Talia and Abigail receive a huge shout-out

February 28, 2024 |

This glowing shout-out comes from an Aya employee, who had an incredible experience with Aya travelers, Talia and Abigail, when she took her mom to the ER.

The employee shared, “My mom was 9 days post-op from a heart procedure that had taken a toll on her body. She was experiencing a high heart rate and debilitating weakness, creating great emotional stress. In walked Talia, and the mood immediately brightened. She smiled, assessed my Mom’s vitals and how she was feeling and listened to the responses she provided. Her smiling face, genuine compassion and ability to make my Mom feel cared for helped us get through the hours before a room was ready… and then we were twice blessed! My mom’s dayshift nurse, Abigail, was bright, cheerful and very caring! I asked if she was a staff nurse or a traveler. She responded by saying, ‘I’m with Aya!’ and I replied, ‘So am I!’  She praised her recruiter who had coordinated assignments for her, her husband and their friends all on the same unit and how much she loved Aya. She was so attentive to my Mom, explained everything patiently and conveyed her true compassion for the situation. These two Aya nurses provided clinical care for my mom, but they provided so much more with their smiles, listening skills and compassion with everything they did.”

Congratulations Talia and Abigail! Thank you for the work and care you provide!


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