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June 4, 2020 | Aya in the Community

From slavery to the Jim Crow laws, the United States is built on a history of structural racial discrimination against African Americans. Although much progress has been made, racial inequality, social injustice and discrimination against black Americans still permeates our society, including many of our institutions. According to the Center for Policing Equity, police are two to four times more likely to use force against black Americans than white Americans.

We have all watched in horror as a police officer brutally murdered George Floyd. While we are all saddened, shocked and angered by the callus disregard for human life, the George Floyd murder has been a call to action. Black Lives Matter. Black Civil Liberties Matter. It goes beyond saying that no one should lose their life because of the color of their skin. We must also ensure that no one is pulled over, harassed or arrested because of the color of their skin.

Many of us feel sad, angry, anxious and frustrated. The challenge to overcome seems daunting. I too have looked for solutions, but none are simple. It is clear that U.S. cities and counties need to systematically reform policing. I think the protests are putting pressure on mayors around the country to take meaningful steps to facilitate police force reforms.

As an organization, Aya Healthcare will be making a donation to Campaign Zero, an organization working to facilitate police force reform and end police violence. We will also be making a donation to the Center for Policing Equity, an organization that uses data science to demonstrate police force inequity in an attempt to facilitate change. It is time to be more prescriptive with solutions that prevent one more African American citizen from being a victim of the type of racist police brutality we all witnessed against George Floyd.

As a nation, we will not solve all of our racism problems overnight. However, we must face these issues head-on, one failure point at a time, until there are none left and life as a racist becomes extremely hard in this country.

In addition to the donations, we will launch additional nursing school scholarships specifically for African American students as well as facilitate a conversation on greater healthcare equity for the African American community. Lastly, we will look at our own hiring practices and take steps to increase opportunities for African Americans within Aya.

As an organization, we are prepared to listen and find avenues to support the African American community. Aya Healthcare is committed to respecting every single human being. We abhor all discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. We want to be clear that we fully support the African American community and want to make a positive contribution to heal racial inequity. We believe Black Lives Matter.


Alan Braynin

Stephanie Dawkins That was a very beautiful statement and I wanted to say thank you for that.
Tanya D Smith Thank you!!!
Latolya Thank you so much!!
Winnie Thank you so much for the heartfelt words and support!
Carol Thank you
Toni Franklin Do you also care about the 100+ people of color shot (some killed, including a 3 year old boy) in Chicago Over Father’s Day weekend? Do all Black lives matter or just some? Will you address this important matter as well? I would be shocked if you did.
Aya Healthcare As a healthcare organization, we care deeply about all human lives. We have clinicians across the country who feel the pain of violence more than most, as they are the ones who heal those broken by it. We believe that donating to the organizations mentioned above will help deal with the epidemic of violence in the United States. We hope that our contributions make an impact, and we’re always open to suggestions regarding how we can do better. If you have additional thoughts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Annie Sheets Thank you very much!!!
MJ Johnson Regardless of how, history does as so many other events, repeat itself. Being of the Jewish faith, I have experienced and been confronted with similar, yet less intense actions. I am able to experience a thumbnail or smaller of what my black fellow human beings have had to endure over hundreds of years. I will do whatever I can to help end this vile disease known to mankind.
Pecola Jenkins I opened the email and felt relieved, a breathe of fresh air because if we all stand for nothing we fall for anything!! BLACK LIVES MATTER.. thank you for this soul quenching dialogue that was meticulously done and well written. I am proud to stand with a company who has meaning, is looking to take a stand, drive change and come up with real time solutions to front line issues and problems plaguing this country and abroad. In order to make a change we must look within first and what we project outward will be revolutionary. Thank you for the message of hope and change Dr. KIng would be proud!
Eva Jacques I just want to say thank you.
Joan Brown I am reassured that you have expressed so beautifully the sentiment that Black Lives Matter and have indicated How Your Company will make a difference! It is only through these systemic changes that the difference will be made! Thank you for your words and actions!
Phana Romulus I'm so proud to be working for this organization. Aya, thank you
Caleb Such a heartfelt email... thank you from the bottom of my heart. BLM!
Christi Blodgett Thank you for those awesome words.
Danni T. I am deeply moved by your email, efforts and genuine empathy as well as honesty in helping to tackle this deep seated issue. I look forward to a time when we will all simply be judged based on individual character, and how we seek to improve the lives of others. Thank you greatly.
Jennifer Wallace I made a great decision working for this company. Thank you for recognizing and caring!
Merle Bass III I havent been with the company that long but so far so good and reading this just makes me feel a little better knowing that this company cares about making changes and being impactful. Thank you.
Zubaida Busari Very beautiful. Black lives does matter.
Danilo Life is a thrown BALL it changes side as it rolls. Blacks see what is going on today but we don’t know what is coming for others tomorrow. GOD NEVER SLEEPS. HE IS ALWAYS TAKING NOTES
Aimee Lawson Thank you for making making a stand and showing support for our black brothers and sisters.
Pepper Whitehead I believe ALL lives matter and once we all get to this reality the racism card will not be in the deck. I don’t think as a company you should put more value on one race’s life.
Aya Healthcare When we say Black Lives Matter, we don’t mean that other lives don’t matter. As a healthcare organization, we care deeply about all human lives. We’re specifically addressing Black lives at the moment because we feel that we can in good conscience no longer stay silent. The recent movement has called upon us as an organization to further educate ourselves on behalf of our greatest assets: our employees and the communities we serve. We’ve learned that there is a big difference between passively being pro-equality and actively speaking out and calling for justice. We hope to help create a reality in which as you say, all lives matter. Equally.
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