The Life Saving Award is given to Rita

October 18, 2023 |

Rita was awarded the Life Saving Award from her facility after stepping in to help a car crash victim on her way to work!

The facility leader wrote, “As Rita drove past a car accident on her way to work, she noticed a police officer at the accident site looking concerned. Rita pulled over, notified the officer she was an RN, and asked if he needed help. He stated he did, as one of the drivers was trapped and having difficulty breathing. Because the driver’s car door could not open, the officer broke open the window, allowing Rita to get into the car. Using spinal cord precautions, she stabilized the driver’s neck while helping to open his airway. She heard his airway improve just as the fire department arrived with the jaws of life. The driver was successfully removed from his car and brought to the hospital to recover from his injuries. We are thankful for Rita and her willingness to stop and help in an emergency!”

The team applauds your attention to care, Rita. Congratulations on this well-deserved award!



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