A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Monica is praised by a patient

A patient expressed thanks for Monica’s compassion and extra attention in making sure they felt heard and safe.

The patient wrote, “I recently had a complete left hip replacement. Monica was my nurse in the recovery area for nearly four hours. I want to reiterate what a fantastic, caring and professional nurse she is. Six months ago, I had my right hip total replacement and had a terrible and painful experience while transferring from my recovery area to my actual floor, so I was very nervous about doing it again this time. I discussed my concerns and PTSD with Monica, and she made absolutely sure my transfer under her care was as seamless and pain-free as possible. I would highly recommend her for any nursing care. She went above and beyond to ease my mind and treat me like I mattered during a scary time.”

Congratulations, Monica! Your patients appreciate you, and so do we!


CJ receives a DAISY Award nomination

A colleague nominated CJ for a DAISY Award for her consistent work and for going above and beyond for her patients!

The colleague wrote, “CJ is simply one of the best nurses I’ve ever worked with. She exhibits compassion and skilled care in such a way that she repeatedly earns the trust and gratitude of her patients and coworkers. In the past eight months of working with her, she has continually amazed me with her eye for detail and her ability to follow through as an insightful patient advocate. CJ always brings 110% to the team every shift. She carries positive energy into each room and patient encounter and efficiently tackles the humblest or most challenging tasks. I have often relied on her varied and lengthy nursing experience for tricks and tips on getting uncooperative patients on the right track. I would pick her to take care of my loved one. I know she would go to battle as an advocate if needed and I know my loved one would feel cared for beyond the duties of a job. I have consistently seen CJ provide personal, meaningful and exceptional care during the time I’ve worked with her and I wholeheartedly nominate her for the DAISY Award!”

CJ, your team sees and appreciates your hard work and dedication, and so do we! Congratulations on the nomination!


Melissa receives a facility award nomination

Melissa received an award nomination at her facility for her thoughtful care of a patient with specific needs.

The nomination said, “I observed Melissa care for a gentleman with challenging cognitive issues while providing him not only excellent medical care, but also ensuring he kept his dignity, a smile on his face, and that his wishes were honored. This was no easy task, but it is a testament to Melissa’s dedication to providing excellent patient care.”

Congratulations, Melissa! Keep up the tremendous attention to care!


Kelly receives a shout-out from her facility

Kelly received a special shout-out from her facility for being an incredible leader and team member.

The facility leader wrote, “Kelly has been an amazing addition to our team, including precepting multiple new grads and acting as a resource for newer staff on the floor. She always has a great attitude, is a good teammate and shows good critical thinking. We have been happy to have her on our team and will miss her at the end of her contract!”

Way to go Kelly! Your team is grateful for your hard work and leadership, and so are we!


Dione is nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient’s family member nominated Dione for a DAISY Award for the care he gave his father during his last days.

The family member wrote, “Dione took great care of my dad until his passing. He made sure he was clean and taken care of. He listened to my frustration when other nurses didn’t seem to understand my dad was not able to take care of himself.  He made my dad’s last night better.”

Congratulations on the nomination, Dione. Your quality care makes a difference for your patients and their families!


Edner is nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient’s family member nominated Edner for a DAISY Award for his kindness.

The family member wrote, “My grandfather had a long stay in the hospital during his struggle with Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia. Edner stood out among my grandpa’s many nurses. He was very nice, respectful and funny. My grandpa only speaks Spanish, and Edner impressed us with his Spanish skills. He was truly a pleasant person to be with and made my grandpa’s hospital stay a lot better. He talked to us in a professional-yet-super-friendly manner. He is truly great at his job. Very responsible and focused on what he does.”

Congratulations, Edner! Your patients appreciate you, and so do we!


Randi receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient’s mother nominated Randi for a DAISY Award for her honest and dedicated approach to care and for making a huge difference in her daughter’s life.

