.’”

Another patient’s parent said, “Sonja was amazing with our daughter. She took her time and explained the breathing treatment and made sure my daughter was doing it correctly. She was so kind and encouraging and patient. She was amazing. Thank you, Sonja!”

Sonja’s recruiter added, “Sonja is a pleasure to represent. She has a very positive attitude and speaks about her assignment with dedication.”

Amazing work, Sonja! Your patients and their families are grateful for your care, and so are we!


RRT, Timothy, receives praise from a facility director

A facility director complimented Tim for his exemplary work and expressed how much they’d love to keep working with him.

The director said, “The pediatric team mentioned what a great job Tim does when they work with him. The doctor’s exact quote was, ‘I don’t know where he came from, but he is welcome to stay. He is great!’ Thank you!”

Tim’s recruiter also added, “It’s no surprise Tim was recognized for his hard work and dedication at the hospital. He is a wonderful traveler to work with. He’s always very professional, knows exactly what he wants in an assignment and goes after it.”

The people you work with see your hard work and dedication, Tim. Keep it up!