NPR Indiana: Hospitals Thankful to Temporary Agency Nurses for Helping During Times of Increased Need

November 23, 2022 | Aya Media Buzz , Newsroom Featured

Aya ICU RN, Enid Bedford, shared how travel nursing allows her to be closer to her son. Patrick Smith, Aya MS/Tele RN, discussed how travel nursing gives him an opportunity to learn new things and visit new areas.

The travel nursing industry grew in 2020 as hospitals were short-staffed. Travel nurses work for hospitals temporarily, often signing up for 13 weeks before moving to a new city. Nurses may choose travel nursing to earn better pay or enjoy greater flexibility. Some nurses work closer to home and are referred to as “local travelers.”

Hospitals are considering improving employee culture, increasing paid time off, and changing standard shift hours to decrease dependency on supplemental staffing over the next year.

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