5 Benefits of Staying with One Agency 

In the world of travel nursing, one of the most pivotal choices travelers must make is whether to stick with one agency or use multiple. After completing over 30 assignments, Aya nurse fellow, Zac Shepherd, shares the five reasons why he continues to choose Aya: Finding a quality recruiter… Read More

3 Ways Travel Nursing Can Reset Your Career

After five years working as a permanent nurse, Aya nurse fellow, Zac Shepherd, needed a change. As he contemplated what would come next in his career, he discovered travel nursing. Read more about Zac’s experience below as he shares the three reasons why traveling was the reset he needed to… Read More

Let Our Licensing Experts Lead the Way

Aya’s dedicated licensing team makes the licensing process as simple as possible, expediting your application to ensure you’re ready to start your assignment on time. Watch the short video below to learn more about the support our licensing team provides. If you’d rather read through the… Read More

Allied Licensing Process | The Ultimate Guide by Aya Healthcare

As an allied traveler, you get to explore new places while honing your clinical skills – our job is to help you get there. Before you can start your travel adventures, you’ll need to secure a state license. When it comes to the allied licensing process, each allied profession… Read More

Aya Travel Nurse, Jacqueline, Gets Recognized With a DAISY Award!

Patience and compassion are two virtues that come naturally to travel nurse, Jacqueline. So, it’s no surprise our Aya team recently had the pleasure of awarding her with a DAISY Award after she was nominated for the attentive care and support she provided to her patient and their family. Read More

Aya recognizes travel nurse, Stacy, with a DAISY Award!

In a patient’s time of need, a nurse’s compassion can make all the difference. Our Aya team recently awarded ICU RN, Stacy Arnold, with a DAISY Award after she was nominated by her patient’s daughter for the generosity she showed while helping him pull off a heartwarming surprise for his… Read More

Clinical Services Team Member, Jasper Tolarba, Named a 2022 American Academy of Nursing Fellow

Jasper Tolarba, one of Aya’s highly accomplished clinical team members, was recently chosen as an American Academy of Nursing 2022 Fellow for his extraordinary contributions to nursing and improving the public’s health. As a fellow, Jasper will help create and execute evidence-based and policy-related initiatives to advance healthcare. The Academy… Read More

Equity Exchange August 2022: Climate Change and Health

In this short video, UCSD Professor Dr. Steven Parish explains how climate change is affecting our health and how we can avoid the worst effects if we act now. At the end of the video, we highlight organizations working towards cleaner water, cleaner air and growing urban forests. Read More

Aya’s Credentialing Team Will Guide You Through the Entire Credentialing Process

Aya Healthcare’s credentialing team has your back with every aspect of the compliance process. Your dedicated credentialing specialist helps navigate any required paperwork and facility deadlines to ensure you have an on-time start. Watch the video below to learn more about how they make this happen. Read More

A Team Dedicated to Your Travel Needs

When you work with Aya, you have the support of an entire department dedicated to making your travel experience exceptional. Our travel experience team is an amazing resource available to you on every assignment. Watch the short video below to learn about the support they provide. Read More

Aya celebrates San Diego Pride

Aya is committed to ensuring everyone feels welcome, respected and celebrated. Our team members were proud to walk for “Justice with Joy” at this year’s San Diego Pride Parade. Watch this recap of the event and hear what Pride means to members of the Aya community. For… Read More

Equity Exchange June 2022

What is cultural humility? How does it affect healthcare and what can we do to promote human dignity for all? These questions and more are discussed in this short video with UCSD Professor Dr. Dredge Kang. For those of you who’d rather read through the… Read More