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Wandering Outdoorsman, Skilled Nurse

Bringing Along Family/Friends/Partners, Outdoors Across the U.S. Colorado

Two simultaneous surgeries in a cramped operating room, twenty people scrambling frantically for supplies and the exhilaration of knowing the procedures taking place would save lives were Paul’s lasting impressions of his medical mission trip to a Romanian orphanage. At the time Paul was in his early teens, old enough to be impressed with the importance of the work and appreciate the depth of need they addressed at the frantic pace of the over 100 procedures performed in just ten days. As he looks back at this brief but life altering period Paul is “thankful that I was able to get the experience at a young age” as it led him “to know what I want to do in life and pursue those dreams.”

Paul not only resolutely pursued but has fulfilled his dream of working in the medical field. His first job out of nursing school was at a PICU in his hometown of Kansas City. He has bounced around both before and after the KC gig and while living in St. Louis his wife found a job in Denver.  A friend referred Paul to Aya and he found a great partner in gung ho recruiter Roberto who quickly found Paul an assignment at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. The combo PICU/CICU where Paul currently works would suit Goldilocks well in her proverbial pursuit of perfection. The diverse patient population keeps things interesting as Paul gets to see everything from cardiac surgery to trauma and size wise the unit is not too small, not too big…it’s just right.

The city of Denver itself represents a nearly fairy tale compromise for Paul and his wife. He loves the mountains, rugged Montana in particular, but she would rather not sacrifice the excitement and more diverse pleasures of city life. The foothills of the Rocky Mountains are their preferred playground offering unparalleled mountain biking, hiking, fishing and camping. Despite their enjoyment of the Mile High City this enterprising couple is not likely to settle in one place. There could hardly be a match more encouraging of wanderlust than one between a travel nurse and employee of an international hotel chain and the lucky couple is completely free to live and work wherever they please. To Paul, the opportunity to travel presents more than just a way to have a good time. “I encourage people to do it because there is a lot of the world to experience. You grow a lot as a person when you get out in the world.”