Gabby is nominated for a DAISY Award

May 26, 2023 |

Gabby’s manager nominated her for a DAISY Award for demonstrating top-notch skills and proactivity in advancing her knowledge.

The manager wrote, “Gabby is getting recommended the DAISY Award because of her strong work ethic in the ER and caring nature when interacting with very sick patients and their family members. Gabby does not need much direction or delegation from other nurses. She takes the initiative when caring for patients and knows what needs to be done. She is even starting to anticipate orders of certain disease processes, which demonstrates advanced critical thinking for someone in her role. She is a special tech that gets things done quickly and efficiently. Gabby has been willing to learn by asking appropriate questions and closely observing the more experienced RN’s. She has also been working diligently with learning how to place IV’s and has done well with mastering this critical skill.”

Congratulations on the DAISY Award nomination, Gabby! Keep it up!

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