A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Jordyn is praised by her facility

Jordyn received a shout-out from her facility for her skills as a great RN.

The shout-out said, “You were recognized today by your colleagues during our weekly inpatient team huddle. The team said you ask great questions, are a skilled patient advocate and always show up for educational opportunities. They hope to work with you more in the future! On behalf of our whole team, thank you for your hard work and leading the way by embodying our team’s values of compassion and teamwork.”

Congratulations, Jordyn! Keep up the fantastic work!


Kimberly receives a DAISY Award nomination

Kimberly was nominated for a DAISY Award for the above-and-beyond care she showed to a patient.

The patient’s family member wrote, “Kimberly was our nurse at night for a short time after we returned from the ICU. She stayed in touch with my husband and our family throughout his stay. During our comfort care stay period, she brought us a homemade meal and continued to visit us often. On a morning when my husband’s health took a dive, we requested Kimberly to care for him. She continued to comfort our family and cared for his pain. She even gave us her personal cell number and continues to stay in touch as a friend and not just as our nurse.”

Kimberly, you truly exemplify what it means to provide quality care to your patients. Congratulations on the nomination!


Jennifer receives an award from her patient’s family

A patient’s family awarded Jennifer for the way her kindness deeply affected them. Here is her story:

When Jennifer arrived at her shift, she realized her patient was uncomfortable and struggling to breathe. She immediately took action and spent four hours with him to position him comfortably so he could breathe and ease his high temperature with moist clothes and ice packs. She learned the patient’s wife and son had been with him all day without anything to eat or drink, so she personally got them sandwiches and drinks. Following the patient’s passing, Jennifer contacted the funeral home for his family so they could have time to process. The patient’s family expressed tremendous gratitude that Jennifer was with them. Her kindness, patience and compassion made the difference when they needed it most.

Jennifer said she did what she always does: treat people like humans and bring comfort where she can. After a career as a hairdresser, Jennifer went back to school to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse like her mother. She felt if she could make a little difference in the world, she would be happy. She certainly did that for this patient and his family!

A touching story, Jennifer. Congratulations on the award. We’re proud to have you on the team!


Timothy is awarded Preceptor of the Year

A facility surprised Timothy with a Preceptor of the Year award during a graduation ceremony in front of more than 150 people. The facility recognized him for his phenomenal work in educating surgical technicians and honored his hard work, dedication and incredible skills as a preceptor.

Timothy said, “A staff member pulled me out of a room and told me I was needed for an emergency case and that I needed to hurry over. I arrived and was rushed into an auditorium for the graduation ceremony for our surgical tech students. They called me up on stage and presented me with an official Preceptor of the Year award and asked me to say a few words to the more than 150 students and their families!”


Congratulations on the award, Timothy! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work!


Kimberly is nominated for a DAISY Award

A colleague nominated Kimberly for a DAISY Award for significantly impacting patient outcomes and satisfaction.

The colleague wrote, “Kimberly goes above and beyond to make a difference in her patients’ lives. Her frequent inquiry, critical thinking and compassionate care make her a nursing role model, and I am honored and happy to nominate her for the DAISY Award. Once, when a patient was unable to communicate with the treatment team properly, Kim realized the issue was associated with the patient’s angioedema. Kim immediately contacted the intensivist/surgeon and ENT thinking her patient might need a cricothyrotomy. She saved the patient’s life with her awareness and critical thinking. Kim also establishes special connections with patients and families through trust and emotional support. Once, when taking care of a dying patient who was DNR/DNI and had no escalation of care, Kim sat at their bedside holding their hands so she would not feel alone. Her countless efforts to reunite the family for the last time via phone were very much appreciated by the family. Kim demonstrates calm and respectful behavior to her peers and patients to build trustworthy relationships in the unit. She always represents the principles and excellence of nursing and is committed to providing that across the nation. She will be the best fit for the DAISY Award.”

Kimberly, you are a true representation of excellence. Congratulations on the well-deserved nomination!


McKenzie and Evan receive a DAISY Award nomination

A colleague nominated McKenzie and Evan for a DAISY Award for their influential devotion to delivering quality care and demonstrating the professional practice model of nursing.

The colleague wrote, “McKenzie and Evan are unique assets for our facility, and we’re happy to have them for their sincere response and compassionate patient care. McKenzie and Evan serve as role models for the nursing profession and display the highest standards of care. Once, a patient was admitted with respiratory distress and had a difficult airway. McKenzie urged the physician team for early and safe intubation to prevent further damage when the patient desaturated frequently. Both nurses advocated for the patient to have early airway protection to ensure safe and appropriate care. Another time, a critically ill patient exhibited a sudden onset of altered mental status. McKenzie and Evan demonstrated their excellent clinical and critical skills to keep the patient safe. Both nurses de-escalated the patient with a calm demeanor and a steady voice. They helped the primary nurse establish a special connection with the patient through trust and emotional support. During any emergency in the MICU, they are the first to lend a helping hand, regardless of whether or not they are completely free. They possess knowledge of high critical thinking to prevent clinical emergencies and remain determined to provide safe and compassionate nursing for all patients. Both nurses represent the code of conduct and core values Aya Healthcare is committed to providing.”

Congratulations McKenzie and Evan. You guys are a true power couple!


