A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Aya Traveler Nominated for DAISY Award

Stefanie is currently finishing up her first travel assignment in Richmond, Virginia, where she already made a lasting impression! One of Stefanie’s patients recently nominated her for the prestigious DAISY award, which recognizes nurses who go above and beyond in their care for patients and families. The patient personally filled out the nomination and submitted it to Stefanie’s manager, commenting on her positive attitude and extraordinary care. Being nominated for the DAISY award is a huge honor for any nurse, especially when they’re only working at a facility temporarily.

We are so proud to have you on our team, Stefanie! Congrats!


Aya Per Diem Nurse Shines in ICU

Jeanne is a per diem nurse supporting ICU units in Indiana. Despite being a temporary on-call nurse at her facility, Jeanne consistently brings her full commitment to every shift — so much so that one of her patients was compelled to write in about her. The patient thanked Jeanne for supporting them during a hospital stay and remaining patient and calm during a difficult time. They raved about her empathy and consideration, as well as her clinical skills in quickly resolving their pain.

It’s always amazing to hear how a nurse affects a patient’s life, and even more remarkable that Jeanne is able to stand out while working limited shifts in a busy ICU. Go, Jeanne!


Shout Out to Aya Traveler, Debbie

Debbie is an experienced med-surg and tele nurse currently working her third Aya contract in North Dakota. She absolutely loves her job and makes a great impression at every facility she visits. Debbie recently received a shout out from her unit for providing remarkable care for her patients — one of whom raved about her after their hospital stay. Debbie’s facility was quick to agree that they are so thankful to have her on the team! The hospital and Aya are proud to work with such an outstanding nurse!


Prominent Hospital Recognizes Rock Star Aya Nurse for Outstanding Achievement

Jean has traveled with Aya for two years, most recently in the ER at a hospital in Austin, Texas. Jean has completed five full contracts with Aya and consistently provides outstanding care to patients and families. Last week at their staff meeting, Jean’s manager surprised her and presented her with a Certificate of Achievement for going above and beyond the call of duty. Jean is beyond thankful for the recognition and tells us this has been her best assignment yet! We are so grateful to her for providing excellent patient care and for being a top contributor at her hospital! Amazing job, Jean!


Aya Traveler Makes Her Facility Proud

Gina is an Aya traveler working on her third assignment in Murrieta, CA. She is a dedicated, compassionate nurse who has made a lasting impression at every facility she visits. On her current assignment, Gina was working in the Cath Lab with a patient who felt so cared for that his family was compelled to write in to the hospital and share their admiration for her. This patient’s wife wrote, “Gina gave him such wonderful care and concern. This is the first time ever that we have felt so strongly about a nurse’s care that we wanted to write a letter.”  She also mentioned that because of Gina’s care they now have the highest regard for this hospital. It is so awesome to hear how Gina has influenced both her patients and the facility. Thank you, Gina!


Seasoned Traveler Kristen is Fantastic

Kristen is coming up on three years traveling with Aya and has been a phenomenal traveler throughout that time, making a difference in every operating room she visits! Currently, Kristen is working in Myrtle Beach, SC, where her facility reached out to share how wonderful they find Kristen, and to let Aya know what a great addition to their team she has been.

A coworker on her unit said, “Kristen is so helpful! She has been instrumental in helping our team admit pts, pass meds and complete tasks when we have our hands full. She is a FANTASTIC traveler. Her help has been greatly appreciated and we hope to have her back!”

We could not agree more! Looking forward to many more assignments with this amazing nurse!


Shout Out To Aya Traveler, Veena

Our travel nurse, Veena, is on assignment in Kansas City, MO where she has made a huge impact in the telemetry unit. Veena’s manager passed on a card thanking her for providing superior nursing care and support to her patients and her team.

Veena is on her sixth assignment with Aya and we’re so proud to be sharing her care and dedication with patients across the country. She is proof that our nurses make a positive difference on the units they visit, even if their time there is temporary.


Patient Recognizes Aya Travel Nurse, Liz

Liz is currently working her first assignment with Aya in Watertown, NY where she provides support in the emergency department. One of her former patients reached out to thank Liz for the exceptional care she provided during an emergency visit.

Liz’s patient thanked her for saving his life with her nursing skills during his triple bypass, and appreciated that she was a constant source of compassion during his hospital stay. It’s the extra care nurses like Liz provide that help their patients through a difficult and scary situation.


Aya Travel Nurse Featured on Forbes

Forbes recently featured our amazing travel nurse, Johaida! An L&D nurse with Haitian roots, she discusses her heritage and how it drove her to seek a care-focused community. While she serves a diverse population that speaks many languages, she chooses to speak a “universal language: comfort in holding a patient’s hand, care in rubbing a patient’s back, and safety in reassuring eye contact.”

We couldn’t be more proud of Johaida for telling her powerful story. As she starts the next chapter of her life as a travel nurse, she’ll be able to share her profound skills with people across the country and make a huge difference! Read more of her story here.