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ER Demand +47 / +1.2% ICU Demand -69 / -1.0% OR Demand -86 / -4.5% MedSurg Demand -161 / -2.8% Tele/Step Down/PCU Demand +85 / +1.1% L&D/Mother-Baby Demand -154 / -7.7% Peds/PICU Demand -100 / -7.5% LTC/LTAC/Rehab/SNF Demand -13 / -3.0% Vaccination Support Demand -6 / -33.3% Dialysis Demand +0 / +0.0% Home Health Demand -10 / -2.5% Behavioral Health Demand -8 / -0.8%

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Aya Index

An Index of Travel RN Demand

(As of 01/17/2022)


-597 / -1.69%

(change from 01/10/2022)


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Managed marketplace for workforce management

By combining traditional VMS with the best practices and accountability of a sophisticated MSP, and leveraging real-time clinician engagement, Aya's managed marketplace streamlines the entire contingent labor staffing process and creates a more valuable experience for all users. Our client-facing platform, Aya Connect, is the technology hub that connects healthcare facilities to clinicians and suppliers at scale. Ordering, agency management, per diem scheduling, compliance management, time tracking, billing and reporting can be done on the industry’s easiest-to-use software.

  • Increase transparency with clinician engagement metrics
  • Manage entire workforce management lifecycle on one centralized platform
  • Streamline processes through integrations with Kronos, API, Workday, Oracle and more
  • Access advanced reporting and analytics
  • Implement in days, not months
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Digital-first strategy means high clinician engagement

Our digital platforms are supported by more than 2,700+ corporate employees, including over 450+ recruiters and 40+ in-house clinicians. Travel clinicians can log in to Aya Healthcare from any device for complete self-service capabilities. Once a profile is completed, a clinician’s search for the next opportunity that fits their lifestyle, career aspirations or financial goals is a click away.

  • 95,000+ unique clinicians using our digital platform weekly
  • 1.08 million jobs viewed weekly
  • 97,000+ travel assignments self-selected by clinicians weekly

Per diem, just-in-time and local staffing, digitally delivered

As part of Aya’s digital platform, Shifts connects facilities directly with their internal and local labor pool for PRN, local and just-in-time positions to achieve superior per diem fill rates. In fact, 70% of our per diem shifts are filled through Shifts. Our cloud-based software solution and app-based clinician scheduler update in real time to make filling PRN, local contract and just-in-time positions easy and efficient.

  • Flexible per diem, float pool and local contract options
  • Engage high-quality local staff
  • Significantly improve per diem fill rates
  • Fast clinician recruitment and compliance cycle
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Our recruiter-clinician connection fills jobs fast with a human touch

As a technology-first company, there is no replacement for human connection. Our managed marketplace is supported by over 300 recruiters who advocate for clinicians, recommend jobs based on their interests or professional aspirations, help them navigate their way through the onboarding process and are a friend while on assignment – often after as well. We invest in clinicians throughout their Aya journey, including scholarships for budding clinicians, free CEUs for clinicians on assignment and the Aya Scholars program, which is the only clinical ladder program for travel clinicians in the country.

  • Continued professional development for clinicians
  • Superior fill rates and clinical quality
  • Less than 1.9% clinical cancellation rate
  • 70% BSN rate

Clinical screening that delivers results

Aya Clinical Services can help your facility improve the speed and quality of interviews. Our unique clinical vetting program is complimentary and includes in-depth unit assessments and clinical screenings to ensure the clinicians we deliver are both a clinical and personality fit for each unit. And with a 1.9% clinical cancellation rate, you know you’re getting quality clinicians.

  • Receive higher-quality candidates
  • Increase fill rates
  • Reduce time-to-fill
  • Achieve higher retention
  • Facilitate coaching
Health System in North Carolina
445 placements last quarter 0.6% clinical cancellation rate
Health System Covering Colorado and Montana
333 placements last quarter 0.9% clinical cancellation rate
Academic Medical Center in California
412 placements last quarter 1.9% clinical cancellation rate

Fill locum tenens and advanced practice needs with ease

Our locum tenens division leverages digital strategies to deliver niche providers to clients throughout the country. When you work with Aya Locums, you get:

  • A single, dedicated point of contact for all your specialty needs
  • Easy access to a nationwide network of prescreened and vetted top-quality providers to simplify and accelerate the search process
  • One of the largest and most experienced locum recruitment teams in the industry
  • Competitive rates to keep fair market pricing and reduce overall locums spend
  • Streamlined and detailed invoicing for transparency in cost and reporting
  • No administrative, daily, seasonal or additional fees

Dynamic digital recruitment strategies for your permanent hiring needs

Aya’s digital-first sourcing strategies modernize the traditional recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) playbook. In today’s competitive labor market, we leverage our expertise in digital marketing to actively engage with healthcare job seekers through multiple online channels. Whether you have a high volume of jobs and need to build a strong pipeline of viable candidates or need assistance to fill specific niche roles, our team dynamically adjusts their strategies based on your recruitment goals. Aya’s permanent hiring solutions deliver:

  • A team of digital marketing experts and seasoned healthcare recruiters that work seamlessly with your internal team
  • Targeted digital campaigns to increase recruitment effectiveness and amplify outcomes
  • Flexible solutions that can scale up or down depending on your needs

Robust supplier engagement

Gain access to over 400 vetted partner agencies with one click while you maintain one contract, one point of contact, one Joint Commission certified Aya compliance process and one bill. You don’t have to disrupt any existing processes or relationships with suppliers you value. Pick and choose the vendors you want to work with and we’ll take care of the rest. Our accountable agency partners help fill needs for:

  • Travel nursing
  • Allied
  • Locums
  • Per diem
  • Non-clinical

Hear why our partners love working with Aya.

“No other VMS we work with has such a collaborative approach from the submittal process all the way through the end of a contract. Jobs are always posted in real-time and they get my candidates in front of their clients as fast as they do their own.” – BRETT, FOCUS STAFF

Aya’s comprehensive capabilities are ready for any staffing challenge

Aya Healthcare is the only provider that integrates its workforce solution offerings with its tech-enabled marketplace to streamline the entire workforce management lifecycle. Fill out a staffing request today to learn more about any of our offerings:

  • Clinical and whole house MSP managing nursing, allied, locums and non-clinical labor
  • Payroll services
  • RPO
  • Standalone VMS solutions
  • Float pool management
  • Workforce planning consulting
  • Crisis response
  • Workforce disruption solutions

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