Amanda receives recognition from a colleague

A colleague recognized Amanda for the massive impact she makes on their unit and her ability to lead clinicians toward their future success.

The colleague wrote, “Amanda has been my go-to nurse for help. She always checks on her fellow nurses and never hesitates to jump in to help. Once, I was in the room with a patient when Amanda appeared and said, ‘Your morning meds are passed and everyone else is doing fine.’ I never even had to ask. She just recognized my need for help and did it without hesitation. She also works with a new nurse on the floor as a preceptor and her interactions with her orientee are refreshing. She’s patient and an excellent teacher. Amanda takes on the tasks, too, to ensure the best possible care for her patients and build the orientee’s confidence and knowledge base, so the orientee gets hands-on experience with an accomplished nurse and the patients get two caring nurses. Amanda is an outstanding nurse and exhibits compassion, knowledge, competency and professionalism in every shift she works. It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with her.”

Amanda, your efforts don’t go unnoticed, and your team is really proud of you. You’re doing great!


Mary receives a shout out from her patients

A colleague praised Mary for her consistent above-and-beyond treatment of patients!

The colleague wrote, “Mary is one of the best nurses I have seen in my five years of traveling. She is a major asset to any team she is part of. She goes out of her way and takes extra measures to ensure patients feel cared for and that their needs are addressed. She goes above and beyond to address minor things like buying nail clippers for her patients with long nails that need to be trimmed. She’s gone down to a gift shop to buy a back scratcher for a patient who frequently asked for back scratches. She encourages patients in a caring manner to get up and go to the bathroom, instead of using the bedpan. She even buys small accessories like fans for patients when they get too hot or need circulating air in their rooms and gifts them to the unit. The small touches that other people don’t think of, she has covered for her patients. Above all else, she makes her patients feel comfortable. She ensures they are well taken care of holistically. She is the nurse you want to have by your side working on the unit with you.”

Mary, we’re so lucky to have great travelers like you working with us. Keep up the good work!



Lisa receives a shout out from a patient

A patient praised Lisa for her compassion, dedication, innovation and collaborative spirit.

The patient said, “Lisa is a very competent and caring travel nurse. She has tremendous knowledge and skills in nursing. She has great follow-through. If you ask her something, she follows up. Lisa would be a great part of any permanent nursing team if she were ever done traveling! She is the best travel nurse I have ever seen.”

Your team is very lucky to have an exceptional travel nurse like you, Lisa. Keep up the fantastic job you’re doing!


Jordan receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient nominated Jordan for a DAISY Award for her stellar quality of care.

The patient said, “Jordan has been my nighttime nurse since I was admitted. While I can honestly say everyone here has been wonderful, Jordan sets the bar. She is patient, kind, attentive, thorough and compassionate to a level I have never seen before yet always maintains professionalism and stays on task. Her attention to every little detail is not only amazing but incredibly appreciated. The way she has taken care of me in this scary situation has truly set me at ease. She never leaves the room without asking if I need anything, and when I do, she immediately returns with it. She answers my questions and makes me feel like I am her only patient, never rushing through anything she does for me. This woman works tirelessly, and it is very evident that she loves what she does. I am honored and blessed to know her and to have her taking care of me. I know, without a doubt, I am in good hands. What an asset this woman is for Aya! Please don’t miss this opportunity to recognize her.”

A stellar nomination for stellar quality care. Congratulations, Jordan!



Margaret receives kudos from a colleague

A colleague praised Margaret for her next-level teamwork and commitment to patient success!

They wrote, “I want to recognize Margaret for always going above and beyond. Every day she gets in the OR early and has everything so ready and open. All I need to do is open my gloves! It’s super unheard of to have someone do this! She knows exactly what we need for each case, and I don’t have to ask for anything 99% of the time. I’ve been a tech for nine years and I’ve never met someone this hardworking. She’s constantly buzzing around doing everything. Her patient care is excellent — they’re always padded and strapped in safety first. She always introduces me to the patients and always does the pre-anesthesia timeout. Not only does it make me feel included, but it leaves no doubt in my mind about what we’re going to be doing with that patient! I just want to let you know what a wonderful RN she is!”

Margaret, you are a nurse who goes above and beyond. Keep up the great work!


Olivia receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient nominated Olivia for a DAISY Award for her extraordinary efforts in making them feel as comfortable and cared for as possible.

The patient wrote, “I was hospitalized for two months due to narcotizing fasciitis and other infections that almost took my life. Olivia made me feel safe and took extra good care of me in assisting the doctors and saving my life. She always made sure I was clean and took my medications on time and always took the edge off the fear of death with her constant positive attitude. It was obvious my care and comfort was the most important thing without question. She also put my wife at ease by taking care of her when she spent nights with me. She went above and beyond for my wife’s birthday by making a card for her and having the other nurses sign it. She made me a name sign using markers and put it in my room to brighten my days. On her last night at the hospital, she’s a travel nurse, she asked the charge nurse if I could be on her schedule. That made me feel awesome. Olivia is very good at her job and it shows nursing is more than her profession, it’s her calling. My wife and I love her, and wherever she ends up, that hospital will be glad to have her.”

An extraordinary achievement for an extraordinary person. You deserve all the good things coming your way, Olivia!