A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Aya nurse, Jennifer, gets nominated for a DAISY Award!

RN, Jennifer’s, superb care allowed for the wife of a patient to feel comfortable leaving to handle things at home, knowing her husband was in Jennifer’s safe hands.

The wife wrote, “My husband was admitted to the hospital for a blocked colon. A few days later, our dog was put to sleep and my husband was so upset and everyone was so nice and kept checking on him. Jennifer went above and beyond to check on him and make sure he was taken care of. I called in and Jennifer listened to me and told me she was keeping a close eye on him. I can’t tell you, as a family member, how nice it is to take that burden off while dealing with other matters. Five stars for Jennifer!”

Jennifer, the attentive care you provide goes a long way with your patients and their families. Congratulations on your nomination!


A manager and patient gives major kudos to RN, Amy

Aya traveler, Amy, was given a thank you note from one of her managers after receiving compliments from a patient.

The note said, Amy, thank you for all you do. You’ve been given kudos from a recent patient. Thank you for making patient engagement a priority after coming to this department. You’ve done a great job! Thank you again!”

Amy, it’s great to see you’re getting the recognition you deserve. Keep up the great work!


Travel nurse, William, gets a shoutout from two managers at his facility

Aya RN, William was recognized by two managers at his facility for his willingness to assist wherever he could and for providing true support to his team.

One manager wrote, “We wanted to pass this along so that William could be recognized. He was so incredibly helpful yesterday when he floated to us as a helping hands nurse. He passed meds, helped set up a cooling blanket, he stocked, answered call lights, responded to alarms. I’m not sure he ever sat down. We couldn’t have made it through the day without him.”

The other manager said, “William was a helping hand all shift and was amazing. Call lights were being answered immediately. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do.”

This absolutely amazing to hear; keep up the good work William!


RN, Caitlin, wins a DAISY Award!

Aya traveler, Cat, received a DAISY Award for demonstrating what it means to be a nurse and leaving a positive impact on her patient.

The patient wrote, “Cat, as a person and as a professional, embraces all of the exemplary characteristics set forth for the DAISY Award. She’s skilled, empathetic, patient, kind, thoughtful and communicates on a level that transfers and creates hope for the distraught patient. When I entered the hospital, I was scared, felt helpless and as if my life was in a downward spiral. Cat’s constant attentiveness, first to my illness, and then practical measures needed to help me recover and to the broader scope of mind and body healing, opened up the opportunity for complete healing and allowed me to leave the hospital ready to tackle any new or continuing challenges. Her maturity, her intelligence, her willingness to open up her own vulnerabilities, all contributed to my success. Not only has Cat helped me, but by sharing with me, she has positioned me to be more sensitive to others and carry forward her beautiful talents. Thank you, Cat!”

Congratulations on this well-deserved award, Cat!


Aya RN, Brandi, receives recognition from the Neurosurgery Chief

Aya traveler, Brandi, received a letter from her facility’s Neuroscience Program recognizing her for her efforts in helping prevent a life-threatening incident for a patient.

The letter stated, “The Neurosurgery Chief recognizes you for providing outstanding care during a patient event. Your notation of assessment changes and communication to the neuro team is priceless in neuroscience care. Your actions allowed us to intervene during a life-threatening post-op hematoma complication. The neuroscience program thanks you for advocating on behalf of your patient and contributing to our vision.”

Brandi, thank you for your diligence and the life-saving care you provide your patients. Amazing work!


Aya nurse, Julianna, is nominated for a DAISY Award!

RN, Julianna, was nominated for a DAISY Award by a coworker for her eagerness to assist others and her ability to tackle whatever comes her way.

Her coworker wrote, “I think Julianna is an amazing nurse. I’m so glad we could be the first travel contract she has ever done. I hate to see her leave but hope she’ll come back one day. I’ve seen Julianna in tough situations and she handles them like a pro. She truly cares about each of her patients. She willingly will help do other tasks and will always make sure each staff member is ok and see if they need help.”

Julianna, your commitment to helping others is remarkable. It’s no wonder you’re such a great nurse!


RN, Clara, receives a DAISY Award nomination!

Aya RN, Clara, was nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient for her stellar care. The nomination wrote, “Clara is an awesomely nice, caring nurse. She was very attentive and took great care of me while I was a patient. Thank you, Clara!”

In addition to her nomination, Clara’s CNO wrote her a letter of congratulations saying, “The consistent quality of service you provide to the patients entrusted to your care sets you apart from your peers. We’re proud that you’re a part of the nursing team at this facility. Congratulations on being considered for this prestigious award!”

Congratulations on your nomination, Clara. It’s very well deserved!


Aya traveler, Katherine, gets facility recognition

Travel nurse, Katherine’s, facility posted about her on their website after an appreciative patient left her a note saying, “My nurse Katherine was the best nurse I’ve ever had while visiting or being a patient at any hospital. It was very clear that she really cared about me. She gave 1,000% the whole time. I feel like she did more than her job and would like someone to know about the great job she did. I also asked her questions about school and she told me a few things I needed to know. She was like a big sister. I’m so glad I got to meet her. Thanks for hiring nurse Katherine – she’s the best!”

Katherine, we love hearing about the impact you make on your patients! Keep up the great work!


Travel nurse, Jennifer, gets a shout out from a coworker

Aya RN, Jennifer’s, coworker sent in some kind words about her. The coworker said, “I work with Jen at the hospital! I just wanted to pass on some awesome things about Jen. Jen is so knowledgeable. She’s proactive, helpful and went out of her way to help me during a busy night. I’ve learned so much from her and enjoyed working with her. I’m so excited for her to leave for her next adventure but sad to see her go!”

Jennifer, your facility and your coworkers are lucky to have you!