Mary receives a shout out from her patients

August 24, 2023 |

A colleague praised Mary for her consistent above-and-beyond treatment of patients!

The colleague wrote, “Mary is one of the best nurses I have seen in my five years of traveling. She is a major asset to any team she is part of. She goes out of her way and takes extra measures to ensure patients feel cared for and that their needs are addressed. She goes above and beyond to address minor things like buying nail clippers for her patients with long nails that need to be trimmed. She’s gone down to a gift shop to buy a back scratcher for a patient who frequently asked for back scratches. She encourages patients in a caring manner to get up and go to the bathroom, instead of using the bedpan. She even buys small accessories like fans for patients when they get too hot or need circulating air in their rooms and gifts them to the unit. The small touches that other people don’t think of, she has covered for her patients. Above all else, she makes her patients feel comfortable. She ensures they are well taken care of holistically. She is the nurse you want to have by your side working on the unit with you.”

Mary, we’re so lucky to have great travelers like you working with us. Keep up the good work!


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