A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Aya RN, Deborah, receives the WOW Award!

Aya RN, Deborah received a WOW Award and a thank you for demonstrating excellence in pain and pain medication documentation.

The award states, “Thank you for living out our values and for helping us make a difference, every day. On behalf of the Pain & Opioid Stewardship Committee, I would like to recognize you and thank you for your excellence in treating your patients’ pain and documenting the requirements to show the care you provided! For the month of April, you administered 34 PRN pain medications and documented the assessment, reassessment, and gave the correct medication per provider order 94% of the time, WOW! This puts you in the top 35 compared to your peers! We appreciate your work to keep patients safe while treating their pain, following our policy, and meeting our standards. Thank you!”

Congratulations, Deborah! This award is clear evidence of the excellent work you do.


A facility supervisor praises Bryan for helping the unit

A facility supervisor praised Bryan, saying he saved the day for their unit.

The supervisor explained, “Bryan does a great job here. After an epic update, our time projections were messed up. We use the time projections to find the number of RTs we need on the floors and in the ICUs. We can run the number manually, but it takes longer than an hour. Bryan created a spreadsheet, and now we can do the process in five to ten minutes. His ingenuity and dedication saved our charges a lot of time and, more importantly, gave them some piece of mind. He is a great RT.”

Your small contributions are always appreciated, Bryan. Your team thanks you, and so do we!


Aya RNs, Ashley, April, Olivia, Zachary, Bailee and Jacqueline, receive praise from their facility manager

Aya travel nurses, Ashley, April, Olivia, Zachary, Bailee and Jacqueline, received remarkable feedback from a facility manager who is grateful for her help and hard work.

The manager said, “I want to commend the float pool traveler staff. All of them were extremely proactive with their patients and helpful to each other and the unit as a whole! They did a tremendous job of making sure they helped each other and communicated with me, they were all very autonomous and handled the workload without trouble. They covered each other’s breaks and made sure all the patients’ needs were covered. It was such a pleasure seeing them all work together as a unit and contribute to our patient population. We could not have done it without them.”

In addition, here’s what their recruiters had to say about working with them:

“Ashley always has a positive attitude and is very detail oriented.”

“April has been an outstanding nurse to work with over the last several assignments. We have been from Arizona to Utah and now to California together. I love her honesty and trust in the travel process. You can really tell she focuses every day on providing the best patient care for those around her, and the write-up by the management staff at the facility proves that. Way to go April!”

“From the beginning, Olivia has always been very kind. She came in as a first-year nurse from Texas, took a leap of faith to head out to California and has absolutely excelled in her first assignment. I could not be more proud of her. I am so excited to see all that she continues to accomplish in her travel career!”

“Zach is one of my favorite RNs and humans of all time. He always puts patients and staff first to make sure he is doing the best possible job. He has a heart of gold, and every hospital he goes to want him back. I love Zach!”

“Bailee is great! She is amazing to work with and a great representative for Aya!”

“Jacqueline is one of my strongest communicating clinicians. There is no surprise she’s received such a positive review. In fact, this is her second assignment in which she has been recognized by the hospital for her superior patient care and teamwork. I couldn’t be more proud she is being featured again and even more so that she proves to be a remarkable representative of Aya!

Keep up the amazing work! Your patients team members are grateful for your excellent care, and so are we!

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Facility celebrates Aya RN, David, for his hard work

During a recent celebration, David’s facility recognized him for his teamwork, being an outstanding collaborative colleague and for making a difference in the lives of his patients.

Out of the nine facility team members nominated, David was selected for an award and received it at a ceremony.

David said, “I made sure to wear my Aya Healthcare emblem t-shirt!”

You prove that hard work pays off, David! Thank you for making a positive difference.




Aya RN, Julie, is praised by her patient!

A patient expressed her gratitude to RN, Julie, for her exceptional care and the positive impact she made on the patient’s experience.

The patient wrote, “Julie’s professionalism shined like a star in the sky. She explained everything step by step with a smile and a caring heart. She answered every question and made sure I fully understood everything, especially when it came to my medication. Julie was so kind, she made me feel at ease and comfortable. Thanks, Julie for your kindness and professionalism as a RN. We need more nurses like you.”

You deserve this praise, Julie. Your team is very proud of you, and so are we!


Aya RN, Elaine, is nominated for a DAISY Award!

RN, Elaine, was nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient for her outstanding care. The patient shared, “I want to commend and thank Elaine for her capable and professional care during my stay.”

Thank you, Elaine, for providing remarkable patient care. Congratulations on your nomination!



Aya RN, Heather, receives a DAISY Award nomination!

RN, Heather, was nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient for the support and attentive care she provided during an unexpected hospital stay.

The patient wrote, “Heather loves her job and it shows. I’m so grateful she was my nurse when I arrived at the hospital after attempting a home birth. Heather was friendly and attentive. She made sure I was comfortable and talked with me as if we had been friends forever. I’m grateful for her kindness and for making my experience amazing, even though it wasn’t my plan to be there. Even though Heather’s shift ended before my delivery, she came to visit me and my new baby and it made my day.”

Congratulations on this well-deserved nomination, Heather. Your extraordinary care makes all the difference to your patients!




Colleague commends RN, Andrea, for her hard work

Aya traveler, Andrea, was recognized by a coworker after she went above and beyond for a patient in need of extra support.

The coworker wrote, “Andrea worked especially hard with a patient on the oncology floor who had intractable vomiting. She gave the patient a back massage for pain when other pain modalities weren’t helping. The patient found this very helpful and was able to move on to other treatment afterward. Good job, Andrea!”

Andrea, your patients are lucky to have you to make their difficult moments even a little bit easier. This recognition is well-deserved!


Aya RN, Amanda, is a DAISY Award Winner!

Amanda won a DAISY Award after providing extraordinary care to an 18-year-old stroke patient.

Amanda’s recruiter shared congratulations, saying, “Amanda is the perfect example of what the DAISY Award stands for. She’s always going above and beyond to take great care of her patients and their families. She continues to be a patient advocate in very stressful situations to help save lives and guide families through very difficult circumstances. I’m so honored to be her recruiter and support her on her incredible travel journey. From the east to west coast, she’s making a huge difference. Congratulations Amanda, your Aya family loves you!”

Congratulations, Amanda, on your DAISY Award! We’re so lucky to have nurses like you on the Aya team!