A collection of kudos, shoutouts and celebrations of our travel clinicians' (many) accomplishments.

Rommel receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient’s daughter nominated Rommel for a DAISY Award for his touching patience and care.

She wrote, “Rommel has been patient, understanding and gentle with my father. This young man has a passion for his patients. It’s rare to see this type of care in an overworked and stressed-out work environment, but Rommel made sure my father was comfortable and safe. He exceeded the expectations I had for a nurse. He stayed with my father and answered our questions. My father  was scared and tired and just overwhelmed. We’ve had Rommel for two nights and he has catered to my father’s needs and treated him like he means something. He took his time and didn’t brush him off at all. We need more nurses like Rommel.”

Rommel, your extensive care makes all the difference for your patients and their families. We appreciate everything you do!


Stacey receives praise from a colleague

A colleague praised Stacey for an outcome-changing interaction with a long-term patient.

The colleague wrote, “I want to compliment Stacey on her kindness and compassion for a nonverbal NPO patient who has been in long-term care after an anoxic brain injury for more than seven months. She consulted speech therapy, and it was a great consult. The patient is showing signs of communication and now has a swallow response and is a great candidate for continuing speech therapy and may be able to eventually return to an oral diet. I’m so grateful she took the time to think about his status and capabilities and consult our service. The patient will benefit greatly. She showed such joy and excitement over his progress since his last admission, and it is clear how much she cares for her patients. It was so nice to share an uplifting moment for a patient with a nurse who cared so much!”

Your attention to care is awe-inspiring, Stacey. Keep being amazing!


Susan receives an award and a DAISY Award nomination

A medical facility provided Susan with a med scanning award, and a patient nominated her for a DAISY Award for being the “greatest nurse.”

Susan, congratulations on being recognized two days in a row for your clinical skills! Your amazing care deserves all the praise and awards it receives. Keep up the good work!


Karrie receives a DAISY Award nomination

A colleague nominated Karrie for a DAISY Award for being such an incredible role model and coworker!

The colleague wrote, “Karrie is the most kind, compassionate and caring nurse! Karrie travels to our floor a lot and always goes out of her way to check on me and make sure I’m doing ok. She answers my questions and never makes me feel silly for asking them. She takes her time with her patients, holds their hands and talks them through their day. She answers their questions and makes them feel seen. Being a nurse can be tiring at times, but Karrie always puts on a positive face for her patients. She’s optimistic and energetic and goes above and beyond for patients, including ones who aren’t assigned to her. I am so thankful to have met Karrie. I know the type of nurse I want to be because of her. I hope one day I can be half the nurse she is.”

You truly are doing a fantastic job, Karrie. Keep it up!


Stacie wins a DAISY Award

Stacie won the DAISY Award after a patient’s spouse nominated her for the high-quality, relationship-based clinical care she provided.

The patient’s spouse wrote, “My wife was admitted after surgery, and Stacie provided care on multiple overnight shifts for us. There is an expectation of medical proficiency in nursing, but Stacie delivered much more, with an attitude of caring for the ‘whole person.’ She was the most gentle caregiver we have ever experienced and brought a calming presence. We never felt like she was rushing through our care to attend to other duties or patients. I have a feeling that we were not a special case, and that she provides this amazing level of care to all her patients. Thank you, Stacie, for advancing the healing journey for my wife!”

Congratulations on winning a DAISY Award, Stacie! The whole team is proud of you and your awe-inspiring achievement.


Robert receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient nominated Robert for a DAISY Award for the value respect they were given.

The patient wrote, “I was hurting real bad and Robert came in and treated me with respect. I have never had that before. Robert came to my room often to help me and made sure I was not in pain. He cleaned the tube in my nose and made sure I felt comfortable.”

Congratulations on your nomination, Robert! You deserve it!


David receives a DAISY Award nomination

A parent nominated David for a DAISY Award for his intentional and personable approach to his son’s clinical care.

The parent wrote, “David is compassionate, funny, dynamic and just all around fantastic. He helped my son and me navigate our very difficult and scary situation with a lot of patience and compassion. His sense of humor and energy actually made the hospital stay enjoyable. He gave me a heads-up on the surgery that was coming and helped me mentally prepare for it. He is a great nurse and an exceptional human being. I’m grateful to have him as my son’s nurse as he heals.”

The whole team is proud of you, David. Keep up the superb work!


Alesia is nominated for a DAISY Award

A patient nominated Alesia for a DAISY Award for her personable approach and dedication to patient care.

The patient wrote, “Alesia is very selfless, which is appreciated when it comes to her unit. There are many reasons she is a wonderful person. She makes an effort to understand her patients and connect on their level so it’s comfortable for everyone involved. She shows enthusiasm both personally and in her field. I feel she should get this award just for the pure effort puts into her job. I feel safe and comfortable in Alesia’s care as she gives off a very friendly vibe. She is very willing to go out of her way to make someone else happy and make their life easier. If there is any way she can help, she will.”

Congratulations, Alesia! Your team is very proud of you. Keep it up!


Gretta receives a DAISY Award nomination

A patient’s family member nominated Gretta for a DAISY Award for affecting the trajectory of the patient’s care and being attentive to their feelings.

The family member wrote, “I am so thankful Gretta was my husband’s nurse. I believe she saved his life. He was improving but started becoming less and less responsive. Gretta very willingly went over all my husband’s medications with me. By afternoon, he started to come around, but she didn’t stop there. She arranged for an internal medicine team to check multiple things and they found another concern. After several days of antibiotics, he was able to move on to an inpatient rehabilitation facility and eventually home. She will always hold a special place in my heart for listening and caring!”

A well-deserved DAISY Award nomination, Gretta. Congratulations!


Trevor is praised by a facility manager

Trevor received feedback from a facility manager for his exceptional performance.

The manager wrote, “Trevor was the most compassionate, caring and team-oriented travel RN I have experienced. He got multiple compliments and shout-outs from patients and staff for his thorough care, assessments and willingness to be flexible and help the unit. He constantly smiled and showed a positive attitude, even on rough shifts. I can’t say enough about his work ethic and can only hope he will return one day.”

John, you are a true representation of what it means to be an Aya travel RN. Keep up the good work!


Joel is praised by a patient and nurse manager

Joel received great feedback from a nurse manager and an Above and Beyond card from a patient for his exceptional patient care.

The card from the patient said, “Joel reached out many times during his shift. He eased leg cramps, adjusted blankets, explained meds and reassured me I would be okay.”

The nurse manager added, “Joel has been getting a lot of great patient feedback on our patient experience rounds these past couple of weeks.”

Congratulations on the card, Joel! Keep up the great work.


Tonya receives praise from a patient

Tonya received recognition from a patient for being an exceptional team member.

The patient wrote, “I’m recognizing Tonya for providing exceptional care! Thanks for ensuring patient needs are met and providing a positive experience!”

Tonya’s recruiter added, “Tonya has been a loyal, hardworking employee since October 2022. She is a pleasure to work with!”

Congratulations Tonya! Your patients are grateful for you, and so are we!