Stacey receives praise from a colleague

August 8, 2023 |

A colleague praised Stacey for an outcome-changing interaction with a long-term patient.

The colleague wrote, “I want to compliment Stacey on her kindness and compassion for a nonverbal NPO patient who has been in long-term care after an anoxic brain injury for more than seven months. She consulted speech therapy, and it was a great consult. The patient is showing signs of communication and now has a swallow response and is a great candidate for continuing speech therapy and may be able to eventually return to an oral diet. I’m so grateful she took the time to think about his status and capabilities and consult our service. The patient will benefit greatly. She showed such joy and excitement over his progress since his last admission, and it is clear how much she cares for her patients. It was so nice to share an uplifting moment for a patient with a nurse who cared so much!”

Your attention to care is awe-inspiring, Stacey. Keep being amazing!

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