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April Hansen

Meet April Hansen

Executive Vice President of Workforce Solutions
and Clinical Services at Aya Healthcare

As Aya Healthcare’s EVP of Workforce Solutions and Clinical Services, April Hansen, RN, MSN, is responsible for strategic business development, workforce solutions program operations and clinical services support. A strong proponent of lifelong learning, April created the Aya Scholars Program, the industry’s first clinical ladder and professional recognition model for travel nurses, to ensure their continued career growth. April also oversees the clinical and quality outcomes of more than 10,000 workers on assignment across the United States. Read more...

April is a nurse and an entrepreneur. She successfully co-founded a clinical management technology to ease the administrative burden of healthcare student clinical placements in 2012, and achieved a successful exit when the technology was acquired in 2016. In addition, she co-founded a mobile application for nursing engagement and achieved support through a nationally-ranked start-up accelerator in partnership with Microsoft in 2017. April currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Leaders, serves as co-chair of the Membership Committee with WONL and in the past served as an elected member of the Wisconsin Nurses Association Public Policy Committee. April was awarded the 2019 Wisconsin Nurse Leader of the Year, was named to Becker’s List of Rising Healthcare Stars in 2018 and was named to the Staffing Industry Analyst’s “40 Under 40” list in 2019. April was published in the June edition of Nursing Administration Quarterly on disruption in healthcare and the role of nursing leadership.