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Avid Learner, Wandering Nurse, SoCal Resident At Last

Career Advancement, Cutting-Edge Clinical Techniques, Outdoors Across the U.S. California

On his days off you will likely find Jake either soaking in the rays on the sunny beaches that line the coast of the Golden State or checking out a new restaurant, glass of wine in hand, searching the menu for an interesting pairing. For Jake, pleasant days spent in balmy Southern California represent the culmination of several years of hard work and determination. Since graduating nursing school in 2011 he has traveled the country on various assignments, finally returning back home to the fabled OC. Jake’s recruiter Steve was dauntless in finding him his current gig working with a team of anesthesiologists at UCI Medical Center. As Jake describes it “I told Steve I wanted to get back to Orange County and he did everything he could to get me here.”

Jake’s journey has not always been sunlit and smooth…although fortunately those glasses of wine have maintained a steady presence. From braving temperatures in the negative 40s to a solo Thanksgiving dinner, Jake has experienced more than a few of the difficulties inherent in leading a nomadic lifestyle. Despite the occasional tribulations the benefits of travel nursing have far outweighed the costs. Jake was able to secure a position in his dream unit, the ICU, as a new grad because of his willingness to cross the country. He knew that beginning his career treating high acuity patients would not be easy but as he puts it “I did it the hard way. I knew that there would be more to learn and that is what I am here for. I am not here to punch in and punch out.”

Jake has taken the road less traveled in many ways. He came to nursing after spending much of his 20s as a “professional student.” From pre-law to political science he has officially studied an array of subjects and unofficially studied just about everything else. An innate interest in biology coincided with a nursing shortage while he was in school and led Jake to choose his path. As he explains “There are so many different avenues within nursing that you can go and explore. I do like the scientific aspect of it with chemistry and anatomy and a lot of the things I practice on a daily basis, but what I find the most rewarding is the communication with patients and their families.” Nursing has allowed Jake to explore his diverse interests and his adventurous spirit has taken him around the country. With the help of his diligent recruiter Steve, Jake has ultimately landed exactly where he wants to be.