Gabby receives a DAISY Award nomination

September 7, 2022 |

A coworker nominated Gabriela, AKA Gabby, for a DAISY Award after a patient gave heartfelt recognition and appreciation for the meaningful care she gave.

The coworker wrote, “A patient pressed the call light, and I walked into the room to help. It was not my assigned patient, but she told me about her experience with Gabby. The patient said she knew how difficult she could be. She said she’s old and alone and can be very grumpy sometimes. She also told me how amazing Gabby had been. She said Gabby was absolutely amazing from the time the patient got to the ER. She was super sweet, very patient and did everything right when the patient needed it or when it had to be done. Gabby constantly checked on her to make sure she was alright and grabbed anything she needed. At a time when everything had been going really fast for the patient, she really loved and appreciated Gabby.”

Congratulations on your nomination, Gabby. Your team is proud of you, and so are we!

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