A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Patient calls to compliment Aya traveler Mary Ann

A patient recently spoke with an Aya compliance coordinator and had these great things to say about one of our travelers, Mary Ann, who’s on assignment in Alaska:

“When I went to [visit] Mary Ann, these are some positive things I noticed right away: she was always smiling, she made me feel at ease at all times, she was caring, attentive and showed much enthusiasm about her job. She also answered all my questions. She had more than one [patient] and went back and forth and kept everything at a smooth pace. I was attracted to her behavior, and I was so at ease with her that I thought that I could tell this lady anything and she would listen. I also loved her accent. She is a sweetheart. I think that she should be made employee of the month. I was amazed. I went in there feeling very anxious and by the time I left, I was at ease.”


Aya traveler Virginia exceeds a patient’s expectations

One of our travelers was recently recognized by a patient who sent this message to the healthcare facility’s director:

“I recently became very ill, needing to rely on the hospital system to take care of me. I have been in and out of the hospital approximately 4-5 times within the past year and a half. Although I have received exceptional care from the doctor and staff throughout my in and out visits, my last visit [was] one that I will never forget. I was moved to the 4th floor (West) where a nurse by the name Virginia took care of me…that is a nurse who loves her job and patients and goes that extra mile. She made my stay the most pleasant as I can ever remember. It was refreshing working in the health field for so many years to see someone take so much pride in their job. I just wanted to write you to let you know that she will never be forgotten and to please pass on to her ‘a job well done’ keep up the good work. Thank you so much and representing [the facility] as I remembered.”


Longtime Aya traveler, Liesl, is on to her next adventure

Liesl’s dream of joining the Navy is now a reality! Her dad served in the Navy for 27 years and his last official act before retiring was swearing her into the Nurse Corps.

Congratulations, Liesl! We know you’ll do amazing things.


Erin is praised for her exceptional clinical skills

Aya travel nurse, Erin, received praise from one of the attendings in the ER where she’s currently working. Here’s a bit of what he had to say about her quick responses and extensive knowledge while working with a young patient.

“Thanks for stepping up and getting everything done… [and] getting that kid with a bicarb of less than 5 everything he needed without hesitation or delay. [It] went as seamlessly and perfectly as possible. [We] couldn’t have done it like that without your help so thought I’d pass along my inner dialogue to let you know that it was noticed and beyond appreciated.”



Congratulations to Mindy for two award nominations!

While on assignment in Virginia, travel nurse Mindy received a DAISY nomination to recognize her as an extraordinary nurse!

She was also nominated for an award from her facility. The nomination reads:

“For all you have done to make a difference to someone, a world of thanks goes out to you. Congratulations on being named a shining star!”

Congratulations, Mindy!


Aya traveler Hillary stands head and shoulders above the rest

Aya traveler Hillary who is on assignment in San Diego received high praise from a patient in the cardiovascular center. Here’s a snippet of what the patient had to say:

I was an inpatient in the Cardiovascular Center from January 2 – January 12 and I need to sing the praises of one of your nurses. Hillary stood head and shoulders above the rest. I kept telling her that she was the “whole package.” She went beyond and paid attention to all of the details.

I am sad that Hillary is a traveling nurse as she would be an asset to the nursing staff at [your facility]. I am a retired 25-year employee who was responsible for approximately 20 administrative personnel and know a superb employee when I see one. Hillary is just that!


Another Aya travel nurse receives DAISY Award nomination

Congratulations to our travel nurse, Melissa, who was nominated by one of her patients for the DAISY Award. Her patient wrote that Melissa’s “truly an asset to any hospital.” We couldn’t agree more! Way to go, Melissa!


Bridget is recognized for going above and beyond

Bridget, continues to go above and beyond as a travel nurse. Her supervisor wanted to thank her for making a difference, saying, “Thank you for ensuring admission screenings are performed and documented correctly. On a random audit this morning, your admission Intake MPage was 100% compliant. Thanks for all your hard work.”


Aya Traveler Jacqueline receives shout out at her facility

“…your dedication, your willingness to care for others and your flexibility. On 8.12.18 night shift came into a very busy shift. [You were] willing to take higher acuity patients than what normally is seen in that zone. Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to do so. I appreciate you!”


Emilee steps in to help without hesitation

Superstar travel nurse Emilee has been a wonderful addition to her newest team! One of her supervisors shared that she’s done a fantastic job helping with admissions and taking initiative whenever necessary. You make us proud, Emilee!


Michelle (AKA “Mermaid”) receives heartwarming patient shout out

Our travel nurse, Michelle, who often goes by “Mermaid,” recently received the sweetest shout out from one of her patients:

“Michelle was so kind, empathetic, caring and encouraging. Every patient’s ‘dream nurse’ when in the ER.” Keep up the great work Michelle!


Reese received the sweetest note from her unit director

Aya travel RN, Reese, stood out so much during her Tennessee assignment that the director of her unit wrote her this note:

I wanted to take a moment and thank you! Your positive attitude and strong work ethic have not gone unnoticed! Thank you for the quality service you provide to our patients. 

Way to go, Reese!