The mother wrote, “I brought my teenage daughter to the ER after three hours of vomiting and excruciating pain. We were greeted right away by Randi, who took tremendous care of my daughter and also took extra time to answer my questions. She really listened, which I know can be difficult given time constraints in the ER, and gave her honest opinion about my daughter’s treatment options, which meant so much to me as a scared mom who wasn’t sure what would be best for her daughter. I work in healthcare and feel that Randi is a true asset to your agency, this hospital, and the nursing profession. Thank you, Randi, for treating my daughter with the utmost of care, empathy and professionalism. I truly believe Randi’s efforts may have helped save my daughter from further infection and possibly saved her life.”

Congratulations, Randi! Keep up the good work!


Raymond is nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient’s family member nominated Raymond for a DAISY Award for providing hope during a scary situation.

The family member wrote, “In one of the worst times in our lives, we were so scared and unsure if our father was going to make it. Raymond was a saint! He was extremely knowledgeable and sympathetic — just what we needed! He answered our questions and gave us hope in a hopeless situation. He and the team of doctors were truly angels! As soon as we met with Raymond, with his warm heart and high level of professionalism, we knew we were in the right place! He’s truly amazing and deserves to be recognized as an extraordinary nurse.”

Congratulations on the nomination, Raymond! Keep up the good work!


Meghan receives a DAISY Award nomination

A fellow RN nominated Meghan for a DAISY award for her dedication and thoughtfulness for a young patient.

The RN wrote, “As a travel nurse, Meghan is frequently at new facilities, and at every new hospital system, she stands out and wins the hearts of patients and their families. Recently, Meghan connected with a family struggling with a difficult diagnosis and treatment plan. Meghan noticed the care plan did not meet the needs of this patient, so she advocated and worked with doctors to create a plan that better suited the patient. Thanks to Meghan’s intervention, the patient received a wonderful plan that met her needs. The compassionate care and connection she developed with this patient and her family was amazing. The parents went out of their way to express how wonderful Meghan was in that difficult time, and the trust and relief they felt when Meghan walked into the room to care for them.”

Way to go Meghan! Keep up the great work.


Sariah is praised by an Aya employee

An Aya employee praised Sariah for her kindness and patience while caring for her mother.

The employee wrote, “My mom had brain surgery last week. The surgery went well, but there were complications that caused us to rush her back to the hospital by ambulance. We were blessed with having an Aya traveler, Sariah, as her ER nurse. She was extremely kind and attentive to my mom’s needs and made her ER experience as good as possible given the situation. The hospital was extremely busy, and my mom became very impatient with the time it was taking, but Sariah was extremely kind, patient and reassuring with her. She was confident and knowledgeable. I’ve worked for Aya for almost three years and never met a traveler in the field. It made me proud to be an Aya employee.”

A truly awe-inspiring story. Thank you for your great work, Sariah.


Lauren receives a Zero Harm Hero award

Lauren received an award at her facility after her quick action saved a life! This is her story:

“When an unexpected and unusual Code Blue occurred in the restroom at her facility, Lauren’s selfless and quick response saved a person’s life. She reacted emergently and expertly to the code, and thanks to her efforts, the patient is recovering and doing well. Leadership at her facility presented her with the Zero Harm Hero Award in honor of her heroic actions and her exceptional healing work. Lauren is a fantastic example of safety, compassion and excellence.”

Bravo Lauren! This award is a true sign of your excellence. Your team is proud of you, and so are we!


Morgan received a shout-out from a facility manager

A facility manager praised Morgan for the big difference she made in a patient’s well-being.

The manager wrote, “Morgan deserves kudos for her work with a patient who was refusing to eat. She was fabulous. On Friday, the patient was only eating vanilla pudding. Morgan worked with him on Saturday and Sunday, and he completed his entire Sunday dinner and ate all of his breakfast on Monday morning, including supplements. He was a different man that morning! We want to let Morgan know that we appreciate her outstanding care!”

Way to go, Morgan! Keep up the good work!