A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Travel nurse, Melanie, receives praise from a nurse manager

Travel nurse, Melanie, was praised by a nurse manager for the encouragement she brings to her team. They wish they could keep her forever!

The manager said, “Melanie goes above and beyond to make staff feel appreciated. She has truly integrated into the team and we would love to keep her forever, if possible! She recently went out of her way to recognize several support staff for a job well done and focused on making them feel appreciated. She truly is a team player, a hard worker and has been a great addition to the team!”


Aya traveler, Jessica, is nominated for a DAISY Award!

RN, Jessica, was nominated for a DAISY Award at her facility! Her recruiter sang her praises, commenting, “While I can’t speak to Jessica’s floor skills, I can tell you that I’m so happy to get the chance to work with her. Her current coworkers and supervisors speak very highly of her and her skillset as a nurse. She’s an excellent nurse, competent, caring and a team player. She treats her patients and co-workers with respect and dignity. Her approach is warm and sincere.”

Jessica, you’re incredibly skilled and we’re so proud to have nurses like you on our team. Congratulations on this nomination!


Aya RN, Crystal, receives a “Remarkable Care” pin

Travel nurse, Crystal, was awarded the “Remarkable Care” pin by her department after a patient sent in a thank you letter acknowledging her excellent care.

The letter stated, “I wanted to take a few minutes to write about the excellent care I received during a recent hospital stay. As a retired RN with very little experience as a patient, I was so impressed by the staff from the moment I entered. Crystal was professional, attentive and made sure to introduce herself each shift. I had several allergic reactions which were responded to quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the most excellent staff.

Congratulations on this recognition, Crystal. Keep up the great work!



Facility manager shares his appreciation for Aya RN, Connor

RN, Connor’s, facility manager reached out to Aya to share his appreciation for Connor’s diligence and strong work ethic.

The manager stated, “I want to acknowledge our awesome traveler Connor. He was trauma float on Friday night and did an incredible job with a lot of critical patients. He managed a patient with an EVD, had a peds trauma that went to the OR, a very difficult GSW to the head and ended the shift with another coding GSW that crashed to OR. The acuity was high and Connor jumped right in. I appreciate his enthusiasm, critical thinking and the way he clearly voices his questions and concerns.”

Connor, your ability to handle anything that comes your way is remarkable. Your facility is lucky to have you!



Aya traveler, Joey, receives recognition from facility managers

Joey received feedback from two managers at his facility, sharing their appreciation for his strong work ethic and the value he adds to their team.

The first manager wrote, “I wanted to give you a shout out and let you know that the staff has said great things about you. Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Staff from multiple units have said they enjoy working with you and that you’re always willing to help (even when it’s not your patient). We wanted to say thank you for everything you do and we’re happy you’re a part of our team!!”

The second manager added, “Thank you for all that you do to support the facility staff and take care of our patients. We appreciate all that you do!”

Joey, we’re just as impressed by you as your colleagues are. Keep up the fantastic work!


Traveler, Andrea, receives a sweet patient note

RN, Andrea received a special thank you note from a patient for her compassionate care.

The patient wrote, “I want to take the opportunity to share my positive experience with Andrea in the infusion clinic. I have recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was in for my second Thyrogen shot. She asked if I was okay and I truly felt she cared. Of course, I broke down, and in short, she comforted me with the perfect words … So many times we only hear of bad experiences, but this time I have only the highest of regards for Andrea.”

This note was followed by praise from her manager, who added, “Andrea, I’m so proud of the comments regarding your recent patient interaction! Thank you for being such a great nurse! Our patients benefit not only from your skilled nursing care but also from your ability to look at the patient as a whole. Providing support to a cancer patient and drawing from your own experience meant so much to this patient. This is just one example of the many instances of stellar care you provide to our patients and it’s appreciated more than you know!”

Way to demonstrate extraordinary patient care, Andrea!



Aya traveler, Haley, gets recognized by her coworker and manager

RN, Haley, was recognized by her coworker and manager for her top-notch patient care and the support she provides the team!

The coworker wrote, “I have to tell you about Haley and her work ethic. From day one, she came in with a positive attitude and was ready to work. She completes BSSR like a pro, completes her boards and takes excellent care of her patients. I just wanted to let you and Haley’s agency know what an excellent coworker she is and how fortunate we are to have her on our team for this assignment.”

The manager added, “We appreciate her, her great attitude and the great care she gives our patients.”

Haley, this recognition is well deserved. Keep up the great work!




RN, Alexandra is nominated for a DAISY Award!

Aya RN, Alexandra, was nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient’s mom thanking her for making her son as comfortable as possible during a scary situation.

The patient’s mother wrote, “My son has been through a lot in his young life and is so afraid of needles and IVs. Alex came to insert his IV and was extremely patient with him. She walked him through the process, showed him the plastic catheter of the IV and let him take his time. She explained everything perfectly so that he could understand and make him so much more comfortable. When it was time for the actual poke, she was patient and talked him through it and waited until he was ready. She was quick, confident and very gentle with him. Alex, thank you so much for helping my baby with his gear!”

Alex, your compassionate and gentle care made all the difference for your patient. Amazing job!


Travel nurse, Danielle, received a letter of recognition for the difference she makes for her patients

Danielle was recognized by a nursing student she works with for making a positive impact on her patients.

The student wrote, “Danielle takes amazing care of her patients! Not only does she participate in active listening, but she also explains medications, assesses each patient frequently and ensures proper care and comfort — to the patient and their loved ones. She has been an amazing teacher. I’ve appreciated being able to shadow her today!”

You’re inspiring the next generation of nurses, Danielle. Keep up the amazing work!