A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Aya RN, Telisca, makes a big impression on a patient’s family

A patient’s family called the leadership team at RN, Telisca’s, facility and complimented her for providing great care and ensuring the patient was comfortable during their stay.

Facility leadership relayed the message, sharing, “She had to bring her daughter to the ED last night and this was their first time coming to the facility. She said Telisca went above and beyond and she wanted to recognize her for the phenomenal service and care that she provided to her daughter. Telisca stepped in and said, ‘I got this,’ when it was time to do an EKG. Her daughter has a phobia of needles and Telisca took her time showing her how small the needle was and making jokes to make it a more comfortable experience. The patient’s mother said, ‘We were blown away when my daughter didn’t even cry. If I could, I would give her 100/10. She was so good to all of us.’”

In addition, the leadership team said, “What a wonderful compliment, Telisca! It sounds as though your efforts were appreciated so much by this family. Thank you for always providing great care to our patients, we are so happy to have you as part of our team!”

Telisca, we’re impressed by what an impact you made on this patient and their family. Keep up the amazing work!


RN, Sarah, is nominated for a DAISY Award!

Aya traveler, Sarah, was nominated for a DAISY Award by a colleague who saw Sarah’s positive impact on her patients firsthand.

The colleague shared, “Sarah provided such compassionate and complete care for her ED patient that upon discharge he repeatedly thanked her and said ‘l’ll never forget you.’ We often don’t have time to establish close connections with emergency medicine patients due to the fast-paced nature of our specialty. It was inspiring and heartwarming to see Sarah make such a positive impact on her patient’s experience in a short amount of time.”

Sarah, you’re not just making an impact on your patients, but your coworkers, too! Congratulations on this well-deserved nomination!


RN, Teresa, wins a DAISY Award!

Aya traveler, Teresa, won a DAISY Award after a patient nominated her for her attentive care and the positive impact she had on their stay in the hospital.

The patient wrote, “I entered the ER coughing up blood and terribly frightened. Teresa was my nurse. As she tended to me over the next 12 hours, and as I moved back and forth from ER to ICU, I felt helpless. I want Teresa to know that she was extremely helpful, as well as instructive, steady and respectful. She taught me to use a device and pointed out the benefit of it. She kept checking back, looking me in the eyes. She made me feel seen. It was important to me to watch my SpO2 number, and she kept the monitor in my sight as I focused on calming my panic and breathing. Many details about my time in the hospital are mixed up in my mind, but I do remember the compassionate and dignified care Teresa provided me. Teresa, I lived! Thank you, thank you.”

Congratulations on your well-deserved award, Teresa!


Aya traveler, Michael, is nominated for a DAISY Award!

Nurse, Michael, was nominated for a DAISY Award after a coworker recognized him for his profound patience and determination to provide care.

The coworker wrote, “Mike is an incredible nurse! His experience only heightens his compassion and he’s an inspiration for the rest of us. I watched Mike spend almost an hour assisting a very uncooperative patient. This patient was in very poor health, homeless, in severe pain and had underlying mental health issues. Mike very gently cleansed the patient’s leg wounds and provided clean dressings. He maintained professional, compassionate care for this patient despite being verbally abused and berated by the patient the entire time. Mike also advocated repeatedly for proper pain management for this patient due to an increased tolerance for opiates. He then spent an additional 30 minutes teaching the patient about proper wound care. Mike’s work with him truly showed the nature of his character. For this, I would like to express my gratitude, since the patient was not able to. I truly feel that Mike deserves a DAISY Award as recognition for his continued integrity, kindness and empathy in difficult situations.”

Mike, your dedication to your patients and your work is remarkable. Congratulations on your nomination!


Aya RN, Collin, receives a shout out from a fellow traveler

A fellow traveler went out of their way to call RN, Collin’s, recruiter and give him kudos for his nursing skills and friendship.

The traveler said, “I work with Collin and it’s a great honor as he’s a great person. I travel, too, and he’s always nice to me and friendly. He’s always teaching me things and has helped me and become a good friend of mine. He’s a great traveler, you’re lucky to have a good one, and I wanted to give him a compliment.”

In addition, his recruiter commented, “He is a positive person and a joy to work with!”

Collin, we’re so lucky to have great travelers like you working with us. Keep up the good work!


A DAISY Award nomination for RN, Tanya!

Aya traveler, Tanya, was nominated for a DAISY Award for providing extraordinary care to her patients.

In addition to her nomination, Tanya’s recruiter praised her, saying, “Tanya is a dedicated and compassionate nurse. She’s a great communicator and advocate for her patients. She’s taking advantage of traveling, and is now in Southern California to be closer to her daughter that just started college.”

Tanya, we love to hear that you’re enjoying the benefits of traveling, and showing what it means to be a great nurse! Congratulations on your nomination.


Aya RNs Jenner, Liz, Pablo and Katherine receive director recognition

Aya travel nurses Jenner, Liz, Pablo and Katherine received high praise from their ICU director.

The director wrote, “Their care is amazing and it speaks volumes when they receive recognition from our patients and families. We appreciate them so much and I wanted to share how wonderful these travelers are.” 

In addition, here’s what their recruiters had to say about working with them:

“Jenner is fantastic, I love working with her. She’s positive and always on top of anything we need from her.”

“Liz is a pleasure to work with. Throughout her many contracts with Aya she has always been a true professional and made my job easy. She’s always great to chat with and has the perfect ‘can-do’ attitude for a traveler.”

“Pablo is a great guy, I can’t say enough good things. You can tell he truly cares about his patients and gives it 110% to help improve every situation he’s in! I’m very lucky to work with him.”

“Katherine has a positive attitude and she goes with the flow!”

Your hard work and positive attitudes don’t go unnoticed. Keep it up!

Aya Healthcare - Jenner Musser Weck Aya Healthcare - Liz A. Miller. Aya Healthcare - Pablo Davila. Aya Healthcare - Katherine Eller


Travel nurse, Sarah, receives a DAISY Award nomination!

RN, Sarah, was nominated for a DAISY Award by one of her supervisors for her strong attention to detail and determination to advocate for a young patient in need.

The supervisor wrote, “On Sarah’s first week of her first travel assignment in the operating room, she ran into a patient concern that nurses hope they never have to run into … signs of child abuse. Sarah’s careful assessment skills during an unrelated additional emergency operation led her to suspect that her patient may be in a dangerous situation at home. Sarah handled this situation delicately and thoroughly, advocating strongly for the safety of this patient. She brought the concerns to the attention of the providers in the case and upper nursing management, following the mandated reporting protocols for social work follow-up. Sarah caught the signs of potential neglect and abuse in a young patient who needed someone to advocate for him.”

Sarah, your quick action and determination to advocate for your patient are remarkable. Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination.


Aya traveler, Scott, receives a sweet patient message

RN, Scott, received a sweet card from two of his patients thanking him for providing them exceptional care.

The first patient wrote, “Scott, thank you so much for the wonderful care I received as your patient. You really went above and beyond to assure my needs were met.”

The other said, “Thanks for taking great care of me! It was a pleasure meeting you. Please tell your son his dad is a ‘Big Time Talent’. All the best to you and your family.”

Scott, your patients appreciate you and so do we! Keep up the fantastic work.