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Inside the Industry: Forecasting Your Winter Needs

Each year, as the weather gets cooler, summer turns into fall and fall into winter, some people rejoice over the return of pumpkin spice, while others count down to Black Friday deals and white elephant exchanges. For those that work in healthcare, however, the fall and winter months also signify… Read More

Aya travel nurse, Dillon, won a DAISY Award!

Patience and kindness go a long way — and these are virtues that Aya travel nurse, Dillon, has mastered. Dillon was selected as Aya’s most recent DAISY Award winner for going out of his way to treat one his patients with compassion, integrity and thoughtfulness. A travel nurse… Read More

Nancy Beat Breast Cancer – Aya Family by Her Side

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming to an end, but breast cancer affects people every single day of the year. Aya clinical manager, Nancy Sedwitz, knows this all too well. She beat breast cancer twice! Nancy was working at Aya for less than a year when she was diagnosed the… Read More