Kayla receives praise from her facility

August 24, 2022 |

A facility recognized and expressed appreciation for Kayla for her teamwork mentality, her continuous efforts to assist others and for being a huge help to the facility overall.

The facility manager said, “Kayla always has a positive attitude and admirable work ethic. One time, her patient was sent to interventional radiology and ended up being gone for about 90 minutes. As soon as Kayla returned to the unit, after dropping her patient off, she notified the charge nurse that she was going to go relieve the PCU nurse for a lunch break. This may seem small, but it was a huge help to the charge nurse dealing with a busy unit. After covering the PCU nurse, she continued to help out, and this has been a recurring theme while Kayla has been with us. She never sits around during downtime and instead always uses it to help others. We appreciate her so much. Our ICU charge nurse said Kayla is always wonderful and so great to work with.”

Your team appreciates your thoughtfulness and care, Kayla, and so do we. Keep up the good work!

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