Danielle is nominated for a DAISY Award

August 24, 2022 |

A coworker nominated Danielle for a DAISY Award for inspiring them to lead their care with compassion and for displaying top-notch clinical skills.

The coworker wrote, “Danielle and I have worked together since we were new graduates. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing her develop into an influential nursing leader. Danielle establishes immediate rapport with her patients and their support systems by communicating and demonstrating excellent clinical skills to provide the highest level of care. Patients and their families feel well engaged and educated during their visits. I and many others look up to Danielle as a leader. I once witnessed her care for a mentally ill patient who was in crisis, and she was able to de-escalate the situation with her superb communication and gentle voice. She found the patient’s interests and connected with them on a personal level, allowing them to open up and calmly explain their thoughts.

“As well as being compassionate and empathetic with her patients, Danielle consistently goes to work with a positive attitude. She is a hard worker and always willing to help. I am supremely lucky to have watched her succeed in this profession, and I look forward to her future as she continues as a traveling registered nurse.”

Danielle, you are an inspiration! Congratulations on the DAISY Award nomination.

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