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Meet Robbi

Bringing Along Family/Friends/Partners, Dating on the Road, First Time Travelers

Currently on her first assignment, 25 year old Robbi B. is enjoying her new lifestyle with her husband as a traveling nurse. After recently getting married, Robbi decided she wanted to travel the country before settling down.

“I always wanted to travel but after I got engaged, I threw it out there to my fiancĂ©,” she says. “At first, he said, ‘No way! Are you crazy?’ But then he thought about it and agreed it would be cool to see the United States before we settled down, so here we are!”

Robbi is currently on assignment at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Previously having worked at CVICU in Wisconsin, Robbi is glad she made the decision to step out of her comfort zone and travel.

“Here, I have been to all different ICU’s and I’m definitely open to working in different areas and different units that I hadn’t even considered before.”

Her favorite part of being a travel nurse?

“Meeting new people,” she says. “Also, seeing how the hospital works in comparison to the hospitals at home.”

Robbi encourages nurses interested in traveling to be open to change and new places.

“Don’t be afraid of changes and new things,” she says. “Ask a lot of questions! If you’re nervous about travel nursing, I would definitely encourage traveling with your family or another nurse so you don’t feel alone and make the transition easier.”

Despite her skepticism about traveling to Los Angeles for the first time, Robbie is happy she made the decision to experience a new city.

“If it weren’t for this assignment, I never would have come to LA, even to visit!” she says. “But I’m glad I’m here now.”

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