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CNBC features Aya traveler

COVID-19 is taking its toll on more patients than just the ones who become infected with the virus. Others are being forced to handle their illness alone. “Last week, all of my patients were extremely emotional,”  says Aya travel nurse Maeleigh Soper, who works in the oncology unit at the… Read More

Aya Healthcare on NBC New York

As the number of COVID-19 cases increase, more healthcare professionals are being called to help. April Hansen, Aya’s EVP of workforce solutions and clinical services, speaks with NBC 4 New York about how travel nurses are answering the call to action during these unprecedented times. Read More

Aya traveler featured on ABC

“If this was our community, I would want nurses to come help me,” says Aya traveler Skyler Cook. “I became a nurse for a reason. It is to do the most good and to help as many people as I can.” Skyler spoke with ABC 6 about why he’s… Read More