Congratulations! You Received an Offer … Now What?

February 11, 2022 | Traveler Tips

Whether it’s your first contract with Aya or your 15th, congratulations on receiving an offer for your assignment! Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect and an introduction to the Aya team members who will help you along the way.

Offer Accepted

When your official offer comes through, your recruiter will give you the exciting news and review pay, start date and any other assignment details you need to know. Once accepted, you’ll receive a contract for electronic signature. Be sure to review and sign it as soon as possible so we can get you started on the compliance process.

Getting Compliant

When your contract is signed, the compliance process begins. Your credentialing specialist is obsessed with details, and they’ll work with you to ensure everything’s in order for an on-time start. It may take a few days to receive specific compliance requirements from the facility, but watch your inbox for an email from Aya that provides the initial list of items you should gather. Once you receive the full requirements from your credentialing specialist, you can upload the items to your Aya account under the Documents tab. Watch this instructional video on how to upload them.

Note: When you upload a document, it’ll show as Pending. If the document is rejected, it’ll switch from Pending back to Missing. Rejections could be due to a blurry upload, cut off information or an expired certification. Reach out to your credentialing specialist to find out how to fix the issue.

Your credentialing specialist will also help you set up any necessary lab appointments. Due to the ongoing pandemic, delays may occur in the compliance process and with lab work. It’s imperative that you complete your compliance requirements as soon as possible to avoid delaying your start. Keep close communication with your credentialing specialist so they can help you meet your deadlines and keep the facility updated! 

Once all items are on file and you’re cleared to work by both Aya and the Facility, your credentialing specialist will send over your first day information (FDI). 

Note: It’s not uncommon to receive your FDI a few days or even the day before your assignment starts. Facilities may not provide us with the information until the Friday before you start, but our team will do our best to ensure you receive guidance on what to expect before your first day.

Starting Your Assignment

Now it’s time to meet your travel experience specialist! Your travel experience specialist will reach out before you start your assignment to walk you through some onboarding information, explain everything you need to know about your benefits, payroll, housing (and more) and ensure you’re prepared to hit the ground running. But it doesn’t end there. During your assignment, your travel experience specialist is there to make sure everything goes well. Canceled flight? They got you. Have a question, but not sure who to ask? Trust this travel whisperer to get you the information you need.

Next up, cue the team member who will make sure you’re paid accurately and on time throughout your assignment. Your payroll specialist will send an email the Friday before you start to provide all the timekeeping instructions you’ll need. They’ll also check in with you every week to verify your hours. They’re available to answer any questions about your deposit or paystub. Keep in mind that payroll specialists are familiar with timekeeping and payroll procedures for specific facilities, so if your next assignment is at a different hospital or health system, you’ll likely work with someone different on our payroll team. 

Here’s to an amazing assignment! And don’t forget, your recruiter can work with you to secure your next contract well in advance of your current assignment ending. Browse our open travel jobs to find out where your next adventure will take you.

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