Aya celebrates San Diego Pride

August 11, 2022 | Aya in the Community

Aya is committed to ensuring everyone feels welcome, respected and celebrated. Our team members were proud to walk for “Justice with Joy” at this year’s San Diego Pride Parade. Watch this recap of the event and hear what Pride means to members of the Aya community.

For those of you who’d rather read through the content (or you’re in a quiet place not conducive to video-watching) we’ve got you covered:

I feel really lucky to be with a company that really advocates for its workers. – Ruby, Sr. Recruiting Assistant

To work with a company that is also in line with my views of wanting to be a part of the community, and wanting to give back to the community, is very encouraging. – Tyllie, Credentialing Specialist

It’s just such a great celebration of love and authenticity. – Erica, Sr. Specialist, Partner Engagement

You would be hard-pressed to find an area of just positivity and support and acceptance and pride of it. – Davey, Aya Healthcare’s #1 Cheerleader

Pride to me is just being authentically who you are and unapologetically loving who you love. – Charity, Team Manager, Local Recruitment

This is the first time I’ve worked for a company that actually supported a contingent to speak and it’s awesome to work for a company where I feel accepted and welcomed. – Adam, Compliance Coordinator

We all come from different backgrounds we all have different stories and it’s important to make sure that we keep that inclusion as much as possible. – Justin, Benefits Coordinator

Everybody is able to just be who they are and know that they’re going to have a sense of belonging. – Ruby, Sr. Recruiting Assistant

It’s very important that we represent here and that we say that we support everyone. – Christina, Travel RN

It’s not just that you have to be part of the LGBT community, you can also just be an ally. Allies are just as important and just showing your support means a lot to be out here as part of our community. – Adam, Compliance Coordinator

It means protecting people it means allowing them to be themselves and have fun and feel safe and accounted for. – Emerald, Credentialing Specialist II

Definitely get out here it’s crazy it’s a good time and just yeah support everybody and be out there with everybody. – Michael, Payroll Team Lead

You definitely feel a sense of pride working for a company like Aya. – Adam, Associate Team Manager, Surgical Services

Happy Pride!

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