A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Christy makes an impact during her travel assignment in North Carolina

Aya traveler Christy made a lasting impression on a patient she cared for recently. The patient was so moved she sent Christy a thank you card that said “You saved my life multiple times and were the best advocate I could have.”

Way to go, Christy!


Aya travelers impress at their assignments in Georgia

Two travelers at one facility received a shout out from management. They sent a quick note to Aya letting us know that we have “exceptional travelers” and she wanted them to be recognized.

High five to Shea and London — keep up the great work!


Jeremy rocks his assignment in New Mexico

One of our travelers recently received two letters of commendation for his care! One patient stated, “What I can tell you is that my brief stay at the hospital was five stars. Everyone was great. But I would like to point out two individuals. One was my day nurse, Jeremy. He was very helpful, and you can tell he loved his job.”

Another patient wrote that “Jeremy really did make my pain go away that first night while I awaited surgery… across the board my care was responsive, compassionate and professional.”

A charge nurse at the facility told our reference team that “He’s very smart. He’s not afraid to take additional patients or physiologically challenging patients — he is a great resource and has great time management.”

Nice work, Jeremy!


Kristin Receives a Rave Review from a Coworker

A tech who worked alongside our traveling rn, Kristin, wrote her this amazing shout out after Kristin was able to put him at ease during a tricky heart procedure. He says that Kristin can handle anything that comes her way in the OR, and he couldn’t thank her enough for all that she’s done during her time on this assignment! Read the full shout out here:





Aya travel nurse Rebecca wraps up her Wisconsin assignment with appreciation from her team

It’s safe to say Rebecca’s colleagues were sad to see her go at the end of her latest assignment! They even sent a note to her recruiter to express just how much they loved working with Rebecca:

I just wanted to pass along my/our team’s appreciation for Rebecca!!! I have been with the facility for almost 15 years. In this time, I have seen many nurses come and go…I will be sad to see Rebecca go. She has been such a great team player, she has been an asset to our entire team. She is willing to help anytime we ask, she is so easy to work with. More importantly, her patients LOVE her!!! You are fortunate to have such a kind, compassionate, flexible nurse working for your company. I wish we had better winter weather…maybe we could convince her to stay.

Great job, Rebecca!


Aya ICU Nurse Receives Praise from Patient and Manager

Taylor is an ICU nurse who began traveling with Aya earlier this year in San Diego. Her positive attitude and compassionate approach to nursing make her personality infectious to everyone that works with her. Her facility is grateful they have such a devoted nurse caring for patients.

Recently, a family member was so appreciative of Taylor’s care that she took the time to find her manager and relayed how important Taylor made their family feel. Her manager said, “The family…wanted to thank you for your exceptional care of their aunt and appreciated your patience [with] her. You are a great nurse!!”

We couldn’t agree more! Thank you, Taylor!


Step-down Traveler Receives Shout Out from Coworker

Ivan is a step-down nurse who has traveled with Aya for almost two years. He has completed multiple contracts and extensions, most recently in San Diego at a busy area hospital. His current facility sent some positive feedback from fellow staff on the unit. This coworker took the time to thank Ivan and his team for helping out and “making a difference” on a particularly challenging night.

Ivan’s team-player attitude and extraordinary care have made a great impression on the people he works with. Aya is so grateful to have him on the team. Keep it up, Ivan!


Team Player Wows Her Unit Manager

Lyndsey is a long-time travel nurse currently working in San Diego, California, in the PACU. She is known for being a skilled clinician, building outstanding patient relationships and being an amazing team player. During a recent busy shift, the nursing team was working diligently to keep up with admissions. Lyndsey stepped up to support her unit by taking on a third patient, which allowed her coworker to cover admissions and keep the PACU running smoothly. Her manager was impressed that she took on extra work to allow the unit to run efficiently while never sacrificing patient care. The manager contacted us to express what a pleasure it is working with Lyndsey. Aya already knows that Lyndsey is a stellar traveler, but it’s always amazing to hear how she is impacting each facility she visits. We are lucky to work with you, Lyndsey!


Awesome Aya Nurse Recognized by Patient’s Family Member

Megan has traveled with Aya continuously for almost three years, successfully completing many assignments and extensions across the East Coast. Megan has made an outstanding impression on every Aya employee she has come into contact with, building a close relationship with her recruiter and the rest of her team. Not surprisingly, Megan is a hugely positive influence on her patients and their families as well. Recently, a family member took the time to write a note to Megan’s current hospital, praising her for the extraordinary care she provided. The note highlighted “her positive, upbeat attitude” and described how “she went above and beyond in her duties.” This person was so grateful for Megan’s efforts to bring their family member closer to recovery. Incredible job, Megan, keep it up!