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Equity Exchange June 2022

What is cultural humility? How does it affect healthcare and what can we do to promote human dignity for all? These questions and more are discussed in this short video with UCSD Professor Dr. Dredge Kang. For those of you who’d rather read through the… Read More

SDBJ: Travel Nurses Ease Critical Hospital Demand

Courtney Lee is an Aya PICU travel nurse. Originally from Iowa, Courtney has worked in six different states and is currently on assignment in San Diego. Courtney, and our Vice President of Account Management, Sophia Morris, spoke with the San Diego Business Journal about travel nursing and how… Read More

Digging into the Data: Travel Nurse Demographics

By Cristal Mackay, Workforce Consulting and Analytics. Workers from every industry have taken time in recent years to reflect on their personal and professional goals. In healthcare, nearly one in five workers have quit their job during the pandemic, citing COVID-19, poor pay and burnout as reasons.[1]… Read More