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5 Benefits of Staying with One Agency 

In the world of travel nursing, one of the most pivotal choices travelers must make is whether to stick with one agency or use multiple. After completing over 30 assignments, Aya nurse fellow, Zac Shepherd, shares the five reasons why he continues to choose Aya: Finding a quality recruiter… Read More

3 Ways Travel Nursing Can Reset Your Career

After five years working as a permanent nurse, Aya nurse fellow, Zac Shepherd, needed a change. As he contemplated what would come next in his career, he discovered travel nursing. Read more about Zac’s experience below as he shares the three reasons why traveling was the reset he needed to… Read More

Congratulations! You Received an Offer … Now What?

Whether it’s your first contract with Aya or your 15th, congratulations on receiving an offer for your assignment! Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect and an introduction to the Aya team members who will help you along the way. Offer Accepted When your official offer comes through, your… Read More

What Happens If My Contract Falls Through?

When you travel, *stuff (ahem) happens.  Small annoyances like a delayed suitcase, a flat tire or a road trip partner who sings off-key are a given. And of course, there are big things, too. It’s even possible your healthcare facility may be forced to cancel your travel nurse contract.  But,… Read More

5 Tips to Land Your Dream Travel Assignment

Have you always dreamed of hiking through the Pacific Northwest, eating authentic deep dish in Chicago or watching the Northern Lights in Alaska? Maybe there’s a hospital you’ve been wanting to work at or you’re looking to hit all 50 states. No matter what you want to achieve while traveling,… Read More