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March 20, 2018 | Life at Aya

Aya Healthcare’s payroll department isn’t your average corporate department – this is not your mama’s payroll! In fact, most of our team members didn’t even have payroll experience prior to landing the job at Aya.  Our payroll specialists are very customer-service focused and work closely with our travel clinicians as they bounce across the country. The rock stars on this team make sure our clinicians get paid accurately and on-time every single week. They pay attention to detail and have stellar problem-solving skills.

Before we go any further- if this sounds like you, take a look at our careers page. Aya is growing and payroll consistently has open positions.

We recently asked a few payroll team members about their experience working at Aya. Here are their thoughts on our company culture, work ethic, opportunities for career advancement and the leaders they look up to!

Danielle P. (Payroll Team Lead)-

How would you describe the payroll work environment?
My co-workers and I are obsessed with succeeding. We are focused on achieving our goals and always put our clinicians first. If they have any payroll related questions or concerns it’s our job to address them and ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times.

How would you describe your work-life balance?
Our management goes above and beyond to make sure there is a healthy work-life balance. At Aya, employees are treated as the most valuable asset. I know that the work I put forward is valued and appreciated by not only my clinicians, but all of my co-workers!

Julie K. (Payroll Representative)-

How would you describe your co-workers and their work ethic?
Seeing how hard my counterparts work inspires me to work harder. They pay attention to detail, can tackle any obstacle that comes their way and are always willing to help if any one of us is having an extra busy week!

What do you enjoy most about our company culture?
I appreciate that while we’re in a corporate atmosphere, we aren’t expected to leave our individuality at the door to fit all of the typical corporate molds. We are free from being “so serious” all the time, we have fun, we work really hard and we get things done!

Aaron Q. (Payroll Representative)-

What kind of payroll employee achievements does Aya recognize?
Aya always recognizes good work ethic. If you’re able to go the extra mile and help other team members, managers and directors take notice!

What kind of support does Aya offer payroll employees?
I learn something from my co-workers every single day. It may not always be payroll related, but I have learned so many things about customer service by just listening to my co-workers talk to nurses on the phone.  We are always sharing new techniques and tips to ensure we are providing top-notch customer service.

Alyssa A. (Payroll Team Lead)-

How would you describe your work environment?
Casual: Our employees have a laid-back attitude and don’t sweat the small stuff. They are focused on doing a good job and will do what they need to do to exceed their goals. Fun: We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously at work. Unpredictable: Things pop up that you least expect and we hire employees who are the best at handling those situations and aren’t afraid of a challenge! Everyone on our team has a positive can-do attitude.

What do you enjoy most about our company culture?
Micromanaging is not something you see at Aya Healthcare- we can be flexible because we trust our employees’ work ethic. Our employees feel comfortable being themselves at work. A lot of them are very close friends both at work and outside of work!

Our payroll team continues to grow every year and we are currently looking for more problem solvers to join us! Don’t forget to check out our corporate careers


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