Brittany receives a DAISY Award nomination

February 19, 2024 |

A fellow RN nominated Brittany Reiner for a DAISY Award for her quick action and dedication to patient safety in an emergency.

The fellow RN wrote, “Brittany was working a shift on a medical step-down unit when a fire alarm in a patient’s bathroom activated the sprinkler system. Brittany moved quickly to assist the patient to a wheelchair and get them away from the hazard. She did not hesitate to run through the flooding hallway to another patient’s room and get that patient to safety as well. She showed heroism and compassion for her patients. Without her quick action, both patients would have been covered in fire retardant from the sprinkler system and could have had further issues. Brittany never fails to show dedication and compassion for all her patients. She never hesitates to do the right thing in any circumstance. She is an exceptional nurse that her peers appreciate and admire.”

Congratulations on the nomination, Brittany! keep up the great work!

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