Per Diem Shifts Strategies for a Healthy Work-life Balance

October 10, 2022 | Per Diem

Here, you’ll learn the best per diem shift strategies to achieve a healthy balance between your personal and professional life from MS/Tele RN, Abigail Dugan.

It’s no secret that nursing is one of the most in-demand professions in the country. Whether they’ve been working for years — or are newcomers to the field — nurses like MS/Tele RN, Abigail Dugan, offer a unique perspective on nearly every aspect of the healthcare system — including how to achieve a work-life balance with per diem shifts.

Prior to transitioning from full-time to per diem, more than a year ago, Abigail worked as an RN at a hospital in Southern California. Today, she enjoys all the perks of per diem nursing, including added flexibility and autonomy.

Abigail explained, “I wanted the option to choose my shifts. With per diem, I can adjust my schedule around my personal life rather than mold my personal life around my schedule.” If Abigail prefers not to work nights, weekends or holidays, she doesn’t have to. And the best part? Unlike other work contracts, per diem jobs don’t punish you for not working certain days or shifts.

“Per diem shifts allow me to work several days in a row, as well as long stretches of time off if I need it,” continued Abigail. “Since working per diem, I’ve planned longer vacations and spent more time with my children.”

What Separates Aya From the Rest

Abigail wasn’t sure what to expect from per diem at first, but she was pleasantly surprised by her experience with Aya.

“When changes come up with my shift, Aya always notifies me early,” said Abigail. “Aya representatives are very helpful and respond promptly to emails or texts.” Abigail also credits her recruiter for rolling with the punches when she needed to adjust her schedule or take more time off.

Abigail says Aya helped her advance her career by giving her the opportunity to work at multiple hospitals. “My assignments are in different areas and specialties, which have helped me advance my skills in ways I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise,” she explained.

With so much variety, Abigail can stay ahead of the curve in a dynamic work environment without making a permanent commitment to one specific facility.  

And although fulfilling family obligations and committing to work responsibilities have traditionally made work-life balance seem impossible, per diem shifts allowed Abigail to achieve balance in both her personal and professional life.

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