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Fierce Healthcare: Digital Staffing Company Aya Healthcare Picks Up Winnow AI to Bolster its Physician Recruitment Tech

Digital staffing company Aya Healthcare acquired Winnow AI to bolster its physician recruitment capabilities as the industry grapples with a historic provider shortage. Aya Healthcare, with more than 7,000 global employees, operates a digital staffing platform that provides every component of healthcare-focused labor services, including travel nursing and allied health,… Read More

Press Release: Aya Healthcare Acquires Winnow AI, a Data Science Driven Platform to Recruit Passive Physicians

Aya Healthcare, the largest healthcare talent software and staffing company in the United States, today announced the acquisition of Winnow AI, a data science-driven solution that unlocks predictive physician insights and untapped connections to bolster an organization’s provider recruitment and retention strategies. Amidst a historic provider shortage,… Read More

San Diego Union Tribune: ‘Hybrid is here to stay’: New report shows more San Diego County businesses offering remote work

Aya’s Chief People Officer, EVP, Global Employee Services & Infrastructure, Amber Zeeb, shared how Aya has embraced a hybrid model with no one-size-fits-all schedule.“During the beginning of the pandemic, obviously, people were working remotely out of necessity. But once the pandemic kind of continued, and people slowly started… Read More