Jackie recieves a DAISY Award nomination

November 21, 2022 |

A family nominated Jackie for a DAISY Award and recognized her for her passion, bedside manner and impeccable nursing skills.

The family wrote, “Our mother is 87 years old and had emergency GI surgery. She was not recovering well and spent five weeks in the hospital. Mostly immobile and severely depressed, she was in rough shape. Jackie was her main nurse and lifeline to our family and the entire care team. We can’t say enough about Jackie’s care, both personally and professionally level, and we believe Jackie is a role model for all students and experienced practitioners alike.

“Jackie was everything you want in a nurse: kind, caring, patient, accessible and terrific at communicating. She treated our family as individuals and answered tons of questions. She acted as a liaison with physicians, nurse practitioners and the entire care team. She held our mom’s hand, helped aides change her bedding and re-position her, patiently explained procedures and calmed our mom’s worries. Her technical acumen was obvious. We also observed Jackie’s interaction with her colleagues and saw the same level of care, consideration and communication she offered our mom. It’s clearly in Jackie’s DNA to treat others with respect. Our mom is doing better, and so much of her positive outcome was driven by Jackie’s non-stop caring and technically competent support. Each time we approached Jackie to thank her, it caused tears all around. Thank you Jackie on behalf of our family and our mom.”

Congratulations on the DAISY Award nomination, Jackie. Keep up the great work!

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