Efosa receives a thank you note from a patient

October 14, 2022 |

Efosa received a note from a patient thanking him for the stellar care he provided and recognizing his determination to provide the best care.

The patient wrote, “Efosa was a fantastic nurse! He had great bedside manners, truly listened to his patients and constantly popped in to see if I needed anything! He was thorough and returned in good time when I requested medication or whatever I needed. He also genuinely wanted to learn about my blood disorder, HAE, so he could be confident as my nurse. When his shift ended, he said he hoped to be my nurse the next day. I completely believe he came into work that day not knowing anything about HAE, but left knowing what it is and how to care for patients with this rare, life-threatening disorder. After a challenging night, I was so happy to see him walk into my room the next day. My anxiety dropped, and I felt safe to sleep and heal because I knew I was in good hands.”

Thank you for your amazing care and genuine interest in your patients, Efosa. They’re so grateful, and so are we!

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