Top 5 Tips for Working Per Diem

November 23, 2022 | Per Diem

Freedom, flexibility and competitive pay are just a few reasons many skilled clinicians choose to pick up per diem shifts with Aya. While these clinicians are rock stars in their own right — quick to adapt in unfamiliar clinical settings, thrive under pressure, learn new skills quickly and more — per diem recruiters also play a critical role in the process.

That’s why we called on our team of dedicated per diem recruiters to get their perspective on how clinicians can make the most out of each per diem shift. Not only are they equipped with decades of collective industry expertise, but they will prioritize your needs first with each assignment. So, if you’re new to the per diem game, the tips below will help make the road to getting started as seamless as possible.

Define Your Needs  

It’s essential to determine early on why you want to take on per diem shifts. Are you looking to earn some extra cash, build your own schedule or step away from your full-time position entirely? While there are several benefits to working per diem, understanding how per diem shifts ebb and flow is important when making the transition.  

Transparency is Key 

Always strive to be as transparent as possible about your goals. Are you planning to work a travel assignment and pick up per diem shifts? What does your current lifestyle look like? What do you need from us in terms of shift availability? Answering these questions will help the recruiter place you appropriately and make everything run more smoothly for both of you. 

Ask Questions 

As a per diem clinician, you’ll likely have more first days at a new facility than a full-time healthcare worker will have in their whole career. Some of the best per diem clinicians know how to get oriented with a new facility quickly and efficiently, which means asking lots of questions and making sure you’re on the same page as the rest of the staff and residents. 

Keep Your Profile Updated 

Kicking off the per diem process largely depends on the facility and whether they have a set orientation schedule. On average, it takes 2-5 weeks from the time your application is submitted to when you can pick up your first shift. To speed things up a bit, dedicate a day or two to completing your application and making sure your profile is 100% up to date with references, work history and certifications. 

Be Responsive 

When it comes to your job search, be sure you’re easily accessible and responsive. Shifts often fill quickly, so you’ll want to get credentialed for a facility as soon as possible, which means keeping an eye out for messages from your credentialing specialist. 

Start Your Per Diem Journey with Aya Today 

Per diem clinicians step into roles where they need to hit the ground running. If you’re wondering how to begin, we recommend you talk to an Aya per diem recruiter. They’ll support you, walk you through every detail and make sure you’re happy with your decision. 

Apply now and a recruiter will be in touch to help you land the career of your dreams! 

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