Shonnee is nominated for a DAISY Award

February 28, 2024 |

A doctor nominated Shonnee for a DAISY Award for the high-quality care she provides.

The doctor said, “I have seen Shonnee give so much of herself since her arrival. She’s gotten numerous shout-outs from patients who appreciate her going the extra mile for them. She’s pushed back break times to ensure her patients are okay. I’ve seen her pull out her ponytail to put up her patient’s hair because they were in custody and could not do so themselves. She even gets the pediatric patients toys or blows up a glove and draws a face on it if she has to. She’s kind. She’s personable. She’s compassionate. She’s so patient. If I or my family ever got sick, I would want her as my nurse!”

Congratulations Shonnee, we are proud to have you on board with Aya!

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