What Happens If My Contract Falls Through?

December 8, 2021 | Traveler Tips

When you travel, *stuff (ahem) happens. 

Small annoyances like a delayed suitcase, a flat tire or a road trip partner who sings off-key are a given. And of course, there are big things, too. It’s even possible your healthcare facility may be forced to cancel your travel nurse contract. 

But, never fear — Aya’s here! (Just imagine us, big orange lotuses emblazoned on spandex. And capes. There must be capes.) 

1. We do our best to stop cancellations before they happen.

2. We have more jobs — and more exclusive opportunities — than any other agency.

3. We’re by your side, always there to solve any setbacks.

Why Are Travel Nurse Contracts Canceled?

There are many reasons a travel nurse contract may be canceled. (Most contracts are at-will employments — your recruiter should be able to walk you through the particulars of each contract so you’re clear on the terms.)

Occasionally, census can drop quickly and hospitals may find themselves overstaffed. Or a hospital might mistakenly hire people with a skill set that isn’t a match for that specific unit. At Aya, we protect against this. We have deep knowledge of the units we staff, and our clinical matching process has resulted in an industry-low clinical cancellation rate.

How Do I Avoid Travel Nurse Contract Cancellation? 

Choosing a travel nursing agency that knows how to place you in the right position is the best way to avoid cancellation. 

Keeping your credentials current is also important. Every hospital has requirements that travelers must keep up with. We have expert credentialing team members to help you stay organized, remind you about due dates/expiration dates and assist you with obtaining credentials.

Strong communication is also key. It’s imperative that you consistently speak with your recruiter leading up to your assignment and while you’re on contract. Don’t hesitate to bring up any concerns or issues you encounter. This allows your recruiter to solve small issues before they become big issues — and they can tag in other members of your support team who can lend an expert hand.  

What Should I Do If My Contract is Canceled? 

Our advice? Be willing to adapt. Flexibility is key when it comes to travel nursing.

Some facilities will offer you an alternative to cancellation. For example, they may allow you to float to a different unit. 

But if a cancellation happens, don’t despair. We’ll be able to find you another travel nursing assignment. We have more open jobs than any company in the industry. We also have more exclusive jobs, where the hospital works directly with Aya. These relationships mean that not only will we be able to find you a good fit to replace a canceled contract, but we’ll do it quickly.

Take it from Megan and Kayla, who were less than a week away from moving for their next travel nurse assignment and had already packed up and signed a lease when disaster — nearly — struck. Their PICU nurse contract in Dallas was canceled while they were on vacation in Hawaii. 

“Our recruiter didn’t want to mess up our trip, so she worked her magic and didn’t call us until the day before we came home,” says Megan. “It turns out our contract was canceled because they didn’t need anymore PICU nurses, but she got us CVPICU instead!” She even had another nurse that knew the pair put in a good word to help secure the new contract. 

“With this job, things can happen at any time,” Megan explains. “But I trust my company and I trust my recruiter.”

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Aya team. We’ll be here.

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