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September 16, 2021

Aya Healthcare Named to Fortune’s 2021 list of Best Workplaces for Women

Aya Healthcare, the nation’s leading healthcare staffing agency, was named to Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women list for the second consecutive year. The 2021 Best Workplaces for Women award is based on analysis of survey responses from more than 5.6 million current U.S. employees. In that survey, 90% of… Read More

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September 13, 2021

Report: COVID-19 is Driving Major Shifts in Nursing, Exacerbating Shortage

Aya Healthcare, the nation’s leading healthcare staffing agency, today released a new IRB-reviewed research study that finds the physical and emotional traumas of COVID-19 are driving nurses to leave bedside nursing or the profession altogether. The report, “Mind the Gap: Repairing the U.S. Healthcare Workforce,”… Read More

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September 10, 2021

FOX Business: Demand for travel nurses increases

As the U.S. faces a critical nursing shortage exacerbated by the COVID-19, the demand for temporary staff like travel nurses has increased. Watch the segment. Read More

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September 8, 2021

ABC News: Travel Nurses Needed in Alabama as Hospitals Deal With Staffing Shortage

With hospital staffing shortages, Alabama is working to attract travel nurses. Hospitals like RMC in Anniston brace for the surge in COVID cases after the Labor Day holiday. “My worry really is staffing, people will get sick, we will take care of those people the problem is do we… Read More

Aya Media Buzz

August 26, 2021

Cal Matters: Nurse Shortages in California Reaching Crisis Point

In the past month, four emergency room nurses — exhausted by the onslaught of patients and emotional turmoil wrought by COVID-19 — have quit at the Eureka hospital where Matt Miele works. Miele, who has been a trauma nurse for four years, is actively looking for a less stressful nursing… Read More

Aya Media Buzz

August 20, 2021

CNBC/acorns: ‘Healthcare Meets the Gig Economy’ as More Nurses Leave Staff Jobs to Travel

Whether they’re motivated by adventure or a call to duty, travel nurses are filling urgent staffing needs at hospitals nationwide. In 2020, the pandemic increased demand for travel nurses by 82%. Now, awareness for the profession has spread and more nurses are leaving their staff jobs to start their travel… Read More

Aya Media Buzz

August 20, 2021

ABC Detroit: Nurses Face High Levels of Burnout Due to Nursing Shortages

Widespread nursing shortages are leading to high levels of burnout as nurses are working longer hours with less support. WXYZ spoke with Sophia Morris, Vice President of Account Management for Aya Healthcare, to discuss the effects of this shortage on travel nursing agencies. Read the full… Read More

Aya Media Buzz

August 18, 2021

NBC Nashville: Staffing Shortages in Tennesee Increase Demand For Travel Nurses

1,500 nurses are needed to fill vacancies at hospitals throughout Tennessee. Nursing shortages and a surge in COVID cases have increased demand for travel nurses — and the rates hospitals are willing to pay them. Watch the full segment. Read More

Aya Media Buzz

August 18, 2021

Healthcare Drive: Staffing Requests Soar as Burnout Among Nurses Increases

Staffing shortages have increased demands for travelers across the nation. Needs are at a similar level to what they were during the December surge, but burnout from months of exhausting labor has made finding nurses to fill vacancies more difficult. Aya’s VP of Recruitment, Chrystal Fugett, shares insight on this… Read More

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August 12, 2021

ABC Austin: Staffing Agencies See Most Significant Wave of Requests For Travel Nurses Since the Start of the Pandemic

Aya’s Vice President of Account Management, Sophia Morris, speaks about the state of the industry and the growing demand for travel nurses, including a need for 6,500 out-of-state personnel in Texas. Read the full article. Read More

Aya Media Buzz

August 10, 2021

NBC Austin: Gov. Gregg Abbot Calls For Increased Out-of-State Healthcare Personnel Assistance as COVID Cases Continue to Rise

6,500 travel nurse positions opened in Texas in an urgent need to staff overwhelmed hospitals as COVID cases surge around the state. Vice President of Account Management, Sophia Morris, spoke with NBC Austin to break down the current need for out-of-state traveler assistance. Read the full article. Read More

Press Releases

August 9, 2021

Aya Healthcare Announces Agreement to Acquire Vizient Contract Labor Management; Launches Vaya Workforce Solutions

Aya Healthcare, the leading workforce solutions provider in the country, announces a definitive agreement to acquire Vizient’s Contract Labor Management (CLM) business unit and transition it to Vaya Workforce Solutions (Vaya), a new subsidiary of Aya. Vaya intends to maintain operations as a Vizient-endorsed, vendor-neutral workforce solutions provider covering whole-house… Read More

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