Aya recognizes travel nurse, Stacy, with a DAISY Award!

January 4, 2023 | Clinician Stories , Events

In a patient’s time of need, a nurse’s compassion can make all the difference. Our Aya team recently awarded ICU RN, Stacy Arnold, with a DAISY Award after she was nominated by her patient’s daughter for the generosity she showed while helping him pull off a heartwarming surprise for his wife. To honor her achievement, Stacy and her husband attended a special dinner where she had the chance to celebrate and meet her recruiter, Doug, in person for the first time!

Find out more about Stacy’s nomination and the sweet anniversary celebration she helped her patient plan:                                                                                                                           

With Stacy’s help, my dad concocted a little plan to do something for my mom on their anniversary, which he’s never missed. Stacy went above and beyond what would have been a nice gesture for a patient. My dad was on day 15 of his health journey, which started with ER and ICU care that saved his life, only to learn the hard-to-hear diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer. The compassion Stacy exhibited to my parents and family through the generous and heartfelt act of helping them celebrate another year together can only be described as a “God thing.” 

On the day of the surprise, Stacy came in before her shift and hung up a “Happy Anniversary” banner, some pennants and put a white tablecloth over my dad’s rolling food table. She also got several miniature cupcakes, chocolates, two plastic champagne glasses and little sparkling apple cider bottles, resourcefully using dad’s hospital water pitcher as an ice bucket! Stacy topped it off with a (Air quality safe) pinwheel bouquet that she designed. Over near the sink, she prepared a full dining experience with shiny gold plates, matching plastic ware, gold-striped napkins and dinner for two. Finally, Stacy worked with my dad on a prior shift to create a playlist, bringing much levity to all that he was enduring and thinking in the wee hours of the night. Stacy put the songs on her personal phone and left it playing on dad’s food table. She also dimmed the room lights for a romantic surprise for my mom when she walked in.

When my mom arrived and entered my dad’s room there was barely a dry eye on the unit floor. It gave my mom a moment to let go of some of the emotions that had been building under such a whirlwind of change. It also ultimately gave them time to celebrate the gift of another year together. Stacy gracefully wouldn’t accept any reimbursement when I offered several times. She only asked that my family pay it forward. She said that after hearing about my dad, she was sure that he had paid much forward in his life and now it was his turn to receive. 

It’s my hope that inspiration and good can come from this story of a caregiver demonstrating such a loving act of blessing a relative stranger under her care.

It is our family’s honor to recommend Stacy Arnold for special recognition. The biggest and most heartfelt thank you to her and the many outstanding individuals who cared for us.

Thank you, Stacy, for your generosity and for bringing joy to your patients in their most difficult moments. We know clinicians like you impact your patients’ lives every day and we’re honored to present you with this well-deserved award.

Aya Healthcare is proud to partner with the DAISY Foundation to recognize travel nurses who exemplify excellence in patient care. If you know a nurse who has played a significant role in you or your loved ones’ patient care, nominate them for a DAISY Award today!

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