Drew is nominated for a DAISY Award

November 2, 2022 |

A colleague nominated Drew for a DAISY Award for her personable and top-notch bedside manner and the effect it has on patients.

The colleague wrote, “Drew provides exceptional care for her patients. All the small things add up to great patient experiences and great outcomes. I remember she told me about an elderly patient who was not friendly or inviting to anyone else on the floor, but he took an exception to her. By the time the weekend was over, he actually made his family bring homemade spaghetti and meatballs. No one on the unit could understand why his behavior changed so drastically from needing to call ‘code greens’ to smiling and laughing in the room. It all boiled down to Drew’s demeanor. She’s smart, gifted, talented and 100% deserving of recognition. She’s the kind of nurse family members brag and boast about ‘how excellent their care was.’ I’m proud to work with her and to call her my friend.”

Great praise for a great nurse, Drew. Congrats on the DAISY Award nomination!

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